Hiking the famous Kungsleden-Part 2

After I explained all about how we prepared for our 10 day hike, here comes the good part: showing you how it went and the stunning landscapes we saw along the way. Abisko-Alesjaure The first stretch of the hike is in the Abisko National Park and entering the first valley. The start was nice, sunny … Continue reading “Hiking the famous Kungsleden-Part 2”

A sunny day hike @ Lida Naturreservat

The sun is back in all its glory in Stockholm and so are the hiking boots. Last weekend we went on a 20km hiking trail through the Lida naturreservat. Lida is an urban forest meant for adventurous souls. The terrain is a treat to people interesting in the flora. Along the trail, we saw the … Continue reading “A sunny day hike @ Lida Naturreservat”

Camping in Stockholm

Scandinavia is recognized for its outdoorsy people and relationship with nature, and Sweden is not different. Stockholm, the biggest city in Sweden, has two National Parks and too many nature reserves to count which can all be reached by public transport. It’s perfect for students who don’t have a car but still want to get … Continue reading “Camping in Stockholm”

Under the Sun in Stockholm

Now that the examination is over and the sun is out, it is time for us to relax and explore activities. This study period would be remembered for being most different; with zoom classes, zoom projects, zoom exams. Its time to quite online and head out into the sun (with social distancing of course!). So … Continue reading “Under the Sun in Stockholm”

Swimming all around Stockholm

There are many things I love about Stockholm, and one being in the top of my list is certainly the access to water virtually everywhere I go. Stockholm is an archipelago made up of 14 islands (!!!) so it’s pretty easy to find a place where to go swimming. The water is sea water, but … Continue reading “Swimming all around Stockholm”

All the places my bike takes me

I have been commuting by bicycle for 5 years. After competing in road cycling competitions for 10 years before that, I found a way to still ride as much as I could while living in a big city, and this included riding my revamped fixie to school everyday. Coming to Stockholm and reading about its … Continue reading “All the places my bike takes me”