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A Day in the Life: Valerie

As my fellow bloggers, Claire and Declan, already told you about their typical days, it’s now my turn to give you a glimpse of my life as a Media Management student at KTH. 

My schedule varies from day to day, and in this post, I’ll tell you about my Friday last week, so here we go! 

8.00 Waking up in Östermalm 

I usually wake up a bit later, but today is a busy day, so I get up early and wake up while taking a morning shower. Today, I have a couple of sandwiches for breakfast with some vegetables on the side and green tea with no sugar. 

Sunrise view from my place

9.00 Work stuff 

I’m working part-time in communications at an automotive/IT company headquartered in London. I work remotely from here, and my manager is based in St. Petersburg, so I work both in English and Russian, collaborating with the local team in St. P. and the global team in the UK. December is pretty tough, with a lot of work and several projects to finish. Currently, I’m working on a company-wide event that is taking place in the middle of December, so I regularly meet up with my colleagues from London and St. Petersburg via Zoom to discuss some stuff and make everything work. 

10.00 Time to manage digital transformation 

It might sound ambitious, but it’s actually a class named “Managing Digital Transformation”. It is offered to our programme jointly by KTH and Stockholm School of Economics. During the course, we dive into various cases from the industry to understand current trends and perspectives on digitalisation and how it enables global innovation. The class is based on group projects. In each seminar, 5-7 people present one of the topics engaging our classmates using interactive formats like quizzes, tag clouds and polls. My project group topic was the digitalisation of retailing, so we had a presentation earlier this week, and we rocked! The final grade will be based on the group presentation and two literature case tests, so we’ll see how it goes. 

In case you ever wondered how does a Russian keyboard look like

12.00 Lunch + Dressing up 

After the class I have lunch. Today it’s some chicken stewed in cream fresh and garlic fried rice. 

13.00 Commuting to Södermalm 

It usually takes me around 30 mins to get there. Still, I’m leaving early this time because I am heading to a documentary film shooting. I also need to print consent papers for the people we’re interviewing and grab some matcha latte on the go, which I absolutely love, especially with a student discount. 

14.00 The interactive documentary shooting 

My filming crew of 6 of my classmates and me is filming an interactive documentary on second-hand shopping for our Media Production class. We all have different roles in the project, and for instance, I’m a scriptwriter and a producer for the film. Stockholm is probably one of the best cities to make a documentary on the topic, so we’re trying to convince more people from all over the world to choose second-hand clothing. In our iDoc, we’re giving several reasons for that and talking to people who decide to buy second-hand clothing regularly, telling about their perspective. So today, we’re shooting at Humana, a popular second-hand store, and interviewing a girl who chooses thrifted clothing because it’s better for the environment. 

Shooting iDoc at the second-hand store

17.00 Going home 

The film shooting is done, an amazing job at the set today. I am really lucky with my crew, all of them are professionals. Can’t wait to see the final result, but we have to do a lot of post-production work before that. 

17.30 Some more work 

Yay, more work! My life can be boring sometimes, but I do work a lot, that’s just how it goes. 

19.30 Commuting to Solna 

Okay, my work for today is done, so I better hurry up, as I am already late for the party I have been invited to. 

20.00 Housewarming party

My friends just moved to a 3-room apartment in Solna, so they are throwing a housewarming party. The thing that I love about parties in Stockholm is that you get to meet a lot of internationals from all over the world. Today I had a conversation with a biomedical student from Italy doing his PhD in Stockholm about public transportation in London, as he just returned from the trip. I also spoke to a Russian girl who studied investment law and is dating a guy from California, and finally to a Lithuanian girl and a couple of German guys about fake news. I’ve been here only for a few months, but I have already met many genuinely interesting people from many countries, and I’m always delighted to exchange our perspectives on random topics like this. 

00.00 Time to go home

Unlike St. Petersburg, public transport in Stockholm works well during the nights, especially on weekends. Taking a pendeltåg, which is a Swedish name for commuter rail, and I’ll be home in 30 mins. 

00.30 Evening routine 

A relaxing evening shower and my four-step skincare routine: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser. I’m a total nerd when it comes to skincare, can’t really call it a day without it. 

1.00 Goodnight 

That was a looooong day, and that’s it for today! Bedtime. 

If you enjoyed my story, check out Claire and Declan’s blog posts on their days, as their lives are pretty amazing too. 

Stay tuned! 

// Valerie