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What happens after KTH? Coffee with graduates. Part 1

Hey there! When applying to KTH, some wonder what will happen after your graduation. What’s next? Should I stay in Sweden? I will share stories of my friends who have graduated from KTH and how they got their jobs. Sit back and enjoy!

The story of Adi

cafe coffee with Adi
That huge smile says more than words!

This morning, my friend Adi, from India, had a coffee with me, and we chatted about how he landed a job here in Sweden! Here in Stockholm, he works as a software analyst in one of the big companies!

Adi started looking for where to do his master’s degree project at the end of November. Preferably, he mentioned that you should start looking beginning of October during your second year of your master’s degree. Adi reached out to his 2-3 professors at KTH who he established good relationships with. According to Adi, they are very important when you are looking for job/degree project opportunities and don’t have a good network of contacts. He was interested in energy modelling, and the professors helped him name companies related to this subject.

Adi told me about how he almost got a job in Australia. He had a guest lecturer from Australia give a presentation at KTH. Adi asked him questions about this particular lecture, and he showed great interest. Eventually, after a few exchanged emails, they created a relationship, and Adi organically initiated a call. Adi told me he was not expecting two more people on the call who was interested in what he had to say! Unfortunately, due to corona, Adi could not travel at that time.

Later, Adi reached out to a friend on LinkedIn who had an interview at one of the startup companies. Adi found out who the hiring manager is in this company and contacted him if they have opening positions at the company. In two hours, he received a reply scheduling an interview on the same day. My jaw just dropped.

Adi highlighted how important LinkedIn is to build up a network of connections. He mentioned that he has someone known on LinkedIn, and that influences his future jobs since the hiring companies usually check who you are connected with!

Today, he works in a big-scale company of around 150 people in the centre of Stockholm! He applied through LinkedIn, and it was a normal application. But to get there, you must put in a lot of work! Tip from Adi: if you know anyone working in a company you are applying to, being recommended would give you a massive advantage over other applicants!

The story of Declan

Declan in architecture building

Declan graduated with master’s degree in Architecture last year! He was writing the blog before me and told me how things are on his side of the world! Enjoy his story:

“I decided to take some time off after graduating… So, I actually only started looking in about July, and I decided to look for some work in London and Dublin to be a little bit closer to my family, who all live in Ireland.

I applied for some jobs and got two interviews in London and one in Dublin. I did the two London interviews online because I didn’t want to travel, but then I travelled home for the Dublin interview, which helped my application. I had no contact or recommendation, and I didn’t know anyone at the architecture studio… I just saw the job online!

I’ve known the name of this architecture studio for a long time. They’re well-known in Dublin, so I thought it would be an excellent workplace! So I suppose the big job was putting together a portfolio, CV, and list of places to search.. all that took about 1 or 2 months. Then when I started applying, I got my job very quickly. They were especially interested in my portfolio, the most essential application part. That was mostly what we talked about in the interview.

Now I’m designing every day, and it feels pretty good! I’m mainly working on housing projects. The studio is small and full of talented architects. I feel like I’m learning a lot and getting to challenge all my abilities. I’m now living close to my family too, which is what I wanted, and I get to see them regularly. I’m looking forward to the Summer here in Dublin, and in the future, I’m hoping to travel abroad again.. just not quite sure where yet…”

Next week I will share more stories of my friends and where they have landed! Hopefully, their stories inspire you to plan your future after graduation and find your own way into the work environment! If you are worried about getting an internship in Sweden, check out my last post!


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