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Green Footsteps

Ecological Footprint, have you heard about that? According to WWF’s (simplest) definition, …is the amount of the environment necessary to produce the goods and services necessary to support a particular lifestyle. Planet Earth has an estimated number of resources per person able to be consumed, 1.7 gha (global hectares). But what happens when people from … Continue reading “Green Footsteps”

My Armada Experience – A Mega Job Hunt!

This week we had the most talked about event at KTH, The Armada! THS Armada is Scandinavia’s largest career fair organized by the student union of KTH, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår. This 2-day career festival brings together 171 companies at one place and attracts about 12000 students every year from across Sweden. A unique opportunity for students … Continue reading “My Armada Experience – A Mega Job Hunt!”

Stories and seeds!

Yes, movie night at KTH Library! Is there refreshment? Absolutely! EVENT DETAILS Stories and Seeds is a project about environmental literacy for technical students. It majorly consists of series of monthly film forums at Biblioteket. The next session of this film forum would take place on Wednesday, November 29th at 18:00. The event will be chaired by professor Cecilia … Continue reading “Stories and seeds!”


One of the things I heard about studying in Sweden before coming was that Swedish Universities have a way of ensuring the students are engaged in projects that ensure they work in groups a lot. Is this true? Absolutely! From the first week of lectures at KTH, we had to start creating groups for various … Continue reading “Teamwork…”