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500 days of Sweden

It has been a little more than 500 days since I landed in Stockholm. 500 days of joy, missing home, exploring a new country, missing some old friends, meeting new people, learning a new language. More importantly, it has been 500 days of immense learnings. Not just learning from the university, but also from people … Continue reading “500 days of Sweden”

KTH Innovation Preincubation Programme Batch 13 Applications Opens

The opportunities on the KTH campus aside from the formal course lectures are the fascinating things for a student at KTH that contributes to the overall personality development of students. One such opportunity that I was part of for the past 1.5 years was with KTH Innovation in pursuing my interest in the field of … Continue reading “KTH Innovation Preincubation Programme Batch 13 Applications Opens”

2020 – A year of certain uncertainties

It started with a blur…No, it started with a little ignorance. Days went slow but months just flew by. I remember last year’s eve filled with fireworks that filled the edges of the old town with lights and champagnes. The new semester began and the daylight started to increase…gradually. The spring bought in colors back … Continue reading “2020 – A year of certain uncertainties”

KTH StoryTech: Fooin

“Our Vision is that no food is ever forgotten or wasted” Can you tell me a bit about yourselves? I am Niklas Johansson and I graduated from KTH in 2018 from the Industrial engineering and management program. I started working as an international sales manager and quit my job last September to start and launch … Continue reading “KTH StoryTech: Fooin”

KTH StoryTech: H Sustain

“The dream of every backpacker is to explore the hidden treasures and places of any city and we at H Sustain are using digital tools to provide a unique travel experience to travelers”. This is what Nicole and Meng and their team at H Sustain are trying to achieve. And as part of KTH Digitalization … Continue reading “KTH StoryTech: H Sustain”