ABE Sustainability Week recap

As you may have seen on our other platforms (Facebook, Instagram), this week KTH has launched a new initiative: a week full of events and content concerning for each of the schools at KTH, starting with the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. For each week, students have created videos showcasing sustainability projects, may … Continue reading “ABE Sustainability Week recap”

Your guide to joint programmes at KTH

If you’ve been looking at the different programmes offered at KTH and been wondering what was about those joint programmes, this blog is for you! First off, a joint programme is a master’s degree that, in most cases, lets you have a double-degree in different institutions, while doing a single master’s programme. These programmes let … Continue reading “Your guide to joint programmes at KTH”

How to deal with the seasonal blues

For international students, moving to the other side of the planet, starting a new school program in a new environment and meeting plenty of people from all cultural backgrounds is very exciting. The first weeks are packed with activities, discovering about your new environment and the beginning of classes can keep you busy, but at … Continue reading “How to deal with the seasonal blues”

Halloween Weekend Activity Ideas

Halloween being my favorite holiday of the year, I couldn’t let the opportunity to share all the nice things Stockholm has to offer during this weekend. Thursday October 31st Tonight is officially Halloween, so there are may parties going on for students. The chapters that have their pub on Thursdays will be open as usual. … Continue reading “Halloween Weekend Activity Ideas”

5 steps to choosing the right programme

Since applications have opened, you may have started to look at the different programmes, trying to figure out which fits you best. As you know, I have been through this process and I agree, it can be pretty confusing. Here are my tips to help you out! 1. Read about as much programmes as you … Continue reading “5 steps to choosing the right programme”