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Research trip to Chicago: a conversation with an aerospace student

Hello everyone! Good news: I had a pleasant conversation with a friend of mine – Arnold, who is enrolled in MSc Aerospace Engineering at KTH. Arnold has participated in a two-week research project in Chicago. So, I am gonna tell you all about his exciting experience! Take a seat and grab some snacks.

student research project chicago
Personal photo shared by Arnold in Chicago

The programme

Particularly, Arnold is studying aeronautics MSc in Aerospace Engineering. As far as I understood, he is focusing on the design of the wing of an aircraft. He knows all the physics behind making the aircraft!

I was pretty surprised that there was no competition or application for this research trip! Apparently, one of the tutors introduced this research project to his students!

The research project

The collaboration was between KTH and Chicago IT Illinois Institute of Technology and was organized by one of the tutors of this programme. I could even tell you the name of the project: “The ground effect wing”. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? One of the tasks was to test the design of the wing- if it was more efficient being close to the ground. Another difficulty was testing out the wavy edge of the wing. Can you imagine a future airplane with wavy wings? Who knows?!

wind tunnel student research project chicago
Wind tunnel in Chicago

The experience

The project took 2-3 weeks. He met with another student to set up the wind tunnel, but Arnold was mostly on his own with his tutor.

When I asked him what the most exciting part of the project was, he said: “I did all three there: the design and system of the wing, the manufacturing of the wing, and the testing part. The project was to see if the 3D printed wing was efficient enough.”

panoramic view student research project chicago
The view from a hotel where Arnold was staying in Chicago

What was the most memorable moment during your trip?: “The people are incredibly friendly! When I asked someone on the street to take a photo of me, they shooted many questions back – “Landscape or portrait? Closeup or wide angle? All I wanted them just to take a picture…”

Arnold’s experience, I imagine, was unique! It does broaden your contact list, but it is also a great thing to add to your CV or have something to talk about during the job interview!

I hope you are all excited about studying at KTH, and Arnold’s story is just the tip of the iceberg! There is only one week left to submit your documentation, so don’t wait until the last minute! Do you feel you forgot something to submit but don’t know exactly what? Have a look at Lorenzo’s well-structured post about the documentation you should have. Have a nice week!