Become a change maker with KTH sustainability groups

You hear about it everywhere: sustainability is the buzzword of the moment. As more people are informed for the need of a shift in our policies and consumption habits, they may look for ways to get involved and help to spread awareness. If you are one of these people, keep on reading: KTH has many … Continue reading “Become a change maker with KTH sustainability groups”

Thank you, KTH

Done. Finito! As you can imply from the title, this will be the last post I’m sharing with you from this amazing space a.k.a. the international student blog. Two weeks ago I succeeded defending my thesis entitled Carbon pricing and the impacts on financial markets in front of my mom and friends; yes, my mom … Continue reading “Thank you, KTH”

A day of Sustainable life at KTH Main Campus – Events at KTH with a Sustainability focus

If there is anything KTH is widely known for, it’s her push for sustainable development. In fact, KTH was ranked in 2019 as one of the top ten schools in the world, based on UN sustainable development goals. Taking second place for working conditions, third place for innovation and ninth place for climate action. Therefore, … Continue reading “A day of Sustainable life at KTH Main Campus – Events at KTH with a Sustainability focus”

Who is it to blame?

Plastic. It seems that this word is a hot topic in every other article on the internet. From the amount of plastic in the oceans, to innovative technologies trying to re-incorporate it to the value chain, “plastic” has become the centre of attention to policy makers, scientist, producers and consumers; and as you all know, … Continue reading “Who is it to blame?”

Where have you been??

Did you know that the largest sustainability gathering in the Middle East is held annually at Abu Dhabi? Do you also know that some KTH students had the opportunity of attending this year?? These statements are a clue to the title of the post but without further ado, let us set the ball rolling… Q: … Continue reading “Where have you been??”

That time of the year

Hey peeps! Here in Sweden is time to bring the thick blankets out (like since September I’ve been doing that lol), prepare some hot chocolate, and listen to Christmas carols; but that’s not all of it for this season, decoration time begins in Stockholm! Rare pokemons (not literally pokemons) have appeared all around the city … Continue reading “That time of the year”