KTH Faces | Jubica

“Hi there! I am Jubica. I am a first year Masters student in Engineering Materials Science, with an intention of carrying Indian learning practices to European knowledge fields. I am from Rourkela, the steel city of Odisha, India. Since the day I arrived Stockholm, I have gained a plethora of experiences. With daylight of 18 … Continue reading “KTH Faces | Jubica”

KTH Faces | Antonio

“You definitively have to have a passion for what you do in order to be able to leave the tropics and move to the dark and cold Sweden. Since I started my engineer education in Venezuela, I have been always attracted by challenges. I took the decision to come for an exchange program at KTH … Continue reading “KTH Faces | Antonio”

KTH Faces | Arpit

“If Life is like a box of chocolates, then last 2 years at KTH was a 48 piece collection pack of Ferrero Rocher with raisins at the core. I am really grateful that I got to be a part of this wonderful adventure starting back in 2016. When I was researching about the universities for … Continue reading “KTH Faces | Arpit”

KTH Faces | Dhruv

“Finalising KTH to pursue my Master studies was based on deductive logic. Back in India, I was working in ABB, which is a Swiss-Swedish company. During my tenure at the company, I could get valuable insight into European culture. While scrutinising the universities to pursue MS, I came across KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In … Continue reading “KTH Faces | Dhruv”