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What a weekend!

If not now, when If not you, then who? These were the words that introduced me to the second most amazing weekend in the month of April. This is one of the many posts I have looked forward to sharing in recent times. I had a beautiful weekend in the city of Harnosand with students … Continue reading “What a weekend!”

Is life a constant pursuit?

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of my life. Looking back over the past 24 years, or well, let’s just ignore the childhood and perhaps keep it 10 years; that makes more sense to talk about. So, reflecting on the path I have traveled, it kinda feels like a constant chase- … Continue reading “Is life a constant pursuit?”

Say hello to my new roommates

Hi There! With flowers blooming everywhere, Sweet floral scents have filled up the air, the birds are singing and bees are dancing; spring in Sweden is just getting beautiful every day and I decided to make my apartment feel the season as well. I bought a couple of flowering plants and also planted some seeds myself. So In … Continue reading “Say hello to my new roommates”

Sweden, Love Life and Long Distance

Hej Hej! Today, am quite in the mood to write about something more than I usually do. Let’s talk relationships! There are a ton of internationals studying here in Sweden and most of them come here for their master’s which is definitely when they are 20 years or older, which also means that they mostly … Continue reading “Sweden, Love Life and Long Distance”

Sustainable Fisheries

Hey peeps, I bring to you another experience from a field trip that I had the last weekend with some of my classmates, a trip to Sotenäs Industrial Symbiosis Network (northern Gothenburg – west coast).  The aim of this trip was to see and understand how the community of little less than 10,000 people has … Continue reading “Sustainable Fisheries”