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Never Refuse to Reuse!

Stockholmers, let’s talk about recycling! For me, as a foreign student coming from Mexico, I got pretty excited about going to IKEA (fyi we don’t have it in Mex) and buy a lot of new and amazing cheap stuff for my new place here in Sweden. Moreover, I thought about getting ready for the snow and … Continue reading “Never Refuse to Reuse!”

Let there be light!

As I mentioned in my last post, this week is the celebration of 100 years at the Stockholm Campus at KTH! There are different activities taking place this week at KTH and this post is focused on one of them. Keep reading to find out So, on Tuesday evening, was the light show at the … Continue reading “Let there be light!”

Ready, Set, Go!

What’s better than celebrating your birthday?  Well, Stockholm will be having some celebrations due to KTH’s main campus 100th anniversary starting today! Stockholmers, are you excited? KTH will bring you the party as its own unique way… 100 experts talking for a 50-hours-long marathon seminar from a wide range of topics! Urbanism Life Science Space Mobility Energy … Continue reading “Ready, Set, Go!”

KTH & Chill

How would you feel about watching a movie… at KTH’s library! Well peeps, it is possible thanks to the support of our Sustainability Office with the collaboration of the Environmental Humanities Laboratory at KTH and Arena Idé. The movie called Disobedience (2016), presenting on October 25th… …talks about the story of a new phase of … Continue reading “KTH & Chill”

Take me back to the Fireworks Orchestra…

In the spirit of KTH 100 years celebrations starting this week, as I look forward to the unfolding events of the new week, I would love to share one of my unforgettable nights at KTH! So, KTH’s motto is “Vetenskap och Konst” which means Science and Art; KTH has treated the whole of Stockholm since … Continue reading “Take me back to the Fireworks Orchestra…”