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Summer in Stockholm

During the past weeks it has been summer in Stockholm! Nearly all of June was a lot of sun, warm temperatures and only a few rain showers. Well, to be honest, while I’m writing this, we just had a lot of rain 😄 BUT this also means a much appreciated cool down 🌧️ And the temperatures are supposed to rise during the next days again – so the summer is not over yet!

View over Stockholm

How does summer in Stockholm look like?

Personally, I love the summer in Stockholm! First of all, you have a lot of free time, as the semester ends in the beginning of June, and you’ll be free for the next ~2 months! Secondly, summer also means, that many Swedes are going out to their summer houses. For you as a student this usually means the city gets quite empty – which I think is fun to experience! ☀️

Summer in Stockholm also means looong days which are best spend outside! Me and my friends had a lot of BBQs during the past month, as we always found a new reason to sit together, eat and have great conversations. One of these reasons was this year of course to watch some of the Eurocup games together ⚽ But even without watching soccer together, having a BBQ at the waterfront or at a BBQ spot in the forest is always fun!

BBQ with my friends
BBQ with my friends from Media Management (Photo by: Annusyirvan Fatoni)

Hiking and swimming

Once summer arrived, going on long walks or hikes becomes even more fun! Use your free time to explore Stockholm and its surroundings – it’s not always necessary to travel far to get into nature! Last year for example, I have hiked a part of the Roslagsleden (Danderyd to Karby gård) which was still accessible with my normal SL ticket.

Start of the Roslagsleden in Danderyd

Another advantage of summer in Stockholm? All the places where you can go for a swim! If you want go swimming next to KTH, Brunnsviken is probably the closest place. Otherwise, I can also recommend going out to the archipelago (many islands can be reached with your normal SL ticket), walk around & go for a swim.

Walk around Långholmen

As you can see, there are many possibilities to enjoy Stockholm during the summer! To me Swedish summer in general is a very special feeling – maybe this is because you can really feel how everyone slows down and just enjoys being outdoors. You should try that too and experience Stockholm and its surroundings either on your own or with some of your friends!

Happy exploring!
// Maria