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A spontaneous nature getaway to Nackareservatet

It’s not a secret that Swedes love being outside. There are plenty of places throughout the country where you can enjoy various outdoor activities, including national parks, nature reserves, archipelagos, multiple lakes, and rivers. And, of course, there are some cool spots around Stockholm. So last weekend, my friend and I decided it was time to start exploring — and went on a casual Sunday evening hike to Nacka Nature Reserve.

Nacka Nature Reserve (or Nackareservatet in Swedish) is located along the border between Stockholm and Nacka Municipality and stretches over several Stockholm’s south suburbs. One of its great perks is that it is really close to the city — it took us only around half an hour to get there by car, so it is perfect for a spontaneous nature getaway. However, there are also ways to get there by public transport. 

The area is really scenic, as it includes small lakes, thickets of pine trees, rocky outcrops, as well as wetlands with small brooks. And obviously, it is great for most outdoor activities like walking and jogging, orienteering, mountain biking or kayaking over the lake. 

An amazing view before the sunset

We went there a couple of hours before the sunset, and it was a great decision to make, as the timing was just perfect. We walked along the paths, climbed a few hills and made our way through the woods. The air felt incredibly clean and fresh, filled with the smell of pine trees and wet soil after the rain.

My friend was amazed by the the place, too. Although he has been living here for 3 years already, it was his first time at Nackareservatet as well. He said that he especially enjoyed how clean the place was and that it was right next to the city, which felt like a collision of nature and urban life. Could not agree more 🙂

My friends should probably be very happy about me taking cool Instagram pictures of them

Looking for the best sunset view, we stumbled upon an incredible observation deck that overlooked the bay, the city and the ferries passing by. We were mesmerized by this beauty and did not even notice how we spent almost an hour there, just enjoying the air, sunset and atmosphere around.

So, if you enjoy being around nature without going far from the city or need an urgent nature escape, Nacka Nature Reserve might be your match, just like it was for us. 

// Valerie

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