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My trip to Gotland

One of the points on my bucket list for Sweden was definitely going to Gotland. Last summer, it was unfortunately a bit more difficult to go there as for some time it was not allowed for tourists to visit the island due to covid-19. Therefore, I decided to wait a bit longer until I’ll be able to travel without any problems. However, the end of my time in Sweden is getting closer and closer, so this summer I was already quite nervous if I would manage to travel to Gotland. On quite a short notice, I decided to book ferry tickets and accommodation about two weeks ago and last Friday I took the ferry to the island 🤩

Visby and Högklint

On the first day, Visby was on the to do list. No matter if you arrive by ferry or by plane, you’ll arrive to Gotland in Visby. It is known for the well-preserved town walls that date back to the medieval times. In Visby, it’s easy to just “go with the flow” as one of my Swedish friends described it to me. It basically means, you don’t have to plan out the whole day, you rather wander the pretty streets and do whatever you feel like. In the city of Visby, you will also find some ruins from old churches as well as the Domkyrka (Visby Cathedral) which is known from many pictures and postcards.

Visby cathedral
Visby Cathedral
Town walls of Visby
Town walls of Visby

Also, did you know that most of the scenes from Pippi Longstocking have been filmed in and around Visby? 🐒 The Villa Villekulla can also still be visited near to Visby, however, it is part of an amusement park for which you need to pay an entrance fee …

Depending on how much you want to explore Visby, there might be time left to travel to Högklint, a cliff south of Visby with a stunning view.


Fårö – Sandy beaches and Raukområde

On the next day, it was time to go to Fårö, an island north of Gotland. Inbetween Gotland and Fårö you’ll find boats going back and forth regularly that are free of charge and do not require booking. When arriving on Fårö, you should go up to Langhammars nature reserve, where you can find limestones (called Raumkområde in Swedish) that were built over millions of years by glacial periods as well as elution. However, be prepared that it is quite a touristic spot, and many other people will be there, wandering through the formations.

Langhammars Raumkområde

Gotland and Fårö are also known for their beautiful, sandy beaches. One of them is Sudersand where I have been during my day on Fårö. This beach invites for relaxing, going for a swim or walk along the shore. If you’re there during the summer, it might be quite crowded. However, if you walk a bit away from the entrance you should find a quieter place if you’d like.

Hiking along Ekstakusten

Ekstakusten is a nature reserve in the west of Gotland and great if you’re looking for an easy hike. As the street goes along the coastline, the trails are all very flat and easily accessible. But even if it’s not the most exhausting hike, you’ll have beautiful views over the sea! There might not be specific signposted trails, but you can either plan your own walk via Google Maps beforehand, or you just go along the coastline as long as you’d like. There are also some spots where you’ll be able to go for a swim. And if you turn inside the island at some point, you’ll also be able to do a loop hike.


Depending on what you’re planning on doing on Gotland, a car might be helpful. If you plan on staying in one area, the island is also great for biking to get around a bit! But if you plan on seeing a lot of things around the entire island, I can recommend renting a car. If you travel with friends like I did, you can share the costs and it’ll be even more fun to be on a road trip together. As I mentioned in the beginning, Gotland was on my bucket list for a long time, and I can recommend everyone to go there. It was a short but very relaxing vacation! ☀️

Have a great weekend!
// Maria

2 thoughts on “My trip to Gotland”

  1. Margaret Abrams (parent) and Paul Abrams, B.A. Brown Univ. 2021 anthropology says:

    Maria (and Vivek too) – Hej, and tack from New Jersey, USA for your positive posts that we’ve read since April. Beautiful photos of Visby tour! We are looking for 9-month second-hand housing Sept. 15 – June 15. Do you know of colleagues who want to rent second-hand to an American post-graduate Fulbright student-guitarist? He will do 9-months’ independent research with a KTH professor. Thanks, and please email a response either way! KTH Relocation doesn’t have space available (although they made an early offer that my son declined due to possible delays in residency permit), and we also check as you have advised.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for your message! We’re happy to hear that your son will be coming to KTH soon! Housing in Stockholm can be a bit difficult, however there’s always a way to find accomodation. If you have tried through KTH already and also checked out blocket, I can only recommend you to try some Facebook groups or similar. There are often also communities that share appartment openings (for example there is a group on Facebook for Germans living in Stockholm) – maybe you find something similar for US citizens. Please be aware that there might also be scams, so check if you can really trust the person that you’re communicating with!

      Good luck!
      // Maria

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