What to do after the Application Deadline?

Well, Great job with submitting your applications before the deadline. You must have finalised your programmes and their priority and clicked the apply button. And for those of you who couldn’t, there is always a next semester application opening soon. The job quite isn’t done yet. Here are a few points which might guide you … Continue reading “What to do after the Application Deadline?”

Dummies guide to Swedish Application on universityadmissions.se

At this time of last year, I remember being bogged down by master applications to different countries such as the US, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. Being honest, I felt the application to Sweden was the only one which was the best mainly because 1) It didn’t rip off large money since I could apply for … Continue reading “Dummies guide to Swedish Application on universityadmissions.se”

Lappis Screams and Treasures

Staying in student accommodation is an experience on its own. Impromptu movies nights, intercontinental dinner, friends from corners of the world, Lappis is a world of a kind. If I need to sell Lappis to you as one of the best student accommodation, I would just say it has its own small beach adjacent to … Continue reading “Lappis Screams and Treasures”

Timetravel into Sweden’s history at Skansen

What if you had the power to travel back in time and live in a Nordic city 300 years ago? Meeting people from 1720s and watching them go about their everyday life, from baking bread, preparing medicines and manufacturing shoes. Well, now you can. Skansen is the time machine which I was looking for. It’s … Continue reading “Timetravel into Sweden’s history at Skansen”

KTH StoryTech: Ellure

“This picture of us was taken on top of the Manhatten sky bar a week ago, enjoying our drink after winning the KTH Innovation New York pitch competition. This wasn’t an easy journey. Exactly two months ago, we were without any investors or funding and introspecting about the existence of our operation. Today we were … Continue reading “KTH StoryTech: Ellure”

Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm

As students, we are exhausted trying to find a balance between studies, travelling, hobbies, everyday errands, parties and relationships. Its seems like we barely find time to rest and do nothing. The past few weeks of this study period have been about making to-do lists for the coming days and working the tails off in … Continue reading “Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm”