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A Day in the Life: Declan

To give you a little peak into what it’s like to be a student in Stockholm, we bloggers are each going to describe our typical day studying at KTH. Last week Claire shared her typical KTH-day, so this week it’s my turn! Here’s what a normal day looks like as an Architecture student (If a normal day ever existed..).

The architecture studio at KTH

7.30 / Wake up with Music

I wake up early to prepare for the day. Sometimes I’ll join some of my housemates for breakfast, but usually I just grab a quick bowl of cereal and a coffee before I run out the door.  

8.30 / Getting to Campus

On sunny days I like to cycle to campus. It’s a nice, easy journey on the bike and the little exercise is great for waking me up. On winter days (or if it’s rainy, windy, or if I’m a little tired), I can also take the metro. Either way, cycling or metro-ing, the commute only takes about 20 minutes from Bergshamra.

Lecture Hall at the Architecture School

9.00 / Architecture Building

Luckily for me, all of my studies are based in the Architecture building at the centre of campus. Here, there is a host of facilities; lecture halls, studios and computer labs as well as workshops with all the machines, materials, and robots you could ask for. Lectures, meetings & seminars are usually organised for the mornings. Normally we can find time for a fika break around 10 or 11. I have learned that in Stockholm, drinking coffee is a very important ritual for both staff and students.

12.00 / Lunch

Most days I have lunch with some classmates in the studio kitchens. These kitchens are on each floor of the architecture building and have all the equipment you could need. On sunny days we might take a walk to one of the restaurants around campus, and on really nice days we go up to the roof. The view from the rooftop of the building is one of the treats of being an architecture student. Stockholm is quite low-rise and so from this height you can see clearly right over the city.

View from the rooftop of the architecture school

13.00 / Studio 

Afternoons vary, but most of the time you will find me drawing in the studio. These studios are as much a social space as they are a work space, and groupwork happens naturally. They are always a hive of activity, with each group of students focussed on a different aspect of design. Some could be researching the postmodern history of Stockholm, while beside them others are creating point cloud maps from photogrammetry. If I need focus, I usually go into the main library next door, or sometimes I like to find a nice café in the city.

17.00 / After School

The architecture building clears out around 5pm, and so this is the best time to go do some extracurriculars. This could mean club meetings and events in Nymble, the student centre, or it could mean getting in some extra reading, or some days just going grocery shopping!

19.00 / Evenings

I will usually get home around 19 and spend some time cooking food and chatting to some of my housemates. This is also the time I get to chill, watch some movies or play guitar. 

23.00 / Bedtime!

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