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Swedish summerhouse culture

When you talk to some of your fellow Swedish classmates, you’ll quickly notice that many of them, or rather their families own a summerhouse outside of Stockholm. I think it’s a super interesting part of the Swedish culture, as I was not used to it from home. In Germany, if families own something like a summer or vacation house, it can usually be anywhere in Germany, sometimes at the coast, sometimes in the mountains. But here in Sweden, or especially in Stockholm, the trend goes to having a summerhouse just outside of Stockholm, often in the Stockholm archipelago 🏝️

Boat in the archipelago

It is a great opportunity to escape the city and enjoy nature! I have learned that especially during the summer, many Swedes spend their time out in their summerhouses. Some of them also own a boat with which they can go out to lonely islands or enjoy a day out on the water. If you ever get invited to visit a friend in their summerhouse, go for it! It is an amazing experience!

In the nature

Last year, my friend from KTH invited me to her summerhouse south of Stockholm. It took me quite some time to get there by train – maybe this is why so many Swedes just stay in their summerhouses over the whole summer 😄 But once I arrived there, it was just amazing! Her house lies close to the water, and we went on a hike through the close by forest. Even though Stockholm is already very green and offers a lot of parks, the nature out in the archipelago is even more beautiful. Later during the day, I also got the chance to go out on the water, as my friends’ dad took us for a ride with the boat 🚤


For me, it was a whole new feeling of vacation and freedom to experience a day in a Swedish summerhouse. Maybe this is the reason why Swedes are so happy? 😊 At least they definitely know how to get the most out of the summer! I feel that summer, sunshine and the connected feeling to it are way more appreciated here in Sweden than for example back home in Germany. And I really hope that I can keep up this feeling when moving back soon.

Enjoy your weekend!
// Maria

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