I Chose KTH and KTH Chose me!!!

Finally, the application deadlines are over and most of you deserve a break after the gruelling requirements from all universities. There isn’t much to be done except keeping your figures crossed till April 4th – the day the results are announced. I remember myself laster year at this point of time when I was evaluating … Continue reading “I Chose KTH and KTH Chose me!!!”

The Reflective Engineer Week

This week, Engineers Without Borders KTH is hosting a series of lunch lectures concerning sustainability in different fields like technology, innovation and engineering. It is a way to raise students’ awareness in their roles as change makers related to the UN’s sustainability goals. Over the five days of this weeks, the lunch lectures will feature … Continue reading “The Reflective Engineer Week”

Doing, Diving, Developing at KTH Innovation

It has been four and a half months of grinding work with KTH innovation along with juggling studies, examination and travelling. The things I have learnt and the people I have met at KTH innovation unmatched anywhere else. This blog is about my experience with KTH innovation preincubation program so far. The journey has been … Continue reading “Doing, Diving, Developing at KTH Innovation”

SCI Sustainability Week recap

This week was the last week of promotion for sustainability, focusing on the School of Engineering Sciences. As the previous week, videos featuring professors and students involved in different sustainability projects in the school were promoted on the KTH Facebook and Instagram pages. To have a student perspective on the everyday life in SCI school … Continue reading “SCI Sustainability Week recap”

ITM Sustainability Week recap

On all KTH platforms, this week was focused on the sustainability initiatives of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. You can have a look at the different videos on Facebook and Instagram that my colleagues and I prepared to exhibit research and student-lead initiatives related to sustainability. As per usual, I wanted to have … Continue reading “ITM Sustainability Week recap”

Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day?

Today is the worldwide frantic day of consumption: Black Friday. Almost every shop offers sales and deals, pushing consumers to buy things only “because it’s such a great deal!”, but then ending up never using them. In the past few years, a movement with the hashtag #buynothingday has been gaining popularity, making a point of … Continue reading “Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day?”