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Perks of Blended Learning

Like the rest of the world, Sweden has also been adjusting its restrictions and recommendations in response to the status of the pandemic. A very similar situation occurred last year at this time, and I remember wondering how it would impact my studies and student experience.  Over the Spring 2021 semester, blended learning (when courses … Continue reading “Perks of Blended Learning”

KTH Campus: hidden gems and history

In December, the digital student ambassadors were invited for a historical tour of the main KTH campus. We were introduced to towering heights, some clever architectural elements, and historical facts about the campus that most of us had never encountered before.  I appreciated the new perspective on what has become a very familiar setting. I … Continue reading “KTH Campus: hidden gems and history”

Christmas time in Stockholm

Stockholm is well-known to be a beautiful city to live in. It has incredible architecture, easy access to nature wherever you go, and even the subway is a piece of art that surely deserves a separate post. However, one time in the year seems to suit this fantastic city more than anything, and it’s Christmas … Continue reading “Christmas time in Stockholm”

Mental health matters here

This time of year can be a struggle. The holiday break seems so close, and yet there are still course assignments, projects, and exams to stay focused on. I’ve definitely felt a bit of burnout creeping in this week, and I know I’m not the only one.  I originally planned to write a chipper blog … Continue reading “Mental health matters here”

My Winter Favourites

Just as Stockholm gets a real summer; with long, hot, sunny days, swimming in the sea, barbeques and boat parties – It also gets a real proper winter; snow, freezing cold and long dark nights. As Claire and Valerie have been shaping up for the wintertime in the last few weeks, I thought I might … Continue reading “My Winter Favourites”

Free things to do in Stockholm: winter edition

They say Stockholm might be pricey sometimes, and it’s true. However, there are always fun things to do here on a student budget, even for free. While warm summer weather leaves much space for the imagination of various leisure outside activities, some may struggle to find what to do during wintertime.  So here’s my list … Continue reading “Free things to do in Stockholm: winter edition”