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Part-time jobs: what are the options?

Hello all! Have you applied to KTH and are wondering what the possibilities of part-time jobs to earn some extra money are when living in Sweden? I completely agree that living costs in Sweden are “rocketing” high for students but you want to enjoy the years here! So, I know a few part-time jobs that my friends have where it is not required to know the Swedish language:

friend tassilo face photo
Tassilo, from Germany, is working as a waiter

Restaurants/bars/coffee shops

My friend Tassilo just recently got a part-time job in a small restaurant in Stockholm. He approached that place through Instagram ( I call it “The third door” way). Thinking outside the box! Tassilo is working sometimes in the evenings and sometimes on the weekends, approximately 16 hours per week. I am sure that you can negotiate for more/fewer hours! Plus, they probably would treat you to nice meals! The salaries vary a lot on your experience, it can go from 100-120KR/h and up!

Sandra, a friend from Lithuania, is working in a bar/restaurant and she is liking it! She is serving drinks and food in a great and casual place in the city centre! Even though Sandra does not speak Swedish, it wasn’t a problem getting this part-time job. You have to search for many places that don’t require Swedish but it is possible!

lithuanian girl stockholm part-time job
Sandra, from Lithuania, works part-time as a waiter

Personal tutor

Arnold, the aerospace engineering student that I told you about in my previous post, is teaching children physics in French! Through an app, he created a profile and started teaching French kids, living in Stockholm. The perk of this part-time job is that you can work whenever you want! The hourly rate can vary from 150KR and up! Remember, you are your own boss. Also, lectures could be held online – can it be better? I don’t think so…

Alicja, from Poland, decided to teach youngsters the Polish language. She is working from home and having online classes only! Alicja mentioned it is a very enjoyable and easy part-time job when you are a student. She created her profile through an app too!

Software programmer

If you have software engineering skills, I think it’s easier for you to find a job. The job does not require Swedish at all and most of the time people speak in English in offices. Research online platforms where you could create your profile and advertise yourself to the market. So, if you are studying programming, this could be your chance!

Working for KTH

Working for a huge organisation like KTH will definitely stand out on your CV! The job opportunities vary from research vacancies to administrative jobs. You can check their job openings on their website regularly! Great tips on writing your CV and a motivational letter written by KTH and other links for job openings can be found here.

girl stockholm millesgarden
Sofia, from Italy, works as a partnerships coordinator

Public relations

Sofia, one of the “Instagrammers“, is also working as a partnerships coordinator at a small start-up company. She is managing the micro-influencer campaigns so she is scouting for people who could advertise the brand’s products. Particularly, her job is from scouting potentials to setting up the collaboration, sending the product and collecting the content in the end. I believe Sofia is very passionate about this sector since she is studying communications! This really shines on your resumé and I am sure it is easier to get a job like this! If you are excited about public relations, perhaps this could be a start-up for you too!

Dog walkers

A super flexible job could be walking cute dogs! If you are a dog lover, this could be for you! I know there is an app where you can contact dog owners and take their dogs for a nice walk from time to time! If you live in a studio apartment, you can sit the dog at your place and study at the same time! It’s a great opportunity if you are on a busy schedule and can study from home! Plus, dogs are amazing…you would receive so much love back… It just makes your day!

Start thinking now!

To sum up, start looking for a part-time job now and don’t give up straight away! Consistency is the key! Put a lot of effort into your application, and have a plan of how to approach the job position, and how to stand out. Perhaps you will need to step by an office/place to get their attention? Show them how much you want this job. I think it all comes from the details and effort you put in the end.

How to become the student ambassador, we will write in the near future!

You could read some tips on how to improve your CV and a motivational letter by Lorenzo. He mentions really good points! If you have any other questions, drop a comment below!