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Happy Nationaldag!

June 6th. Today is an important day in Sweden, not only because it is a red day (which means day off for everyone), but for what stands behind this “red-marked” day. Today, Swedes are celebrating their national day! Now, taking you all back to 1523 when Gustav Vasa was appointed as King of Sweden, it … Continue reading “Happy Nationaldag!”


Hey peeps, so you may have noticed that my friend Oluchi was the only one keeping you up-to-date with the latest things happening in Sweden for the past 3 weeks; well, I had a good excuse as I was off in México <3 visiting family, friends, and attending an amazing wedding from a close friend. … Continue reading “México”

How cultural is Stockholm?

Hey peeps, some of my friends have asked me why I decided to move to Stockholm when this city has 5 % (literally) of the population that Mexico City has, and for them, this could mean that less things are taking place during my days. Well, that’s wrong! Stockholm is such a cultural city full … Continue reading “How cultural is Stockholm?”

Easters in Stockholm

Literally, ghost town. No, just kidding (a bit). If you were wondering how Stockholmers spend their Easter’s break, well, I would have to say that many of them ask for some extra days off at work to have the whole week to rest/vacay. Why? Well, if I understood correctly, most of the jobs in Sweden … Continue reading “Easters in Stockholm”

Master Thesis, what am I doing?

Hey peeps, so many of you just got admitted to different programs at different universities here in Sweden, well, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! Specially for those ones that chose the best one, KTH! Haha! Soon enough you’ll start your studies and you’ll find yourselves immerse in a dream (now a reality) called, Sweden; but … Continue reading “Master Thesis, what am I doing?”

Nedräkningen har börjat

The countdown has begun. 3 days left for you to know your results if you decided to apply for a master’s program in Sweden! 2 years ago I was on your shoes and I had all of the emotions packed in one. I wanted to know if I had been accepted at KTH but at … Continue reading “Nedräkningen har börjat”