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Final words….Tack Så Mycket & Hej Då

As I near the end of my journey as a student at KTH and transform into a proud KTH alumni, I look back at the last two years with gratitude and gratefulness. Everything that happened to me with regard to academics, personal and professional aspects has helped me accelerate my growth as an individual. It … Continue reading “Final words….Tack Så Mycket & Hej Då”

Must have Experiences at KTH

Being a student at KTH is definitely an amazing experience especially if you are part of the campus activities and make total use of the opportunities on campus. In this blog post, I talk about the must-have experiences during your time at KTH. Build your own start up at KTH Innovation You have the opportunity … Continue reading “Must have Experiences at KTH”

Cultural comforts in Sweden

This week marks two years of my time in Sweden and it has been an amazing journey. The primary reason is attributed to the culture and lifestyle followed in Sweden. I ended up falling in love with the culture and the life I was building myself here. I felt comfortable in numerous ways with many … Continue reading “Cultural comforts in Sweden”

A guide to your first days at KTH

Welcome to KTH! You made it… I am sure you are excited about beginning your Master programme at KTH. I remember, my first week at KTH was about meeting new faces, setting up the apartment, exploring the campus, and hustling through mandatory academic and social tasks. This blog post will guide you through the tasks … Continue reading “A guide to your first days at KTH”

The first step towards applying to KTH – Researching the right master programme

It is that time of the year where you will be involved in intensely researching various options for your study destination. Depending on the field of interest, I was looking for universities in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. You can read about my reasons for choosing Sweden and KTH here. This blog post … Continue reading “The first step towards applying to KTH – Researching the right master programme”

Furnishing your new apartment

Many of you would have already arrived in Sweden and many of you would be planning to reach by the end of the month. Most of the student accommodations are furnished on a minimal level. You can read my previous blog post on what to expect in lappis here. It is wise and affordable to … Continue reading “Furnishing your new apartment”