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My journey of learning Swedish

Some months ago, I have already shared some of my experiences in learning Swedish at SFI with you. I also described a bit of my journey that brought me to taking the course in Swedish A2 at KTH this semester. If you want to know how everything started, click here. As the semester is soon … Continue reading “My journey of learning Swedish”

How to feel a bit more Swedish

To all of you who are soon coming to Stockholm and start your studies at KTH, you might already be super excited what lies ahead of you. Surely, there will be some things that are different than in your home country and you’ll want to feel at home as fast as possible. Here is how … Continue reading “How to feel a bit more Swedish”

5 reasons why you should choose Sweden

Previously, I already wrote about why you should accept your study offer at KTH. But maybe you still have other countries in your head, where you might have been offered a study programme as well? Or maybe you’re just struggling in general, whether Sweden is the right country for you to live in? Today, I’ll … Continue reading “5 reasons why you should choose Sweden”

Happy Valborg!

Today, on the 30th April, Valborg is celebrated in Sweden. Valborg, in English it’s called Walpurgis Night, is an old festival in Sweden coming from Germany in the Middle Ages. From a German perspective, I have to say that I was quite surprised about this history, as the celebrations we have in the night to … Continue reading “Happy Valborg!”

Cherry blossoms in Stockholm

Do you know what being in Stockholm during April means? It is the time where you’ll be able to experience a wonderful flower spectacle when walking around the city. Usually, during the end of April and the beginning of May, the cherry blossoms start to flower! 🌸 Did you know that the tradition of celebrating … Continue reading “Cherry blossoms in Stockholm”