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The pursuit of museums

If you have seen the movie “The pursuit of Happyness”, I was also chasing some of the museums in Stockholm. It is a lot of fun to visit museums with your friends and question everything, right?

national museum column
Linnea hugging the chunky art piece

National Museum

My architecture studio tutors advised us to see the National Museum and think of ways art pieces are exhibited, the way light casts onto them and the choices of colour throughout the gallery spaces.

This museum is located centrally and plays an important role in representing Sweden, its values and its history. Despite that, the building is newly renovated, and it’s a pleasant atmosphere to go for a Sunday coffee with a friend! I would definitely recommend spending some time in the sculpture garden, opening up to a huge atrium with a skylight. It seems like a small oasis in Stockholm’s snowy and cold winter that came now!

Please, don’t ask me why my friend is hugging the column in the photograph below, but I guess we liked the chunkiness of it…

naitonal museum entrance
The entrance to the museum is like another gallery space that makes AWE

Sven Harry’s art museum

Another worth-a-visit place is Sven Harry’s art museum, located in Vasastan. It had an exposition about art and crafts. The artists themselves were part of the exhibition, meaning you could ask them questions about shoe making, the art of flower arrangement or sewing clothes. As we escalated towards the rooftop, views of Stockholm opened up for us! The space was used in a clever way by showcasing sculptures around the garden too! Perfect place for a coffee again…

sven harrys art museum
My friend Darta is hiding in the rooftop garden

Museum of Wrecks

Last but not least, I sneaked into the museum of wrecks! It sits on one of the museum islands, super centrally, in Stockholm. Don’t get tricked: this green screen below is not a cinema screen! It is a part of the exhibition about the shipwrecks found around the coastlines of Sweden.

It is hard to comprehend the diving journeys taken in order to collect as much information as possible and spend so much time underwater! I guarantee you will sense as if you are underwater yourself with dimmed lights…

museum of wrecks
I stopped for a moment to realise whether this was real or not

I would love to be your guide when you come to Stockholm! If you haven’t seen the crazy metro stations in Stockholm, you could check Raygo’s post about it! Also, Lorenzo has done some great shots of the Town Hall in the post about his first week in Stockholm!


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