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Watching Movies in Stockholm Theaters

When I moved to Stockholm, apart from everything I was wondering how expensive would watching a movie in one of the theaters would be. I am a huge movie buff and would like to watch any good technical movie on the big screen and appreciate the storytelling, cinematography, background score and acting. I was glad … Continue reading “Watching Movies in Stockholm Theaters”

A year at KTH – Storytime

An ending, a new beginning, unknown country and unfamiliar culture. An air of excitement and a storm of anxiety. A 17 m^2 home and a country with a population of the city I lived in. Hej hej, tack and ursäkta; new languages and new faces. The campus filled with high dreams and ambitions, and soft … Continue reading “A year at KTH – Storytime”

The Summer of 2020

Never in my wildest of dreams did I expect a summer like a summer 20″. The plans I made in February flipped, wobbled and turned around like a ride on the roller coaster. Although being a student at KTH and the lockdown policies of Sweden did make the season an eventful one and one that’s … Continue reading “The Summer of 2020”

Welcome to KTH! Five practical must knows on your first day in Stockholm

Welcome to KTH!! You are finally here after traveling miles away from home. And its an amazing feeling of a mix of anxiety and excitement. The Swedish have a word to describe that feeling – Resfeber. In this blog, I take you through practical things you should know during your first few days in Sweden. … Continue reading “Welcome to KTH! Five practical must knows on your first day in Stockholm”

Must visit places when you arrive in Stockholm

Hurray!!! It’s the arrival season. First thing first, Kudos to you all to have braved the pandemic and joining us at KTH. The arrival days for me was filled with excitement and anticipation about Stockholm. In this blog, I write about the places I visited that made Stockholm the home it is. Gamla Stan: Gamla … Continue reading “Must visit places when you arrive in Stockholm”