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Architecture Highlights in Stockholm

Walking about the city looking at buildings has always been one of my favourite pastimes. Luckily for me, being an architecture student means I get to call this “studying”.  The city can be endlessly interesting, especially for those of us who are moving to or visiting a new place. Stockholm being a city well known … Continue reading “Architecture Highlights in Stockholm”

My Winter Favourites

Just as Stockholm gets a real summer; with long, hot, sunny days, swimming in the sea, barbeques and boat parties – It also gets a real proper winter; snow, freezing cold and long dark nights. As Claire and Valerie have been shaping up for the wintertime in the last few weeks, I thought I might … Continue reading “My Winter Favourites”

Free things to do in Stockholm: winter edition

They say Stockholm might be pricey sometimes, and it’s true. However, there are always fun things to do here on a student budget, even for free. While warm summer weather leaves much space for the imagination of various leisure outside activities, some may struggle to find what to do during wintertime.  So here’s my list … Continue reading “Free things to do in Stockholm: winter edition”

My trip to the cemetery for Alla Helgons Dag

Over the weekend, I decided to venture out for a Swedish holiday that I missed last year. “Alla helgons dag” or “All Saints’ Day” is a national holiday that falls on the first Sunday in November. Although it stems from the Christian tradition of honouring those saints without their own day, it has evolved to … Continue reading “My trip to the cemetery for Alla Helgons Dag”

Winter is Coming…

Last weekend, everyone in Stockholm turned back their clocks by one hour for “vintertid,” or winter time. Our already shrinking days are suddenly even shorter, with the sunset now around three in the afternoon. The average temperature is also dropping, which is indicative of what you already know: Winter is coming. Whether you’re here in … Continue reading “Winter is Coming…”

To see Stockholm in 3 days

When my parents visited me from Ireland recently, I was presented with the difficult task of showing them, who had never been to Sweden before, the whole of Stockholm in only three days… Day 1. Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan & Norrmalm The best place to stay is at Kungsholmen, I told them. A pretty part of … Continue reading “To see Stockholm in 3 days”