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Perks of being a THS member: Rent the sauna at Nymble

Over the weekend, many students were busy celebrating the spring holiday Valborg in university cities across Sweden. 

With work on my degree project getting more intense, I needed a more lowkey Friday night to relax and recharge. So, some friends and I rented out the beautiful sauna located in Nymble, the KTH student union building. 

The sauna (bastun)

The preparations were pretty simple. After paying the rental fee (1250 SEK) and getting a special key, we had access to the sauna all day and evening. 

(Image of the sitting room outside the KTH sauna at Nymble)

The sauna area includes a changing room with a small fridge and bathroom. After that, there is the sitting room, which includes chairs, 6 showers, a sink, and another bathroom.

(interior of KTH sauna)

Then finally, the sauna! It was definitely one of the largest I’ve been in and is designed for around 20 people. Since we weren’t quite that many, it comfortably suited our group.

Rent premises at Nymble

By becoming a THS (Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår) member or by being a THS student organisation, you can book various premises within Nymble (including the sauna), as well as the THS-owned archipelago cabin property Osqvik. When split between attendees, the prices are usually very reasonable. 

THS Membership

To become a THS member costs 365 SEK for the year and is possible for any student who has active course registration at KTH. It comes along with a list of benefits like free entry at events, the ability to book premises, and discounts on food at the restaurants and cafes in Nymble. But no worries now — you’ll hear plenty of reminders and emails about it during your first weeks at KTH.

Whether you choose to activate your student union membership or not, Nymble will still be a place of many opportunities for you.

// Claire