Must visit places when you arrive in Stockholm

Hurray!!! It’s the arrival season. First thing first, Kudos to you all to have braved the pandemic and joining us at KTH. The arrival days for me was filled with excitement and anticipation about Stockholm. In this blog, I write about the places I visited that made Stockholm the home it is. Gamla Stan: Gamla … Continue reading “Must visit places when you arrive in Stockholm”

Public Transportation In Stockholm

One of the best things I loved about Stockholm was access to every corner of the city through public transportation which is called SL Services. It includes a combination of buses, metros, long-distance metros and also ferries. This blog would introduce the nuances of Stockholm public transport for students coming to the city this fall. … Continue reading “Public Transportation In Stockholm”

Packing for Sweden: What not to carry?

19/07/2019 – I had exactly 30 days before I departed to Sweden. I remember having a strange mix of anxiety and excitement or as the Swedes call it – Resfeber. The panic mode was ON and I was on a shopping spree. I was talking to seniors who were in Stockholm. I was reading all … Continue reading “Packing for Sweden: What not to carry?”

KTH Innovation Awaits You

Coming miles away from home to Sweden, I was hoping that it just wasn’t to attend lectures and write examinations and get a formal degree. I was expecting that there would be much more than the four walls of the lecture halls. I wanted to explore and expand beyond academics but inline with my personal … Continue reading “KTH Innovation Awaits You”

A sunny day hike @ Lida Naturreservat

The sun is back in all its glory in Stockholm and so are the hiking boots. Last weekend we went on a 20km hiking trail through the Lida naturreservat. Lida is an urban forest meant for adventurous souls. The terrain is a treat to people interesting in the flora. Along the trail, we saw the … Continue reading “A sunny day hike @ Lida Naturreservat”

FAQs in Residence Permit #Predeparture series

This new series of blogs would help you readers, who are gearing up and excited to start their studies at KTH. The series will have blogs ranging from a residence permit, tips on shopping and packing, our experience during pre-departure and lot many things. In this week, we talk about the common question that pops … Continue reading “FAQs in Residence Permit #Predeparture series”