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Admission Results are out today!

After all the waiting, the researching and the applying, now at last the time has come. The admission results arrive today! 

A sunny day in Stockholm

Thinking back to when I got my admission results email, I remember it as one of those important life-change moments. For me, it was in April of 2020 and the pandemic had just hit. It really was a strange time, the whole world was a bit upside down. In the middle of Ireland’s first lockdown, I had just lost a job and moved back in with my parents. Getting the news that I could go to study in KTH was such a boost of good energy and made me so excited for the future!

I remember running down the stairs in ecstasy and saying to my family “I’m going to Sweden!”. I’m sure I sounded a bit mad. Although I had never been to Sweden before and knew very little about the place, I was really looking forward to go experience it. The thoughts of this new adventure brightened up the rest of my summer. It was the start of the great journey that has been my KTH life for the past two years.

I did receive some more offers from other universities, but none were as welcoming or seemed to have the same level of quality as KTH. Between the possibility to talk to current students, the webinar events and the social media channels, I felt that I could already become a part of the KTH school community before I arrived. 

I hope you feel the same excitement if you have receive your admission results today! If you are one of the lucky ones, this is the most important website for you right now: New at KTH. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Upcoming Events Page.

And finally, congratulations! or in Swedish, grattis! It might be a bit overwhelming and may take some time for the shock to sink in, so in the meantime, here are a few links to find out more about KTH and about Sweden…

See you in Stockholm soon!

~ Declan