Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm

As students, we are exhausted trying to find a balance between studies, travelling, hobbies, everyday errands, parties and relationships. Its seems like we barely find time to rest and do nothing. The past few weeks of this study period have been about making to-do lists for the coming days and working the tails off in … Continue reading “Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm”

ITM Sustainability Week recap

On all KTH platforms, this week was focused on the sustainability initiatives of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. You can have a look at the different videos on Facebook and Instagram that my colleagues and I prepared to exhibit research and student-lead initiatives related to sustainability. As per usual, I wanted to have … Continue reading “ITM Sustainability Week recap”

KTH StoryTech: Shippy

“Imagine your goods getting delivered to you much faster and with practically zero carbon emissions.” This is just what Marika Daleke and her team at Shippy, all students from KTH are trying to achieve. As part of the Sustainability in focus – A KTH initiative to focus on sustainability activities on the campus, I am … Continue reading “KTH StoryTech: Shippy”

Weekly tradition at KTH Innovation

Every Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:00 for the next one year, I get to learn and do something new. As individuals, we tend to forget investing in ourselves and our personal growth. Students are either focused on getting good grades and adults are happy doing their routine jobs. And yes, we could argue that every … Continue reading “Weekly tradition at KTH Innovation”

EECS Sustainability Week recap

This week, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was showcased on KTH’s platforms to promote the sustainability projects that are happening there. To get to understand how sustainability is implemented in the program, I met with Gabriel, a passionate second year Electrical Power Engineering student from Brazil, who was patient enough to explain … Continue reading “EECS Sustainability Week recap”

Career after Graduation

KTH has been ranked 58th on Global university employability ranking. It means that the graduates from KTH are more eligible to take up professional roles in companies or entrepreneurial enough to create their own company. It means that recruiters think that these are the best universities which are preparing students for their workspace. It is … Continue reading “Career after Graduation”