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Thank you, KTH

Done. Finito! As you can imply from the title, this will be the last post I’m sharing with you from this amazing space a.k.a. the international student blog. Two weeks ago I succeeded defending my thesis entitled Carbon pricing and the impacts on financial markets in front of my mom and friends; yes, my mom … Continue reading “Thank you, KTH”

Little [Baltic] Getaway

Hi peeps! Hope you haven’t missed me much. I’ve been a bit off as I took some days off after my master thesis defense. Yes, I’m done! I will bring you an exclusive inside-top-information post on how it went and everything you could possibly would like know a master thesis defense, but not in this … Continue reading “Little [Baltic] Getaway”

Stockholm Pride

One year has gone by, and here we are again, dear Stockholm Pride! I’ve been able to be at the right place and right time to enjoy different Pride Parades around the World, and let me tell you something, the vibe that the Swedish Parade radiate is amazing. Sweden is a country well known for … Continue reading “Stockholm Pride”

Cultural Stockholm

KTH is on a break and weather couldn’t be better. So the question now is where else can you enjoy an amazing variety of music performances, great food, incredible ambiance, and crazy outfits? Lollapalooza Stockholm! Originated in the US, Lollapalooza is a 4-day music festival revived in 2003 that gathers artist from a wide variety … Continue reading “Cultural Stockholm”

Midsummer Realness

Winter is coming. Yes, summer solstice is gone (longest day in the year) so that only means one thing… this is going down! Well, not literally but now days will start getting shorter as we head up towards winter; that didn’t mean that Swedes didn’t enjoy at its fullest this day. Although weather may be … Continue reading “Midsummer Realness”

The Final Sprint

Ready. Set. I-see-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-GO! Hey peeps! So today I bring you exciting news as not only Summer has arrived here in Stockholm, but I’m wrapping up my thesis project. Yes, it seems like yesterday when I was sharing with you about what I was planning to do as thesis project, but now, it has come to … Continue reading “The Final Sprint”