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Applications are open!

Today may be International Cupcake Day and it may be Zac Efron’s birthday, but for all students hoping to secure a place at KTH in 2022, today is an important day for being the opening day for applications! The application period at KTH officially starts from today, 18th of October, and runs until January 17th. … Continue reading “Applications are open!”

Back to Campus Life

As the pandemic rules ease off, the campus is coming back to life. It’s bright outside. The campus is once again full of people and the buildings seem happy about it. This is what this place was made for, that flow of everyone going everywhere. Students running from the metro to the library, to the … Continue reading “Back to Campus Life”

How I Learn Swedish

Learning a new language through films, apps & podcasts Almost everyone in Sweden speaks excellent English, but for most people here, Svenska is their mother tongue. When coming over to a new country I was excited to dive into this culture and so I decided to start learning some. Although it’s not mandatory, many international … Continue reading “How I Learn Swedish”

Castle Hunting

A trip to see some beautiful buildings In past years, Sweden’s royal family held vast power and wealth, as well as many castles all over the country. Today however, Sweden is proudly democratic and many of these old royal homes welcome the public in. The rich castles and their grounds are beautiful places to visit. … Continue reading “Castle Hunting”

The Joys of Corridor Living

My Student Accommodation at Kungshamra In the next few weeks, each of us bloggers will say a little bit about where we live. Hopefully this will give you a little insight into some of the accommodation options around Stockholm! Kungshamra is a student housing area about fifteen minutes from KTH campus if you, like me, … Continue reading “The Joys of Corridor Living”

Into the Wild

Adventuring Around Stockholm Pack up your rucksack with maps, tents, sleeping bags and supplies and get out of the city into the natural landscapes of Sweden! For students it’s a popular (and free!) weekend activity; a day-long hike or a week-long camping adventure is a great way to take a break from city life. Walking … Continue reading “Into the Wild”