Story time: Why I chose KTH last spring

In about 36 hours (depending on your time zone), you will learn if you have been admitted to KTH for next fall, and you’ll have to decide if you do want to study here. It can be a little confusing, but let me give you some #inspo and tell you how I got to KTH! … Continue reading “Story time: Why I chose KTH last spring”

Startup culture at KTH

When I was researching about which university suits me, I used to dig deep into every universities website and explore the opportunities it offers me. While looking through the homepage of KTH, the one thing that attracted my attention was KTH Innovation. I read more about the start-up culture at KTH and Stockholm and found … Continue reading “Startup culture at KTH”

Where does KTH rank globally? KTH QS Ranking

I remember this time last year when I was in the process of deciding on which university to choose as my study destination, the first factor in my mind was the International QS ranking. QS ranking was more convenient for me because this method considered universities globally and more importantly, the individual subjects from each … Continue reading “Where does KTH rank globally? KTH QS Ranking”

I Chose KTH and KTH Chose me!!!

Finally, the application deadlines are over and most of you deserve a break after the gruelling requirements from all universities. There isn’t much to be done except keeping your figures crossed till April 4th – the day the results are announced. I remember myself laster year at this point of time when I was evaluating … Continue reading “I Chose KTH and KTH Chose me!!!”

International Experiences at KTH

Many of our previous blogs have been about how Sweden has surprised us with its amazing culture and practices. In this blog, I will take you through how my Swedish and international friends were surprised by our practices and how they find it to be amusing. 1. Sharing Food: We have grown up in an … Continue reading “International Experiences at KTH”