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What Next? KTH. Why?

“What next?”The question we face after every stage in our life from school, pre-university, graduation, postgraduation till the end of our life. The choices we make define the course of our professional and personal career. Thus, it is more important to understand our options and choose wisely through thorough research of professional opportunities along with … Continue reading “What Next? KTH. Why?”

Spooky Haloween night

“Destroy the monsters inside you by becoming the monster”. This is what I had heard about Halloween. This was my first Halloween ever. Even though it is not celebrated with much vigour in Sweden, the festival does attract a lot of crowds. Swedes celebrate “Allhelgonahelgen” – All Saints Day, the morning after Halloween.  Kungstragarden hosted Scandinavia’s … Continue reading “Spooky Haloween night”

Diwali @ KTH – A night of desserts

“You seem to have festivals every week in your country!”. This is the sentence I hear so often from my peers at KTH. For which I proudly reply, “Yes, we do”. Festivals bring us together as a community and a sense of belonging. And this feeling of socialization is especially necessary when you are outside … Continue reading “Diwali @ KTH – A night of desserts”

KTH Innovation Pre-incubator Program Kickoff

I always believed learning happens more outside the four walls of the classroom. The campus at KTH has so much to offer that it seems to be a continuous wave of learning, leading to a great amount of development as an individual.  KTH innovation preincubation program was something I stumbled onto at Campus. Entrepreneurship and … Continue reading “KTH Innovation Pre-incubator Program Kickoff”

Application season begins

As the application season starts today, it brings with it a lot of anxiety in the minds of the students. The process of selecting the right university, right course, preparing the SOP and compiling the required documents takes a heavy toll. The fact that the admission process of Sweden is quite streamlined as compared to … Continue reading “Application season begins”