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My green living style in Stockholm

Hej, it’s Raygo here again! When talking about Sweden, people always think of sustainability and environmental protection as the country has a long history of development in these areas. The former is also one of the key pillars of KTH, where the UN sustainability goals are the priority of our school in almost every aspect. Therefore, today I will share how I have adopted the green way of living since I came to Stockholm.

On a cycling tour with friends at the renowned Djurgården

Recycling is one of the ways that I have adopted. Some of you may have heard about the pant system in Sweden, meaning when purchasing drinks contained in cans and bottles, consumers are typically charged 1 to 3 Swedish krona on top of the original price. So since I arrived here, I have begun the habit of saving cans and bottles and recycling them whenever I am free. By doing so, I can reclaim the containers’ deposits and help reduce the household waste produced.

Bottles and cans in Sweden usually have this pant label, meaning that you can reclaim the deposit through recycling

Apart from that, another practical way is to shop selectively. For instance, I always avoid buying repetitive products to prevent waste. Since I came here, I also realized purchasing second-hand products is popular. So I have also joined the trend by looking for items on online second-hand groups or physical stores in the town. Thanks to that, most of my utensils and furniture are bought in good used condition while also helping with reducing domestic waste.

There are loads of different groups for second-hand items available on campus or within the city

In addition, another green living way that I have developed is cycling as my daily means of transportation. Considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe, Stockholm is ideal for one to ride the bike around, as it is within walking or cycling distance for most places in the city area. No longer have I settled here in August, I have also purchased a second-hand bike from the market and have used it since then as my primary transportation tool around the city. Besides developing an exercise habit, it also helps to cut carbon emissions compared to other transportation means. And the impact will become significant by making a small change daily and living a more green lifestyle.

Last but not least, a friendly reminder that as the application period is closing soon, it might be helpful for you to check out Lorenzo’s previous posts about writing a convincing cover letter and Martyna’s for composing an excellent portfolio. I wish you all a lovely week ahead!