Swimming all around Stockholm

There are many things I love about Stockholm, and one being in the top of my list is certainly the access to water virtually everywhere I go. Stockholm is an archipelago made up of 14 islands (!!!) so it’s pretty easy to find a place where to go swimming. The water is sea water, but … Continue reading “Swimming all around Stockholm”

3 steps to make your accommodation mysigt

One of the things I learned by moving in a student accommodation is that the way you decorate your room and apartment really impacts your mood when you spend time there. Mysa is a Swedish concept roughly meaning making something cozy, comfortable, and that’s exactly what you want to do with your student accommodation. Indeed, … Continue reading “3 steps to make your accommodation mysigt”

Isolation activity idea: Have a Zoom painting party!

My friends and I made many plans for spring and summer, but the pandemic cut our ambitious short. One thing we wanted to start doing is painting all together, following a tutorial by Bob Ross. If you don’t know who this is, I strongly suggest watching one of his youtube videos (don’t be fooled, he … Continue reading “Isolation activity idea: Have a Zoom painting party!”

Learn English with other international students!

Every year, before school starts, KTH offers an intensive English class for students who feel the need to improve their skills before starting their first term. It starts on the 4th of August and the classes are from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 until the 21st of August. If you are a little … Continue reading “Learn English with other international students!”

All the places my bike takes me

I have been commuting by bicycle for 5 years. After competing in road cycling competitions for 10 years before that, I found a way to still ride as much as I could while living in a big city, and this included riding my revamped fixie to school everyday. Coming to Stockholm and reading about its … Continue reading “All the places my bike takes me”

I caved in and made all these Instagram quarantine recipes

I know I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I did not have time to cook all these fancy things that were trending over social media, but at one point I got bored (and also curious) and decided to try them. Most of them are relatively easy if you are an occasional baker, so they’re … Continue reading “I caved in and made all these Instagram quarantine recipes”