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KTH Innovation Award 2021

It’s finally here! With 200 nominations for 138 amazing individuals, only one person will be granted the KTH Innovation award on 01 July 2021. The curiosity is building up as we head closer. The KTH Innovation award was started in 2020 to celebrate individuals from KTH who have contributed to solving societal problems through innovation. … Continue reading “KTH Innovation Award 2021”

Proud Alumni of KTH

KTH has a global alumni community contributing to the world in different areas of interest. KTH alumni office actively works towards maintaining the relationship with the alumni and links the alumni to the university. Students have the opportunities to meet up with the alumni and interact with them while learning about their experience at KTH. … Continue reading “Proud Alumni of KTH”

Finishing off the thesis ride

What a ride it has been! The past semester, I have been writing my thesis and yesterday, I successfully presented my results! 🤓 Of course, we’re still having online classes and so the presentation was also held digitally. In my programme the presentation is held in front of the examiner and the opponent, who is … Continue reading “Finishing off the thesis ride”

Coping with the examination season

We are in the final weeks of the semester which means submitting final assignments before the deadline, preparing for examinations and presenting the thesis project. It is quite natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed in such a time, with a never-ending list of pending work and exams in the corner. It is then important to … Continue reading “Coping with the examination season”

Update on Covid-19 regulations in the Autumn semester 2021

In the past weeks the covid-19 situation has calmed down a bit in several countries in the world. The same goes for Sweden, where number are declining as well. Last week, the president of KTH has made new decisions for studies conducted in the Autumn semester 2021 – which are especially interesting for all our … Continue reading “Update on Covid-19 regulations in the Autumn semester 2021”