KTH StoryTech: Shippy

“Imagine your goods getting delivered to you much faster and with practically zero carbon emissions.” This is just what Marika Daleke and her team at Shippy, all students from KTH are trying to achieve. As part of the Sustainability in focus – A KTH initiative to focus on sustainability activities on the campus, I am … Continue reading “KTH StoryTech: Shippy”

EECS Sustainability Week recap

This week, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was showcased on KTH’s platforms to promote the sustainability projects that are happening there. To get to understand how sustainability is implemented in the program, I met with Gabriel, a passionate second year Electrical Power Engineering student from Brazil, who was patient enough to explain … Continue reading “EECS Sustainability Week recap”

CBH Sustainability Week recap

This week was the second sustainability, focused on the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health. You can have a look on the Facebook and Instagram pages to access the content created by the students! Like last week, I asked a student from the CBH school to talk about their experience here at … Continue reading “CBH Sustainability Week recap”

ABE Sustainability Week recap

As you may have seen on our other platforms (Facebook, Instagram), this week KTH has launched a new initiative: a week full of events and content concerning for each of the schools at KTH, starting with the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. For each week, students have created videos showcasing sustainability projects, may … Continue reading “ABE Sustainability Week recap”

What Next? KTH. Why?

“What next?”The question we face after every stage in our life from school, pre-university, graduation, postgraduation till the end of our life. The choices we make define the course of our professional and personal career. Thus, it is more important to understand our options and choose wisely through thorough research of professional opportunities along with … Continue reading “What Next? KTH. Why?”

Become a change maker with KTH sustainability groups

You hear about it everywhere: sustainability is the buzzword of the moment. As more people are informed for the need of a shift in our policies and consumption habits, they may look for ways to get involved and help to spread awareness. If you are one of these people, keep on reading: KTH has many … Continue reading “Become a change maker with KTH sustainability groups”