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Diploma Days at the Architecture School

The academic year is coming to a close. The days are warm, the sun is shining and all of KTH is looking forward to the summertime. For most students this means a lot of hard work, late nights and final exams. Although this exam-time is tough, the relief is so sweet once you finish.

In the architecture school, the year ends with a week of presentations and reviews. Going from room to room, you can hear about diverse projects based all over the world(and beyond). From space travel and speculative futures to historical research and ecological constructions, the presentations are full of interesting ideas and very impressive work.

Final Review in the Architecture School
Final Review in the Architecture School

After the reviews, the thesis works from all the final year students are pinned up as an exhibition around the ground floor of the architecture building. After months of researching, studying and drawing, this exhibition shows off the culmination of the hard work from over a hundred students.

Families and friends, as well as other students of the architecture school can wander around and celebrate with the students who have completed all this fantastic work.

Exhibtion View at the Architecture School
Exhibtion View at the Architecture School

Ending the year on a high note was a diploma ceremony to celebrate the students that have finished their Masters. Getting the rose and the glass of champange is a symbolic and gratifying end to the 5 years of education that brings you to being a qualified architect!

A view of the Diploma Celebration Ceremony
Me and some friends celebrating.

It’s been a great two years at KTH with great people! Although I’m relieved to be finished, I’ll miss going to school and meeting these people every day. But now it’s time for summer! Here’s to the next chapter!

~ Declan