Scaling Sweden’s highest peak

In the middle of our Kungsleden adventure, we climbed Kebnekaise’s South summit. Kebnekaise mountain is a glacier and is poised to be the highest point of Sweden, at 2097 meters, although it is melting at an alarming rate because of climate change. It has nothing to compete with the Andes or Himalayas, but it is … Continue reading “Scaling Sweden’s highest peak”

Hiking the famous Kungsleden-Part 2

After I explained all about how we prepared for our 10 day hike, here comes the good part: showing you how it went and the stunning landscapes we saw along the way. Abisko-Alesjaure The first stretch of the hike is in the Abisko National Park and entering the first valley. The start was nice, sunny … Continue reading “Hiking the famous Kungsleden-Part 2”

Camping in Stockholm

Scandinavia is recognized for its outdoorsy people and relationship with nature, and Sweden is not different. Stockholm, the biggest city in Sweden, has two National Parks and too many nature reserves to count which can all be reached by public transport. It’s perfect for students who don’t have a car but still want to get … Continue reading “Camping in Stockholm”

Det är sommartid!

Exams are now over, assignments are submitted, there are no more deadlines on your calendar, you know what this means: it’s summer vacations time! As the days are almost never ending, a lot of us were looking forward to summer to go back home or travel around Europe. Due to the circumstances, plans have changed, … Continue reading “Det är sommartid!”