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A Day in the Life: Claire

For this blog, we often write about life at KTH beyond studies. Studying doesn’t always feel like the most exciting thing to write about, but we sure spend a lot of time doing it! Since we’re at a steady point of the semester, we bloggers decided to share a glimpse into our daily lives as students. And I’ll be kicking things off!

Early morning sun on campus.
A sunny morning on campus near KTH Library.

Claire’s Wednesday

07:15 / Alarm goes off! I hit snooze once, then hop in the shower and get ready. I make my standard weekday breakfast – two eggs, avocado toast – but I skip the coffee since my day will be starting with a little fika anyway.

08:30 / My day kicks off at a coffee shop near KTH campus, where I meet up with my master’s degree project partner. We get coffee, catch up and continue on a few action items related to things like securing a supervisor and partnership with a consultancy for our thesis on urban mobility.

10:15 / I’m back home at my desk with a small window of time to work on part of a group project.  It’s for an urban planning project course where we have partnered with a municipality and are creating a planning programme for an area that has been slated for mixed-use development.  

12:05 / Lunch time! I cook a big dinner every other day so that I have leftovers to reheat. Today it’s roasted veggies, potatoes and salmon. I often eat lunch on campus though, since most KTH buildings have a mini kitchen with microwaves. The 12:00-13:00 lunch break is standard, so I try to go a little early since the lines can get long.

12:45 / Back to work. I meet a classmate at the computer lab to continue working on a GIS project. At this point of the semester, I don’t have as much scheduled class time, but I do have a lot of group projects. Today we map the availability of transport nodes within Stockholm in relation to select socioeconomic factors and prepare for a project supervision on Friday.

15:15 / Time for my only class of the day, for my Transportation and Logistics course. We have a guest lecturer from the Swedish Red Cross; her lecture rocks. She talks about humanitarian logistics challenges and her role overseeing logistics for the second-hand stores (e.g. goods donations and textile recycling), which generate revenue for the humanitarian work. 

17:30 / Back home, and hungry! I cook what I like to call “lazy girl pasta,” which explains itself. I chill out, listen to a podcast by my favourite comedian, then call my Dad to catch up while he’s on his lunch break back in Michigan. 

20:15 / It’s KTH swim club night! I pack up my things and head out to the meeting point; a few of us bike together to the pool in central Stockholm. Swim practice starts a little before nine with the club organizers telling us today’s workout. We swim around 2.5km and end with a 50m time trial. Some head to the pub for a beer, but I head home and promise to be there next week.

22:45 / Another snack, of course. Then it’s time to get ready for bed!

Some days are like today with back to back meetings and classes, but others are the opposite, with consecutive hours of study time, class, or work on a single project. My daily schedule always varies, and I like that. 

// Claire