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A Chat With Flavourz!

Hey Folks!! Whenever I see an Indian walking past me, we exchange smiles. Before I even realize, My mind goes zingy, it just happens, especially in the Metros or at the supermarkets. I am from southern India and the other person might be from far north, might speak a different language, but still, when I see … Continue reading “A Chat With Flavourz!”

Proper preparation yields good results…

The saying that “proper preparation yields good result” is one that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. So, my supposed “first” exam at KTH was for Renewable Energy Technology (RET).  The day before the exam was spent reading (obviously). I am someone who likes to spend fifty percent of my reading time … Continue reading “Proper preparation yields good results…”

Patacones with my Costa Rican Bestie!

Last evening, I had an amazing time with my friend from Costa Rica, Rebecca. She had invited Dhruv and me, for a dinner at her place to taste the most amazing Patacones. I should probably now give a quick intro about Rebecca and Dhruv. Rebecca is one of the most energetic souls I have ever … Continue reading “Patacones with my Costa Rican Bestie!”

Let there be light!

As I mentioned in my last post, this week is the celebration of 100 years at the Stockholm Campus at KTH! There are different activities taking place this week at KTH and this post is focused on one of them. Keep reading to find out So, on Tuesday evening, was the light show at the … Continue reading “Let there be light!”

Ready, Set, Go!

What’s better than celebrating your birthday?  Well, Stockholm will be having some celebrations due to KTH’s main campus 100th anniversary starting today! Stockholmers, are you excited? KTH will bring you the party as its own unique way… 100 experts talking for a 50-hours-long marathon seminar from a wide range of topics! Urbanism Life Science Space Mobility Energy … Continue reading “Ready, Set, Go!”