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Excited for Sweden? Series, Films & Books

Want to get to know more about the Swedish culture? Interested in getting an insight into the life of Stockholm? Want to find a new series to pass your time? I think I can help…

I remember getting accepted into KTH, being so excited but knowing very little about the place I was travelling to. I found that watching films and series and reading books helped me to get into the culture and made Sweden a real thing. So I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite films, series and books to help you get in the mood.

Scene from Young Royals TV Show
Scene from Young Royals


Watching a show on Netflix can be the easiest, most accessible way to get a glimpse into a new culture. These few were all made around Stockholm and aside from giving a sense of the place, they’re just quality entertainment.

Quicksand – This was the first show I watched when I was thinking about coming to Sweden.

Snabba Cash – Drugs, gang wars and violence, the Swedes like their shows dark. Although this might show otherwise, I swear Stockholm is actually a very safe place to live!

Young Royals – It’s not easy being a prince… This is the series I’m currently obsessed with, watching it in Swedish to try learn at the same time.

Scene from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film
Scene from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


In the film world, Sweden is known as bit of a powerhouse.

The Girl with the Dragon TattooNordic Noir films have been popular around the world, and this one is especially famous.

You, The Living – This is one of those wonderfully artistic films, almost feels like theatre. It has a brilliant aesthetic and dry humour

Mamma Mia – Okay, maybe not art-house film, maybe not even a Swedish movie, but if you haven’t fallen in love with Abba yet, now’s the time.

Pippi Longstocking Illustration
Pippi Longstocking Illustration


If you rather cosy up with a nice book, this part is for you. Although they’re written in Swedish, you can usually find these as ebooks translated online.

City of My Dreams – This is a classic about moving to Stockholm. Although it’s a teenager in 1850 and not an university student, you might relate. It’s a great historic view of Stockholm and just stuffed full of great stories.

A Man Called Ove – This one is a bit more contemporary. It’s one of those heartwarming books about a cranky old man, and it’s also been made into a film.

Pippi Longstocking – You’ve probably heard of this one. Pippi is one of the most famous characters to come out of Sweden, and the books are lovely to read, even if they are written for kids.