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Sigtuna Christmas street market

During the four Sundays before Christmas, the town of Sigtuna celebrates its cozy Christmas market. Visiting the ancient town of Sigtuna felt like a Christmas fairy tale! A day trip to experience the Christmas spirit is just an hour away!

christmas tree sigtuna main square
Real Christmas tree in the main town square

With my friends, I traveled to Sigtuna, an hour-and-a-half trip from Stockholm center. It’s a cost-effective opportunity to visit an old village since the train and bus tickets are included in Stockholm’s public transport pass.

The bus dropped us off right in the main square of the town. Once you put your foot out, you are greeted by amazing smells and cheerful sounds.

sigtuna christmas market
Street decorations and vendors

The main street is filled with local vendors selling their HOMEMADE products! You can find everything from mittens knitted by a cute local old lady to special Christmas candles. It is an excellent locale to buy unique gifts for your closest friends and family!

Christmas trees are real, cozy and decorative here in Sweden. Usually, they are either pine or spruce, brought from the forest. Sweden has been keeping simplicity and traditions, that deserves much credit for it. I wish you could smell the real Christmas tree fragrance as if you were in the forest already!

traditonal houses sigtuna christmas market
Traditional Swedish houses with snow on top!

Strolling through the old streets, you can catch a sight of dominating traditional houses cladded in red-painted wooden planks with tile roofs. On top of that, they are covered in snow at this time of the year to shine even more! The vendors put up temporary structures and decorate them with lights and Christmas toys!

sigtuna christmas market
Street food attracts many food lovers!

The smell of street food is another good reason to visit this location. You could find everything from caramelized nuts to greek ‘shawarma pita’ bread, which smells absolutely amazing!

There is much more to explore in Sigtuna, but let’s leave it for another trip!

Also, a reminder about the application to KTH is not mountains away!

I wish you to enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones! Together with Raygo and Lorenzo, we are sending the warmest greetings to all of you!


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