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R is for Recycle

Sorry for the delay and lack of continuous post, peeps! This pasts weeks have been all about deadlines/final projects/home exams/party… oh no, no parties (kidding). Well, I’m back and I have an interesting topic, recycling!  What about recycling in Sweden? Stockholmers, have you seen the little square saying “PANT 1 or 2 kr” next to … Continue reading “R is for Recycle”

Fake or Real?

December is here an deadlines too. As Christmas Eve is heading towards us you might or not have already bought a Christmas tree, but have you ever thought about the environmental footprint of a real vs a fake one? Which one is better for the environment… As some people may think that buying a fake … Continue reading “Fake or Real?”

Green Footsteps

Ecological Footprint, have you heard about that? According to WWF’s (simplest) definition, …is the amount of the environment necessary to produce the goods and services necessary to support a particular lifestyle. Planet Earth has an estimated number of resources per person able to be consumed, 1.7 gha (global hectares). But what happens when people from … Continue reading “Green Footsteps”

Fernando. Goes. Vegetarian!?

Eating meat jeopardizes our own future destroying our ecosystems and releasing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) to the atmosphere [LOTS OF GHG]. As simple and straightforward as that. There’s not much to debate about this, because is simply true! As a young Mexican man living the Swedish dream, I find myself in this constant dilemma about eating meat; … Continue reading “Fernando. Goes. Vegetarian!?”

The Big Swedish 4

Early this year was presented at the World Economic Forum (WEF) reunion in Switzerland Global 100, a Toronto-based magazine and research firm Corporate Knights annual list of the world’s most sustainable companies. From the 4,000+ companies with at least $2 Bn USD of market value, 4 Swedish companies make it through the list. Can you guess which … Continue reading “The Big Swedish 4”