Where have you been??

Did you know that the largest sustainability gathering in the Middle East is held annually at Abu Dhabi? Do you also know that some KTH students had the opportunity of attending this year?? These statements are a clue to the title of the post but without further ado, let us set the ball rolling… Q: … Continue reading “Where have you been??”

That time of the year

Hey peeps! Here in Sweden is time to bring the thick blankets out (like since September I’ve been doing that lol), prepare some hot chocolate, and listen to Christmas carols; but that’s not all of it for this season, decoration time begins in Stockholm! Rare pokemons (not literally pokemons) have appeared all around the city … Continue reading “That time of the year”

VIND 2018

Do you know that Sweden has a plan to be fully powered by renewable energy in 2040? What does this mean for everyone interested in the renewable energy sector? These are the questions that will open the floor for this year’s VIND conference. In fact, the seminar begins with discussions and report presentations from key … Continue reading “VIND 2018”

Winter is coming!

Hey peeps! Craving much double-digit temperatures and long sunny days? Well, take your jackets out because summer is definitely over *sad face*.  As temperatures have dropped during the past 2 weeks in Stockholm and we have experienced some rainy days as well, winter has officially arrived in Stekenjokk (north Sweden) with 5 days of sub-zero weather in … Continue reading “Winter is coming!”

Reusable Food Containers

Restaurants working with customers for sustainable development and food consumption? Doesn’t sound that crazy! Well, the past week a little bird told me about this amazing idea that our friends from ReTak had about working altogether to decrease the amount of containers (mainly styrofoam) used in the food industry. How? Based on an app, customers … Continue reading “Reusable Food Containers”

Veggies Everywhere

Vegetarian, vegan, meat-based… so many different adjectives to classify our diets, but are these diets easy to follow here in Sweden? Well, let me tell you they actually are easy to follow and how much you are concerned in their different environmental impacts! According to this graph, you can see how much environmental impact your … Continue reading “Veggies Everywhere”