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The Stockholm Christmas Market is live now!

As we enter December, I am sure many of you are feeling more Christmasy no matter where you are from around the globe, as this is the most important festival to celebrate in the month, if not the entire year! Thanks to the recent snowfalls and colder weather, Stockholm is filled with the white Christmas vibe. So it is high time to introduce one of the most notable events here: the Christmas markets!

Welcome to the Stortorget’s Christmas market at Gamla Stan!

Christmas markets are famous and familiar this season, but what is unique about Stortorget’s Christmas market, which I will show you around, is that it is the most historical and traditional one in Stockholm and Sweden. This year the opening period of the market will be from 19 November to 23 December, operating daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Checking out these beautifully crafted Christmas decorations

The market features local stores and vendors selling Swedish food and seasonal drinks (for instance, Glögg, a mulled wine special for Christmas). Moreover, you may also find lovely handcrafts and items there for decorating your home into a more Christmas mood.

This store captured my attention during the day with only one-degree celsius, you know why…
Worth the wait with for warm hot chocolate!

Apart from this biggest market at Gamla Stan, there are some other ones in the city. So I will be exploring the rest as well, and I will review them and share my findings with you guys later on!


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