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Student project: Supporting international students in the context of the pandemic

Last semester I have been taking the course “Advanced Project Course” (DM2799/2584) that is a mandatory course in my programme. At the beginning of the course, we were able to choose from many different research projects and were then assigned to a group. Some of my fellow students chose the research project “Supporting International Students … Continue reading “Student project: Supporting international students in the context of the pandemic”

2020 – A year of certain uncertainties

It started with a blur…No, it started with a little ignorance. Days went slow but months just flew by. I remember last year’s eve filled with fireworks that filled the edges of the old town with lights and champagnes. The new semester began and the daylight started to increase…gradually. The spring bought in colors back … Continue reading “2020 – A year of certain uncertainties”

Tips for Writing an Attractive Motivation letter for KTH

One of the most important tasks while applying to a master’s degree programme is to create a motivation letter or a Statement of Purpose (SOP). The motivation letter will be a letter that explains to the programme coordinator the reason “why” you want to apply to the particular master’s programme and university and explains “how” … Continue reading “Tips for Writing an Attractive Motivation letter for KTH”

Did someone say deadlines?

Christmas break is coming soon, but with Christmas there always also comes the lovely and wonderful deadlines in school. This can be a quite stressful time for all of us. But let’s be honest, deadlines are not only there for making you stress out. They also help us to keep track of what needs to … Continue reading “Did someone say deadlines?”

Diversity in group works

From the very beginning of my master’s studies at KTH it was all about group work, either for longer projects or even short reports that you had to hand in during the period. I think that group works are a very engaging way of teaching and learning compared to lectures, where you basically only listen … Continue reading “Diversity in group works”