New year New International Reception

Tomorrow is the start of the International Reception for the spring term! Many students from around the world will start arriving and participating in activities organized by THS and many student clubs. The International Reception is a three-week long introduction to Stockholm and KTH for International Students. During these weeks, you can have exclusive access … Continue reading “New year New International Reception”

Christmas in the French Alps

Moving to Stockholm has been the first time I’m moving away from home (other than travelling) for an extended period of time. Christmas is usually a time spent relaxing at home, but this year was a little different: I headed to the Alps to have a snowy holiday with my family. Based in Valloire, France, … Continue reading “Christmas in the French Alps”

An impromptu trip to Tallinn, Estonia

Two weeks ago, I was talking with my friends, wondering if I should go to Norrlands (Northern region of Sweden) before leaving Sweden for Christmas. Then, out of the blue, one of my friends suggested going on a cruise to Tallinn, which supposedly has one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. The next day … Continue reading “An impromptu trip to Tallinn, Estonia”

What to do in Stockholm during the Holidays

Now that classes are over for the autumn term, it’s time to have some fun! Yes, there are exams in January, but they are still in quite a while so let’s not think about that for now. Many people leave the city to go back home, or to travel around Europe for a couple weeks. … Continue reading “What to do in Stockholm during the Holidays”

Lucia or how many concerts can you attend in a week

December in Sweden is full of Christmas activities like Christmas markets, ice skating, eating all the different sweets (hello safranbullar) and also concerts. On the 13th of December is a holiday called Lucia, in honour of the saint of the same name who symbolizes the light taking over the darkness of winter. To celebrate this … Continue reading “Lucia or how many concerts can you attend in a week”