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Applications are open!

Today may be International Cupcake Day and it may be Zac Efron’s birthday, but for all students hoping to secure a place at KTH in 2022, today is an important day for being the opening day for applications!

KTH Main Campus Buildings

The application period at KTH officially starts from today, 18th of October, and runs until January 17th. It is an exciting time for those who are thinking of applying for a new university course in a new country. Luckily KTH has lots of supports to help you through the application process. This week and throughout the application period, we will be posting about everything you need to know to help you along the way! 

Myself, I applied to study a masters course at KTH in the Autumn of 2019. I had never been to Sweden before, but I was looking forward to travelling somewhere in Europe to get some international experience and see another part of the world. Looking at universities all around the map, Stockholm caught my eye up North. With thoughts of that fresh Scandinavian lifestyle, a well known university and some very pretty buildings on Google Images, I decided this was the place to be. (Being an architect, I just can’t resist some pretty buildings.)

And how has it been? Getting into KTH was really such a great opportunity for me. That international experience has been more fun and interesting than I could have imagined. I have made friends with people from all over the world and have learned so much from them. That fresh Scandinavian lifestyle has just become my everyday life around Stockholm, and the University has been exactly as pretty as it promised to be in the photos.

All of us ambassadors at KTH have been through the application process ourselves, so hopefully we can help you. As the applications open today, now it’s your turn! So go to to find out more! Best of luck! ☘️

~ Declan

2 thoughts on “Applications are open!”

  1. Hi, Myself Sayanjit from India, pursuing an MS degree in Physics at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. I want to apply for a summer research internship position at KTH. From where should I start my processing? What are the official works I am supposed to execute before using applying here? Is there any current opening for international students to pursue their research internships? Your help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.

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