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KTH Faces

The KTH Faces portraits have been running for a few years on the “KTH International Students” Facebook page, which is no longer active. Now, this blog will be the new home of the portrait series.

A number of old interviews will move with us to this new space, and all future posts will be posted in the KTH Faces category in the regular feed.

Enjoy the recent history of #KTHFaces through the interviews published below, and make sure to subscribe to not miss out on future portraits!

Pablo | KTH Faces

“It was a difficult decision for me to focus my career in engineering. Back in Spain, I had the opportunity to pursue musical studies. When I was little and I started learning the violin, I found the rehearsals were like some form of punishment that kept me away from playing around. My parents played a key role in encouraging me to continue and now after some years, I can definitely say that it has been the best invested time in my life. It has framed my vision of other people in the world and myself, with no other limitation but curiosity. 

I say it was a difficult decision because I was well aware of what it would take to devote my life to music and earn a living from it. Professional life is challenging in general, but I can’t tell you how difficult it is for a musician to keep the will strong when times are tough, and your profession is very often not valued as it would correspond to a lifetime dedication. 

As an engineer now I have different challenges to face, but the music was a good foundation. It taught me a lot about how important is to have discipline, self-confidence, assertiveness, teamwork and dynamism, values which I put to practice every day. Once I finished my degree in Material Science in Madrid, I started wondering about what would be the next step to get out of the comfort zone and explore new things. I heard very good things from some friends already studying in Stockholm, and it was only a few days before the application for the Master’s closed, so I went for it.

I can’t be more satisfied with what I’m experiencing here as a student. Sweden is a very welcoming country and I feel deeply integrated not only with the international students, but Swedish people as well. I didn’t expect to adapt here so well, and I even joined the University orchestra, which is like a big family where we are able to present our work through our many concerts a year. Besides, KTH encourages student-teacher interaction and it’s been very natural to talk to lecturers right from the beginning. I feel just like at home, but with some more snow in winter!”

Pablo Collantes is from Madrid, Spain. He is currently pursuing a master’s in Material Science and Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is also one of the curators for the KTH Instagram page @kthuniversity

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Hasnain | KTH Faces

“The foremost and the biggest element across phases of my life has been living with diversity. Diversity that exists in geography, culture, languages, education, profession, and religion. It has provided me with a wide range of principles, possibilities, opportunities and challenges in almost every section of life. The sweeter part of the journey has been the level of adaptability I have been able to maintain wherever I go and live, yet keeping the freedom and integrity at an individual level.

I have been fond of learning and educating myself since childhood. Thanks to the continuous support from my father, I was able to push the limits despite frequent transfers from school to school. What if I tell you I spent 12 years of my high schooling in 13 different institutes spread across Pakistan? Here it is worth mentioning that Pakistan, which is a part of the South Asian subcontinent, is so culturally rich that research reveals that there are 20+ languages spoken in the country. The difference in languages leads to diversification in other components of civilisation within the country. I learned the art of patience from my mother, in dealing with sudden or gradual impactful changes happening to or around me.

Having completed my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, I had the quest to go deeper into technical engineering topics. Mechanical engineering, the mother of all engineering fields as they call it, is so broad that it may become difficult for some to choose specialisation track therein, particularly when one attempts to match with his or her future professional goals. 

I took my time to finally decide upon the energy sector, which also encompasses the environmental, socio-economic, and sustainability streams. My work experience in project management in the oil and gas industries in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) provided me with sufficient competence in dealing with challenging work environments, both technically and managerially. I was blessed to acquire the Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Commission (EACEA) to pursue Joint Master’s of Science in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3) at up to three universities, including KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

KTH, to me, is something like a dream come true. The university set-up is so elegant that one cannot go unimpressed. The scheduling of classes to exams, opportunities to work with Swedish as well as international students and the faculty’s professionalism are a few features that make the institution an excellent platform for higher education. The students are encouraged to work out their problems with minimal help and supervision, which drive them out of their comfort zones, and let them apply reason and utilise their analytical skills till they get hold of a particular topic. 

Besides academics, there is a friendly atmosphere around the campus, encouraging students to participate in social activities, sports, gymnastics, career-oriented seminars, all filled with respect for each other irrespective of race, gender or physical abilities.

I think the most prominent aspect which defines not only KTH and Stockholm but Sweden as a whole is the habit of cultivating sustainable practices. Having lived in various cities around the globe, I have found Stockholm to be the most nature-friendly of them all. It’s a perfect amalgamation of greenery, lakes, sea, hills, snowfall, sunshine (a bit of  😀), and rain – integrated with modern facilities of all kinds comparable to any major metropolis in the world.

Being an advocate of sustainable energy utilisation, I rate Sweden as one of the best practical examples. The way electricity, space heating, and water heating are provided to buildings in the cities as well as far in rural areas; the way waste from anthropogenic activities are handled on a daily basis; the transportation, service and industrial sectors and systems, are all impeccable. I strongly believe that the Swedish model can inspire development in the northern and the western cold climatic zones of Pakistan.”

Hasnain Raza comes from Pakistan and is studying second year of his Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3) at KTH.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Zeeshan | KTH Faces

“Curiosity is what drives us and makes us inquisitive and develops our thoughts. It urges us to ask questions and that is exactly what I have pursued from my childhood. I hail from the land of mighty mountains, beautiful forests, vast deserts and an appealing coastline, Pakistan. I have always been fascinated by smart systems and was eager to know how they worked, which inspired me to pursue my education in the field of electronics. Although I am passionate about electrical systems, I prefer to call myself a student of philosophy, religion and science.

Coming from a family of engineers and entrepreneurs, I was not only interested in the technical aspects but also inclined towards the innovation and entrepreneurship facet of technology. My father has always been a huge inspiration to me and has been the greatest motivator for the pursuit of knowledge. Working on electronic projects with him drove me to pursue a career in this field. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was keen to do a specialization in this domain, but it was a hard decision to pick a program that fits my domain of interest. I searched for a program which had to be beneficial in manyfolds. It was not easy, until I came across the EIT digital master’s program after which everything pitched into place and I got accepted into the program.

I have already completed my 1st year of masters at TU Berlin. In that one year I traveled across Europe. I cycled from east Germany to France and from Netherlands to Belgium. I learnt kayaking in the mystic lakes of Berlin. I also worked on projects through virtual collaboration with TU Twente students. I started my master’s journey from TU berlin which was a great experience. I had the amazing opportunity to explore many adventurous activities like wild water kayaking, cycling and swimming. I love traveling and Europe’s scenic beauty was like a cherry on top of the cake. I never missed a single chance to discover and enrapture new places. My travels were never restricted to long distance. I enjoy a lot of trekking and hiking as well.

After completing my summer school at Eindhoven, Netherlands, I came to Stockholm on the 19th August, 2017. Moving to Stockholm was enchanting. The rich culture and friendly work environment has allured me. The only thing I had to adapt to was the difference in the weather. Stockholm can be very cold and dark in winters especially compared to the place from where I have come from, but it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. KTH has state-of-the-art research and scientific labs where students can actually acquire significant achievements. The best part is KTH’s international outlook, which enables us to meet people from all around the world with different cultures. I love to share the nuances of different cultures that I have up on my sleeve. My favourite part of Swedish culture is Fika (coffee break) and sharing a good laughter, while at it. KTH with it’s top faculty, has strong ties with research and industry leaders which led me work with Ericsson for my master’s thesis on cutting edge technology and to be part of development of 5G; it is happening!”

Zeeshan Hayat comes from Pakistan and just graduated from the EIT master’s programme in Embedded Systems at KTH. 

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Katariina | KTH Faces

“Growing up, I always thought I would end up studying psychology. My dream job was in a big company, working as an expert on the human mind and behaviour. The way I thought this dream was reachable was through a major in psychology. When the time for applying to universities came, I looked into psychology as well as many other areas. 

I also decided to explore the opportunities in Sweden. I had a lot of friends studying here, and they had told me they liked it. The international bachelor’s programme of ICT at KTH popped up in my application process. To be brutally honest, I thought that “Royal Institute of Technology” and “Stockholm” sounded pretty cool and in the rush of spontaneity, I selected the program.

When I got accepted to KTH, I was both excited and confused. I never considered myself to be a technical person. I had wanted to study the human mind, and what would be further away from computers, right? Nevertheless, I thought that living abroad was an exciting opportunity, so I moved to Sweden to study at KTH. 

In truth, the first months were tough. I knew nothing about computers or coding when I started here. But I kept going, and little by little the fascinating world of technology unravelled in front of me. Today I am a spring term away from graduating from one of the best Technical Universities in Europe. 

I have found my passion in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience design. It has turned out that HCI and UX are wonderful ways for me to combine my old passion in the human mind and my new interest in technology. My time in KTH has helped me grow and find my path towards my dream career.

I hope that my story can show how sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best ones. My experiences have taught me that one can learn so much about themselves and the world by throwing themselves into the unknown. It only takes a bit of curiosity, courage, and determination to try something new and get to experience something unexpected and wonderful”.

Katariina Martikainen comes from Finland. She is currently studying the bachelor’s programme in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at KTH. 

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Ahmed | KTH Faces

“I am basically from the desert. The sauna here is almost the same as the normal weather I had to face for many years back home. But this is why I just love it here. Stockholm has been great and fresh! 

I am at KTH doing a double Master programme with EIT Digital where I study in two different countries in Europe, and hence next year I will probably not be here anymore, which is why I am trying to make the most out of it. 

I love studying at KTH as it has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Most importantly, I have been receiving the top when it comes to my field of Internet Technology and Architecture. It is truly an experience to have the best and realize that you are not far behind. Actually, sometimes you are ahead of everyone else! 

Life for me is full of experiences and risks, but never get scared from doing something you have never done yet. As one of my dear friends said, “Make your faith larger than your fears and your dreams larger than your doubts.”

I will leave you with this pro tip. Never believe the weather forecast. Always be prepared! 

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”-Aristotle”

Ahmed Al-Haddad was born in Saudi Arabia and hails from Yemen. He is currently studying the EIT master’s programme in ICT Innovation (Internet Technology and Architecture) at KTH. 

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Mehdi | KTH Faces

“Despite all the other stories you have already read, I am going share a whole different perspective. I will keep it very short and straight to the point. In fact, this is not my story as a student but it’s more like some motivation tips from a typical guy who wants to let you know why you should take every chance in your life.

A wise man once told instead of denying fears, declare them, say them out loud, admit them, give them the credit they deserve and finally find the courage to overcome them. That was exactly why I decided to apply abroad. I thought I didn’t have some real challenges where I can assay my abilities. That simple! “There’s a huge difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are!” said the same man. Pursuing your education in a completely new environment is a serious challenge filled with lots of great opportunities and of course a bit fear at first sight. How many times will you get a chance to make a decision that may change your entire life?

Next point is, the best gift one could give to himself is to truly know himself. Through all the weird and complicated situation I have been during past five or six years, I got this chance to know who I am, And after all these years, there’s a victory in that. The first thing I learned about my self, was that I am extremely organized in my personal life. Sweden is a heaven for anyone who is the same, where everything is on the plan which makes people to be laid back and prevent being in a rush since everything is on its track. 

In addition, I freaking like cold weather! I know it might sound a bit weird but I am sure you already notice from my story that I don’t pretend to be normal  😄 Moreover, KTH is the best engineering school in the north of Europe with a great reputation. So when you choose Sweden, KTH would be the first university you can think of as an engineer.

Putting the puzzle together will reveal that why I decided to apply abroad, why I choose Sweden and why KTH. I don’t want to say everyone should reason the same as me. All I am saying is that don’t miss any opportunity that puts you in a challenging situation which at the end will increase your skills and also matches your interests and morality.

Cheers/ Skål!  🍻

Mehdi Satei comes from Tehran, Iran and is studying the the master’s programme in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems at KTH. 

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Oluchi | KTH Faces

“Before the end of my Bachelor’s programme in Mechanical Engineering, I already knew I was going to further my education in the energy sector. I applied to KTH because I liked the programme structure presented for Sustainable Energy Engineering. I am someone who is interested in not just the technologies in the energy industry but the management and business aspect. KTH was offering all these as a single programme. Furthermore, Sweden is known worldwide for its sustainability practices. Knowing my affinity for solving energy problems spans to ensuring its sustainability, I applied for the program knowing it was a step in the right direction to fulfilling my future plans.

On August 20, 2017, I arrived in Stockholm and the difference in lifestyle from what exists in Nigeria was evidently different. However, now it feels like Stockholm has been waiting for me all these years; constantly giving me opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and then, soar with eagle’s wings. In a short while, it is amazing how much has happened. I became a student blogger for KTH, made new friends, learnt about various cultures, started getting used to the colder temperatures (zero degrees is the new “warm”), stayed up at night to meet deadlines, learnt more about myself in the process. Personally, I love the closeness to nature that Stockholm brings.

KTH has met my expectations and given me the best learning experience so far. I like the fact that we are not spoon-fed. Yes, the basics are taught in class but through the various projects and assignments, we are taught to continuously think outside the box. As an engineer, I believe this is paramount as it would grow the needed skills to solve real-life problems. In my case, energy problems around the world.

Leaving one’s comfort zone can be very difficult, but I am happy I trusted the winds and walked on water majestically. The culture here is still very fascinating to me and I am still getting used to the weather but the serenity in the beauty of nature that Stockholm gives makes up for this. Stockholm has a lot of activities going on, you just have to open your mind and heart to find the opportunities heavily laced in it all.”

Oluchi Monwe comes from Lagos, Nigeria and is studying the master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH. She is also a student blogger and a student ambassador for her programme.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Ahmad | KTH Faces

“Studying abroad is a chance to expand your horizons and enriches life’s experiences. This has motivated me to pursue my higher education at one of the best technical universities in the world. Having a background in Chemical Engineering, there was a focus area related to green technology in my previous studies, which blossomed my interests in developing polymers and plastics in a more environmentally friendly way. I wanted to deepen my understanding of sustainability from the pioneers of this very field.

I was confident that it would be a fantastic journey and a learning adventure in the very country where the Nobel Prize was first established. Keeping these points in mind, I applied for a Master’s program in Macromolecular Materials at KTH. Once the admission requirements were fulfilled and I was granted a scholarship, I had no doubt that KTH would be my next stop for creating a brighter future for myself.

Stockholm is truly a state of minds. There is no stupid question, we can ask anything and clear any doubts related to the course in the class. We also have the freedom to put forward our ideas or opinions and get constructive feedback on the same. It is very easy to communicate with the teachers, the most interesting part is that we can call them by their first name itself.

This culture is completely different from my home country, but it is so friendly that all the teachers seem approachable. We also have field visits as part of several of our courses. Although they are not compulsory, I would suggest anyone take part in it. Through them, we get the opportunity to take a closer look at the innovation and the link between theoretical stuff taught in classrooms and their practical applications. I am also impressed with the laboratory work at KTH. The assistants are always willing to share their knowledge and answer every query that we might have. At the end of the lab session, there are seminars where students get to present their results and discuss them with their peers and teachers. We also get constructive feedback on how to improve them. And of course, the seminar includes the famous Swedish “Fika”.

Exploring the city and its scenery is a must when we get a break from our studies, especially when it is sunny. With the SL card and its student price, we can have an unlimited city tour with the convenient Stockholm public transportation and get more perspective on how this city manages it so well.

I recommend all of you to visit Tyresta as it is one of 29 National Parks in Sweden and its location is very close to the city. Hiking and having a potluck with friends near the lake can be the best option to relax. You can also visit the city library called Stockholm Stadsbibliotek to relax with a good read and get amazed at its facilities. To expand our social life, we have multiple activities in and outside the campus. Being an international student also gives me a chance to share my Indonesian culture, such as performing the traditional dance and musical instruments, in some events at the university.

It is obviously a vast difference one experiences when moving from a tropical country to Sweden. For example, we have longer evenings during the winters. Somehow it is funny how we go to the campus early in the morning and go back to the flat post classes when it becomes dark outside. I have had to adapt to temperatures as well. However, as the Swedes say, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. We can buy any clothes needed, based on our need and our pocket to face the weather, so there is little to worry about.

It was exciting when I experienced snowfall for the first time in my life. Everything was beautiful and resembled a white wonderland. Watching the northern lights dancing in the clear night sky of Stockholm was also an experience of a lifetime. To all my fellow as well as prospective students at KTH, I would advice to ‘Study hard, work hard, and play hard.’ “

Ahmad Satria Budiman comes from Palembang, Indonesia and is studying the master’s programme in Macromolecular materials at KTH.

Sharmishtaa | KTH Faces

“After my Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, I had already made up my mind on doing Master’s and had started applying for courses around the world. In Sweden, this particular course (Molecular Techniques in Life Science), caught my eye, since it was a joint programme, with the three universities KTH, Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University. I was inquisitive about it and hence ended up applying to the same.

After a semester into the course, I have gained immense knowledge in my chosen subject area. Being an interdisciplinary course, it has provided me with great insight into the type of research I’d like to pursue further. I was surprised and impressed at how technologically advanced the research laboratories in Sweden were. Witnessing the Nobel laureates speak about their prestigious work was an experience I’ll never forget. Being part of the Student Nobel Nightcap was another eventful adventure. 

Leaving one’s hometown is always difficult since we’re stepping out of our comfort zone. But I am glad I took on such an endeavour since it has taught me how to be independent. Stockholm is a really lovely place, with many activities going on, always. Also, friends become your family and it’s amazing to hang out with all of us cooking and eating together. We have international dinners in my corridor and for a fellow foodie like me, it’s a delicious experience.

The whole culture is really fascinating to get used to since for five working days people give it their best at their jobs, and the weekend is just lit, with everyone partying. I am still getting used to the weather here, but the serene nature totally makes up for it. In conclusion, I’d like to say that Stockholm has a lot to offer, you just have to grab the opportunities.”

Sharmishtaa Kumar hails from New Delhi, India and is studying the joint master’s programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science at KTH. She is also a student ambassador for the programme.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Rahul | KTH Faces

“As it is rightly said by Thomas Tredgold “Engineering is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man”. Material Science engineering is all about the same and this quote gives me a lot of motivation to pursue further studies in the same. Possessing commitment, effective communication, technical awareness, problem-solving and leadership skills and passion for research and development in Material Science, since I joined engineering field, always stimulated and tempted me to pursue my Master’s in Material Science and give a professional edge to my dreams. I had conducted various surveys and research to look for the best University to pursue a Master’s degree in Material Science. During my research, the first position is bagged by KTH Royal Institute, Sweden. Up to date facilities/infrastructure, best and helping faculty and globally recognised institute are the major components in the matrix and I can easily make out my decision as KTH is the best in all spheres

Stockholm is giving me enough memories to cherish for a lifetime. It’s been a great experience knowing people from all walks of life, and understanding how vastly different yet how similar we all are. Experiencing the European lifestyle for the first time, it’s been totally different from my motherland, India. The people here are so helpful and caring and especially the professors here at KTH are ready to spend their personal time for you if they find some interesting stuff in you regarding your research or whatever it may be. I liked the Swedish culture and the dedication towards their work makes me more determined to push towards my goals.

If someone wants to lead a peaceful life, then I would say Stockholm should be your destination! Best thing I liked about Stockholm is by partying during the weekends. The whole city is lit till the sun rises when it comes to partying. The best city for a nightlife I would say!”

Rahul Puthucode comes from India and is studying the master’s programme in Engineering Materials Science at KTH.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Parastu | KTH Faces

“ “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

So, my journey begins, with a lot of passion, curiosity and thirst of exploring a new world.

I have to say that the first sparks of my ambition for Medical Engineering appeared in high school. It instilled in me a strong desire to broaden my horizons and career prospects in my favourite field. Since then, I have continuously been trying to enrich my knowledge about the significant role of technology in medical science. Technological advancements throughout the last decade and the increasing role of engineering in medical diagnosis and treatment motivated me to study hard during high school years, based on which I succeeded in enrolling the undergraduate program in “Biomedical Engineering” back in my country. During my undergraduate studies, I became even more interested in this field and decided to continue my studies abroad, and so I challenged myself by choosing a high-ranking technical university for graduate studies. 

KTH is a rewarding environment for developing innovative research, while exposing practical competence, that I find gratifying. The fact that KTH is a pioneer in both life science research (Collaborations with Karolinska Institute) and cooperation with industry, makes it an excellent choice for every determined and goal-oriented student, who is striving to get connected with reputable companies and institutions, which can support him/her in bringing his/her ideas into reality. The laboratories, group works and various seminars in each course, widen your perspective towards the subject, and the lecturers are always willing to help you. Also, semesters are divided into two periods, which make it more convenient for the student to handle the courses, as you can take half of the credits (i.e. two courses), take the relevant exams, and move on to other courses for another eight weeks. I found this system very beneficial, because I could devote more time to fewer subjects, and therefore, be better prepared for the exams.

Years ago, during summer holidays, I had the chance to visit Sweden a couple of times, and so I was somehow familiar with KTH and its campus, and it was such a big fantasy for me to be part of it. Now that I am studying here and walking around on campus as a KTH student, it feels like a dream come true! 

From Gamla Stan, the old town in Stockholm, to the modern parts of the city, such as the huge shopping centre Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm has magnificent sights to see. I never get tired of walking around the old town, taking a break and having “Fika” in one of the pastry shops with my friends, or even exploring the Tunnelbana stations. You may not know this, but Stockholm’s Metro is called “Longest Art Exhibition” and the creativity in each corner never fails to amuse you! 

When it comes to social life, thanks to a huge variety of activities arranged by the KTH Student Union, I have made friends from other programs since the day of my arrival in Stockholm. Even during the academic semesters, Stockholm never disappoints you with all the variety of entertainment and attractions! Apart from great offers and discounts for students, different workshops and exhibitions are arranged in the campus. As an example, Armada career fairs are held for students become familiar with possible future career opportunities and employers. 

Furthermore, travelling is quite fun and convenient as a student in Sweden. There are always special offers on cruises for students, and I am looking forward to doing a road trip to Norway to see the beautiful Aurora northern lights!”

Parastu Rahgozar comes from Tehran, Iran and is studying the master’s programme in Medical Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Sandhya | KTH Faces

“Everybody who has made their way to KTH, have their own version of a beautiful story of a dream, passion, hard work, and happiness! My story too has all these titles and subtitles. Hailing from an Indian middle-class background made this journey of mine much more interesting and adventurous.

Having done my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, with a grassroots interest in physics, I was looking for a good opportunity that would help me achieve a smooth shift in gears from Engineering to Pure Sciences. As I began my quest for this opportunity, I came across the Electrophysics programme at KTH. The programme description was as fascinating as its title. With some background work of talking to seniors and professors, I applied, got admitted, and now happily sharing a few aspects of how this ride has been so far!

After formally starting my grad school, I realized that this programme is the result of KTH’s vision to bridge the gap the pure science and engineering domains have at the undergraduate level and give students a perfect platform to switch to either side. I think almost all masters students would agree with me when I talk about the academic freedom offered. The independence offered is of great value and I would personally say that this aspect provides the perfect environment for me to thrive in and grow.

Another fascinating aspect is how certain academic resources of the institutes at Stockholm are shared and how the institutes co-exist perfectly. This is observed at the Albanova University Center, where I spend a good time aside from my lectures. The Stockholm University and KTH together, and independently work at this centre and this, to me, seems to work by the good spirit of science and research, for the state to develop its technological frontiers with a sense of oneness. That being said, being a student in Stockholm has its own perks. The libraries of all institutes are open to all students for memberships and I myself have benefited from this innumerable number of times!

While I haven’t explored the city and the state much, as I went into the grad-school mode in full swing after arriving, I had been hearing multiple stories from my friends that how much travelling is fun in the Nordic region. So I am looking forward to my exciting times here, as I try to feed the little wanderlust in me! 

But I have had my own share of subtle happiness so far. One breath-taking experience I have had is the moment I witnessed the grand hall of Stadsbibliotek (Stockholm Central library) in the Stockholm City area. Stacks of books that went spiralling up in an arrangement that calls for nothing but an adjective of ”Spectacular”! Since then, it has been my home for weekends and post-exam stress buster times! Before I visited this place, I had been wondering how so many people in Stockholm give good importance to reading during their travel, and I realized that its the state’s efforts in making reading easily accessible to anyone and everyone here. 

I, of course, have a lot more to experience and learn about the Swedish culture, but this trait that I witnessed amongst people would be something that I would always admire! With my experiences so far in a span of almost 3 months, I realized why the welcome slogan when landed at the Arlanda airport was ‘Stockholm is a state of minds!’ And I look forward to much more epiphanies that my life at KTH is yet to offer me! “

Sandhya Ganesh comes from India and is studying the master’s programme in Electrophysics at KTH.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Milda | KTH Faces

“Having done my bachelor’s degree in the UK, I knew I wanted to try a new country for my masters. I was choosing between Scandinavia, Netherlands and a few other options when I met a former KTH masters’ student from Paris at a New Year’s party. Even though he studied a different programme than the one I was considering applying for, he told me how he first went to KTH for an exchange semester and loved it so much that he eventually went back to also do his masters there and even stayed to work in Stockholm after completion of his studies. After hearing his story and the many good things about KTH and Stockholm, I did not have any more doubts about where I should apply 

Even though I am from Lithuania, for the past two years I lived and worked in London. Stockholm is smaller but has just had many things going for it. It is a lot more organised, cleaner and reaching places takes far less time than in London. So, I really love it here. 

Since my background is not technical the studies take a lot of time. But there are many events organised by various companies going on on the campus and the city, so I try to participate as much as possible. I also like climbing and hiking and Stockholm has plenty to offer here. Finally, since the KTH library is closed on Sundays, I enjoy trying new cafes for working, there are many amazing places with good WiFi and working atmosphere here, a lot to choose from! 

I am a Human-Computer Interaction and Design student, so my interests primarily lie in UX design and front-end development. However, my latest discovered hobby is machine learning. Since it is the beginning of a new semester, we are only starting new projects. For my mobile applications development course, we are considering developing a mobile app that would help students find the microwaves around the KTH campus and inform them about the queuing situation. If we build it, would you use it?”

Milda Norkute comes from Vilnius, Lithuania and studied the master’s programme in ICT Innovation a KTH.

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Utsav | KTH Faces

“I have had a huge passion for cars since childhood, and always wanted to become an Automobile Engineer. But later I realised that pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering will give me an overview on the aspects governing the fundamentals of automotive, as well as the principles of automobiles and designing, although, at the back of my mind I always knew that I should pursue a Masters’ in Vehicle Engineering.

There are very few Universities around the World that offer a course in Vehicle Engineering, and with the kind of curriculum that I would take interest in. The main reason for me to choose Vehicle Engineering at KTH is the course structure along with the amount of research that takes place around the year in collaboration with different industries and sometimes different Universities. Apart from these, of course, Volvo and Scania, two major giants in the automobile industry are from Sweden and have a very good association with KTH, so coming to KTH was a natural choice for me. 

The best thing about KTH is a more open education system, i.e. one can choose electives from any branch he or she wants to, ideally even from any other partner Universities. Another great aspect about KTH that I liked the most is the amount of interaction between student and teachers. At KTH nothing is spoon-fed, of course, the basics will be taught in the class, but students learn the most by solving the assignments and projects they receive in class. 

The first difference I felt as soon as I landed in Stockholm was the difference in climate. My previous college was at a place where the summers meant 45 degrees, while here it’s a soothing 20 degrees. In terms of studies, KTH is a lot different because the courses here are more practical based. For example, I studied a course in Automobile Engineering during my bachelor’s and the lab consisted of only the basic components of automobiles, but here in KTH, we have a Volvo V40 (we will get a brand-new Volvo S90 in Nov) in the Vehicle Engineering Lab. The whole year is divided into quarters and we get a lot of time to study individual subjects minutely, whereas, back in my home University, we used to have 2 semesters in a year and had to study more than 6 subjects per semester.

As a Vehicle Engineer, I always wanted to work on Sustainable Technologies, i.e. using alternative fuels, reducing vehicle emissions, etc. and in these aspects, Sweden, especially Stockholm, is one of the world leaders. The moment I landed in Stockholm and saw Biodiesel and Hybrid buses being used, meeting Euro-6 emission norms, I knew I’m at the right place to study what I’m planning to implement in future. Apart from these, Stockholm is also one of the best-connected cities using public transport; ever since I arrived here, I never felt the need to rent a cab to go somewhere.

Living in Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia has its own perks. Staying and studying in Stockholm helps me get in touch with new people from different countries and backgrounds. Also in my class, I have friends from more than 10 different countries, so it’s always a great experience to discuss technical topics with them and solving assignments or working on projects together.”

Utsav Khan comes from Howrah, India. He studies the master’s programme in Vehicle Engineering at KTH. 

Photo: Nayanika Bhalla

Abhineet | KTH Faces

“Circuits, Camera, and Cooking… These 3 C’s can very well summarize my life in Sweden so far. If I look back at what brought me here, it all started in a conversation with a random stranger on a train. I was sitting next to a person who was visiting India after a long time, we talked about many things including career That conversation planted the idea in my mind to go abroad for Masters. And then it took another 3 years to make it happen. 

To move so far away from home, just one reason is not enough. I have found Sweden appealing as an engineer as well as a photographer. On one hand, I got a chance to study at one of the finest places to study embedded systems, on the other hand, I was living at a place which is nothing less than a photographer’s paradise. Stockholm is a place where every season brings out a different beauty of the city. A place so close to nature that in ten minutes you can get to a dense forest from the middle of the city. The charm of Stockholm was definitely a big factor in my decision to come here.

KTH as a place to study has been very rewarding and challenging at the same time. I’ve always had an inclination towards working on projects related to circuits and electronics. Here, when I got this opportunity, I tried to make the most of it. From working in the student satellite project to working on the project for opera performers, from managing projects for tool companies to doing my thesis project at an automobile company, I delved myself into all of them. That’s what became the best learning experience for me. It’s not a spoon feeding educational system here, one needs to be proactive to make the most out of it, and the sooner someone realizes, the better it is for them. There are a lot of opportunities here, but one needs to go and grab them.

During my time here, I have tried to utilize most of the breaks by visiting new places to spend enough time with my camera. I’ve seen Danish windmills and old Viking towns. I’ve picked cherries, apples through the countryside and rambled across the towns in Italy where every cafe has an inviting aroma emanating from them. I’ve driven along breathtaking Norwegian fjords and waterfalls, spent nights in cabins in the middle of nowhere under uncountable stars. I‘ve been astonished by the lively beaches and mesmerizing street performers in Barcelona. I’ve walked on the majestic streets of Zurich, some of which felt like walking through chocolate factories. I’ve taken cruises across the Baltic to experience the Estonian and Finnish coastal capitals.

And on top of all this, I have lived in the splendid city of Stockholm. I’ve been living away from Stockholm for two months, and even now when I think of travelling there, it feels like going home. So yeah, it’s not Stockholm, it’s StockHOME for me!”

My name is Abhineet Tomar, I have been the curator for KTH Faces for more than a year, this has been my pet project which led to meeting a lot of interesting people. An interesting journey which has sadly come to an end. This is my last post as the curator of the project, so I thought I’ll share my own story! From next week, there will be a new and awesome curator for this project.

I hope you liked the work, and keep following #KTHFacesI studied the master’s programme in Embedded Systems.

Beatrice | KTH Faces

“My decisions in life are usually quick, even my choice to move to Stockholm was a surprise to me and I feel that Stockholm mirrors me in so many ways. Hailing from Milan, an international city, I thought myself to be a city girl but I found the natural scene of Stockholm with all the trees and lakes very mesmerizing. The international allure of Stockholm has a touch of calmness to it; all this made settling into Stockholm very easy for me. Every day is a surprise here, be it the weather or the places I have discovered.

During my studies in Architecture at Politecnico Di Milano, I was drawn to lighting as an expressive form of art and science. What I like about light is that you cannot grasp it by just the knowledge of it as a physical phenomenon, but you need to learn to observe and experience it. While working with a lighting designer I began to see how lighting helps to develop and accentuate architectural form and detail, and I felt the need to learn more about it.

Stockholm, with its unique lighting conditions, offered me a different scenario. So I decided that KTH was an apt place for me to do my Master’s in Lighting Design. This programme is very interesting in itself, with a lot of opportunities to travel around Stockholm and experiment with light. The faculty and students share a good rapport and being a small class of 20 people, we are always together for every occasion whether it is professional classes or social gatherings.”

Beatrice comes from Milan in Italy, she studied the master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Roysten | KTH Faces

“Midway through my final year as an undergraduate, the need to pursue a new challenge urged me to look at options for a Master’s. Experiencing Europe has always been a dream of mine, and I was solely focused on making it come true. Sweden stood out, and the more I heard of it, the easier the choice became. It eventually reached a point where Sweden was the only country I applied for Master’s, and as fate would have it, I got accepted!

My KTH experience has been pleasant so far, I met a lot of friends from all across the globe here, and the chance to pursue my passion in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Through my course in Production Engineering and Management, I have experienced operations of great companies such as Sandvik Coromant and Atlas Copco. THS has also played a pivotal role in my time here, as I have been part of THS Future and the Student Nobel Night Cap, which was one of the best experiences to work on and concluded with the most amazing afterparty!

Stockholm has impressed me with its diversity and most of all, its efficiency. It is a city steeped in history, and the architecture interspersed with nature are visual treats. I have the perfect balance between work and play and have never run out of things to do. Swedish traditions like the Fika, Gasque and the Julbord were so interesting to be part of. I was warned, that the Swedish winter would be harsh, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience witnessing snowfall, having snowball fights, Ice skating, and failed attempts at creating the perfect snow angel. As a history buff, I have also visited numerous museums to understand Swedish history, mainly the Viking culture, and was enthralled! My first eight months have been filled with many memorable experiences, and I can only hope they continue. 

Living away from home is hard, especially when you cannot visit every now and then. But I often tell my parents, I still feel part of a huge family here at KTH. The friends you make here are friends for life. I am looking forward to my second year in Sweden, and hopefully, many more years to come!”

Roysten comes from Mangalore in India, he studied the master’s programme in Production Engineering and Management at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Supritha | KTH Faces

“A warm breezy beach town, a set of wonderful friends, an amazing family, this is what I grew up with, this was my comfort zone. On one hand was my comfort zone, and on the other hand was a passion for Civil and Environmental Engineering. I always knew I wanted to do a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. I knew I wanted to be a civil engineer who not only constructs, but also protects. 

Though I loved being in my comfort zone, ambition and passion are not something that burns out. So, I decided to step out of it and I applied to KTH’s Master programme in ‘Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure’. I still remember feeling a million emotions when I got the admission letter to come study in KTH. I was happy that I was going to follow the path that will take me one step closer to my ambition. I was sad about leaving my family and friends. I was anxious to move to a different continent. I was excited about the new journey. So many questions, so many thoughts. 

On 21st August 2016, I embarked towards my new home – Sweden. I Travelled alone for the first time, came to live in a different country, a different hemisphere, for the first time. And so many amazing things have happened since then. I fell in love with the changing seasons, made my house into a home in Stockholm, became a Digital Ambassador for Study in Sweden, made really good friends, learnt to cook and discovered that I loved it, played with the autumn leaves, shivered in the winter breeze, stayed up long nights to finish assignments, explored new places, explored new cultures, learnt that home is just a Skype call away, realized that I loved going on long walks alone. On one hand, I still miss my hometown, I still miss my friends back home, and I’m sure everyone feels that. But on the other hand, I’m also glad that I decided to step out of my original comfort zone because that taught me one of the most important lessons: that I can make my own comfort zone anywhere I go!”

Supritha comes from Chennai in India; she recently graduated from the master’s programme in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Divya | KTH Faces

“Sometimes, as an engineer, you tend to move through life in a very logical way, straight up the road of numbers and calculations. I too, at times lose touch with what’s real and what’s not in my mind after staying piled up under books, assignments, and reports.  🛠 📚

So, I have this thing I do when I need to infuse life back into my routine and gather all my energy (100% renewable) back. I close my eyes and I smell, I touch, I taste and I listen to what’s surrounding me, then I open my eyes and look, but really look around, take it in and continue with life.  🌍

Come along and feel Stockholm for a moment. Take a deep breath and fill yourself with the fresh air mixed with sweet smells of cardamom and cinnamon from each ‘konditori’ in every corner of the city. The scent is so strong you can even taste it, Cinnamon buns all shapes and sizes. 🍯

Stop and listen to nature inside the city, get lost in the never-ending green areas and hear the water flowing along the shores of the islands. Touch it all, the snow, the old books at the library and the warm cups of tea or coffee at fika time. 

🌿 🍂 🌱 ❄️

Now, open your eyes, look around the colourful streets and people watch the stylish Stockholmers walking around the cool streets of Sodermalm or the cherry blossoms blooming in the boulevards of Kungsträdgården. 🌸 🎩

I came here a year ago to study the second year of my Masters in renewable energy. This city has blown away my senses, making it obvious that sometimes we just need to feel a bit more and think a bit less. 💛

Divya comes from Spain, she studied the master’s programme in Renewable energy at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Dóri | KTH Faces

“I have always been intrigued about living in Scandinavia, so when I had a choice to select one of the universities for my joint Master’s programme, choosing KTH for the first year was a no-brainer for me. I had heard a lot about the diverse and active tech scene of Stockholm, which made the choice even easier. 

I had spent a big proportion of my undergraduate studies in Abu Dhabi, the possibility of continuing my studies in a place with totally different weather sounded like an exciting change!

KTH has a great student life and a very international and welcoming environment. And as for Stockholm, I would say that there is a great balance of city and nature, of being busy and active and taking some time to rest and enjoy life. One of the best memories I have so far in Sweden is taking a trip to Kiruna and seeing the Northern Lights!

I am a travel enthusiast and I enjoy taking photos while travelling (especially polaroids!). I also really appreciate good coffee and I like doing my (home)work in cafes, which gives me a good excuse to explore new parts of the city I live in. I also love doing sports, especially running, cycling and yoga and Stockholm has been a great city for pretty much all of these activities.”

Dóri comes from Hungary, she studied the EIT master’s programme in Human-Computer Interaction.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Katia | KTH Faces

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming of travelling around the world. Finally, in 2013. I got my first taste of it when I went on a semester exchange programme to Madrid. However, those six months were not enough to quench my thirst of living abroad. Next year, I moved to Barcelona for an Internship. I was thrilled to be living there, and it was during that time when I realized how much living in different cultures can expand one’s knowledge and interests, and that’s how I discovered my passion for Lighting Design. 

After living at the south tip of Europe, I was eager to explore something completely different in terms of climate and culture. I was also curious about Dark winters and bright summers in Scandinavia, even from the perspective of Lighting Design, and that brought me to KTH. One of the things I love most about Stockholm is that you can experience all four seasons. I still haven’t seen the spring and the endless, bright summer days of July, because I came here in mid-August, but the summer, autumn, and winter have been beautiful. Green parks, tall trees, low sun, shades of reddish colours, lots of snow, frozen lakes and subzero temperatures are some of the countless ways to describe Stockholm!

The dark winter has been a blessing in disguise to work on lighting, as we get additional hours of darkness to experiment with lights in our Lighting Laboratory. With a very diverse and international student background, highly experienced professors and many recommendations from people in the field, who praise the quality of the program, I am absolutely sure that the KTH master program in Architectural Lighting Design was the best choice for me. In addition to that, I’ve been working at THS Future as the Art Director contributing my bit to have the best visual communication of our professional student events.

Right now, apart from the master, I am working on my personal project, “archiFOS”, in which I share my experiences and knowledge in the field of lighting, design, architecture and art.

Create the life that you want to live and don’t forget, that magic starts at the end of your comfort zone!”

Katia comes from Athens in Greece; she studied the master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Arifin | KTH Faces

“6750……… What do you think about this 4-digit figure? For a normal person, this might mean nothing except if it’s their door code or ATM pin. Though for me, This is the distance in kilometres that I travelled to reach this beautiful city from my home in Bangladesh almost 8 years ago and started my masters in Ecology at Stockholm University. 

Back then, Sweden was not very well-known to people in my country where people were crazy for moving to US, Australia, Canada or UK. A majority of the people knew Sweden either for the Nobel Prize or because of Ericsson mobile phones! But I was always curious to know more about the place, which brought me here to study my Masters.

After finishing my Master’s, I decided to further my expertise in the field of Ecology. In 2011, I started my PhD in the dept. of Land & Water Resources Engineering at KTH. I must say from Ecology to Engineering, even both started with ‘E’ but bringing them both together contained a lot of challenges. But I always liked to take new challenges in my life. So, I kept moving forward and fast forward to the present day; within a couple of months, I will be defending my PhD thesis.

If you ask me, what I like in Stockholm? Before giving that answer, I need to ask myself what I don’t like in Stockholm? That would be the hardest question for me to answer. I may need to think for a couple of days and still end up without any answer. Although I have lived most of the time spent in Sweden in Stockholm, I’ll suggest everyone, explore the countryside of Sweden. You will not only be amazed at the lovely landscape, forest trails but also be able to meet humble people from small towns and villages in Sweden. One must try the fermented herring in the summer; taste the meatballs with lingonberry jam to get the true taste of Sweden. If you think you are an explorer and like walking in the forest with your camera or enjoy biking or skiing, then Sweden is the right choice for you. I love photography, urban sketching, and cooking and I was never bored or out of ideas about those things here. If I look back nearly 5 years ago, I don’t have any regret to choose this school for investing my time.”

Arifin comes from Dhaka in Bangladesh; He is a PhD candidate at the Land and Water Resources Engineering Division at the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Arun | KTH Faces

“Picking which courses to study was not a choice I got during my bachelor’s. When I was looking for universities to study Master’s, KTH was already on top of my list because of the quality of education and its reputation. But the freedom offered in choosing coursework was one thing that certainly made me choose KTH.

I belong to Chennai, and we have a joke that the seasons in the city are “hot, hotter and hottest”! From that to experiencing sub-zero temperatures in Stockholm was an astounding experience. Also, Stockholm is perhaps one of the most international cities in the world. With 4-5 universities in the city, Stockholm is always bustling with students from across the world. Add to that the safety of the city and perfect ease of commute, I could sum-up my Stockholm experience in just one word: magical!

Now I’ve moved to India and currently work as a patent consultant in Bangalore. The founder of my company is also an alumnus of KTH; it was through an alumni event that I got an opportunity to meet him and later joined the company. We are also the founding members of ‘KTH India Alumni chapter’. “

Arun graduated from the master’s programme in Systems, Control and Robotics in 2012. He currently works in Bangalore in India and is one of the founding members of KTH India Alumni Chapter.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Neha | KTH Faces

“From the moment I started the final semester of my Bachelor’s, there have been a lot of changes in my life; coming to Sweden was one of the big ones. I had spent more than a year seeking scholarships to study in Sweden. KTH was obviously on the top of my list. One compelling reason being the outstanding ranking of the School of Electrical Engineering #17 where I was aiming to study at. Given that the emphasis to rankings we give in India, KTH was obviously a popular choice for everyone. During those searches for scholarships, I came across KTH Master’s challenge and I’m glad that I grabbed the opportunity and ended up winning it. Honestly speaking, though I had been trying a lot for scholarships here but never in my dreams had I thought that my dream of coming abroad would come true until I booked my tickets to Stockholm.

One unique thing that I’ve noticed here at KTH is the emphasis given in encouraging talent. There are huge opportunities for people with the thirst of knowledge. But it’s not all about studying, Stockholm is a beautiful place to live and leaves an indelible imprint on everyone. For me, it was even more special, as it was my first time coming abroad. And I’m glad that the place has treated me well. Starting from the first view of Sweden while landing at Arlanda to the snow-white winter, everything is printed in my heart and mind as if it was just yesterday. Sounds like love, right? Love at first sight!! Indeed, I am in love with this place and people here. There is something about living at such here, a disciplined lifestyle, peaceful-calm nature. Every season comes with own set of colours, it’s like a graffiti painted by nature.

Although I’m miles away from my home, Stockholm hasn’t allowed homesickness to creep in. I wish I can show the beautiful place and this part of my life to my family very soon, and yeah! I’m not talking about Skype, this beauty needs to be felt in person.”

Neha comes from Maldah (Bihar) in India. She recently graduated from the master’s programme in Electric Power Engineering. She is one of the winners of KTH Master’s Challenge 2016.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Tianlin | KTH Faces

“I studied my Bachelor’s in Molecular Biotechnology in Hong Kong but wanted to explore deeper in the field of bioinformatics since my sophomore year. I still remember the euphoria, when I got to know about my Master’s programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science and I instantly knew that this program was for me. Though, applying to this programme felt like an audacious decision as the programme is in its nascent stage.

A funny thing, Sweden is portrayed as a barren land covered with ice and snow by many Hong Kongers. Many people even confuse it with Switzerland! But after my arrival in Stockholm, all those misconceptions gasified, and I discovered the uniqueness of this country. The weather is more temperate than I imagined and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the colours of Stockholm so far.

When I came here, the arrival services and all welcome activities arranged at the school played a big part in making everyone feel at home. Later, when I started the courses, they turned out exactly what I yearn for, bridging between cutting-edge biomedical research, bioinformatics, and pharmaceutical applications. Besides that, our class is a big and warm family, we study and prepare exams in groups, visit museums, parks, cinema and even travel together on the weekends.”

Tianlin comes from Hongkong, she studied the master’s Programme of Molecular Techniques in Life Science which is a joint programme between KTH, Karolinska Institute, and Stockholm University.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Rohin | KTH Faces

“Although it’s just been four months since I joined KTH for my Masters, I have already grown fond of Stockholm. Having spent some time working in the IT industry before this, I feel that KTH is a breath of fresh air. The beautiful campus established faculty, international student community and flexibility in course structure sums up into an excellent environment. I’ve gotten to know people from different age groups coming from all across the globe and that gave me a chance to know different cultures. Similarities between English and Swedish has motivated me to learn the language as well. I’ve been impressed by the importance given to research and innovation here, students are encouraged with grants and support for their research or startup ideas.

The scariest thing for me before moving to Stockholm was the high cost of living, but with time I have realized that it all depends on the individual lifestyle. This also led to my better culinary skills. Exploring Stockholm has been fun so far, coming from a place where the temperature averages around 30°C most of the year with lush green landscapes all year, the first experience of snow was a different experience. Although Swedish winter makes it all monochromic, I’m hoping that Spring will compensate for it. Staying away from family and friends makes me homesick sometimes, but finding new friends and travelling to different places has significantly made up for it”

Rohin comes from Kerala in India, he studied the master’s programme in Computer Science at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

João | KTH Faces

“Coming to KTH was a decision based on the pursuit of high-quality education but my additional focus was to improve myself as a person during my time in Stockholm. I chose the Master’s programme in Nanotechnology because I believe this is a paradigmatic shift in science and the path towards an exponential growth in technology. And I was always fascinated with it. The area is extremely broad and the amount of gain knowledge is extreme, allowing me to evolve as a future worker and hopefully contribute to a better world. Not only it is possible to track the program to our area of interest, but also the existing conditions of the laboratories used are incredible, fully equipped and spacious.

Moving to a new country is always a mentality changer and an adventure as well. Moving out of the comfort zone and learning to handle all the insecurities amazing opportunities to grow. I’ve been able to make a lot of friends in a very short time who have become an integral part of daily life here. I found and experienced new cultures, learned a lot about the world, it’s problems and it’s greatness. KTH is an amazing intercultural place and filled with people from all across the globe, which I feel is one of its biggest assets.

I come from the beautiful and sunny Portugal and I do believe it is, with all its problems, an amazing place to live. However, Sweden substitutes the sun with the Northern Lights and the big lightened days with beautiful layers of snow on the streets. Rather than rain, it is amazing to wake up to a window’s view of a landscape blanketed in snow and with the heavy jackets, cold isn’t a problem at all. Stockholm is a city where you have always something to do. It is beautiful and you can occupy your first months in the city discovering all its wonders, its museums, and natural parks. Since I arrived in Stockholm I’ve been to a lot of events, presentations, and several social events. Although now most of my time is occupied by studies – after all, no great education is easy – but there is always time for leisure and I try to find some time to go to the gymnasium every day. I am now a student ambassador for my programme which allows me to help all the prospective students that face the difficulties I faced. I’ll say give yourself a chance to experience this amazing adventure that will make you grow up as an individual. Stockholm has been a short yet nice trip so far, but my experiences so far have made it worth travelling this far!”

João comes from Portugal, he studied the Master’s programme in Nanotechnology at KTH. 

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Simon | KTH Faces

“I have always had an interest in maths, technology and helping others and I feel KTH is the perfect catalyst for developing these areas. In many ways, I chose KTH long before I had to take a formal decision. I knew I wanted to strive for excellence and I did a lot of research into what university was best for me and KTH turned out to be the obvious choice. Great education, great research and an abundance of available student activities are for me the most important factors when choosing a university.

I have lived many years in both Stockholm and Sydney and have always admired the contrast and similarities between the cities. Whilst both are waterfront cities with great harbors, Stockholm unsurprisingly has an older and more mature feel; many buildings and organizations have been here for hundreds of years and there is a lot of rich history to be discovered. Stockholm for me illustrates the Swedish concept of ‘Lagom’, it is the perfect combination of not getting too much whilst also having everything available; for instance, you will not get disturbed by constant nightlife but if you wish to party every night then you have every possibility to do so! The same goes for arts, music, events and meeting people in general.

I am very engaged in student activities when it comes to making the education here better, both at my program, at KTH and to a lesser extent at the nationwide level. I often represent the students and student interests in meetings with KTH and am proud to be part of a university that so openly welcomes student interaction and feedback – a vital driver for educational quality. I have helped out at many KTH and student union events and despite learning much from my courses I can honestly say that my involvements elsewhere have been the most rewarding. I highly recommend that you actively seek out and find an area of involvement that suits you!

Stockholm and KTH is a place of opportunity – but it is up to you to seize it.”

Simon comes from Stockholm but has spent a big part of his life in Sydney. He studied Vehicle Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Andrea | KTH Faces

“Sweden is known to the world for being one of the most progressive countries in terms of quality of life and use of advanced technologies. Especially the local startup community of Stockholm appears super dynamic but also well connected to the big corporates. And that is exactly what brought me to KTH.

After finishing my Bachelor’s in business studies and gathering experience from living in four different countries, last year I started my MSc. in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management. As I started my programme, I thought why not to start implementing all my learnings from my courses into something productive, and that’s exactly what I did, I founded my own startup: PandaEyes. Which is new kind of sleeping mask that is not attached to the face with strings as usual but directly “glued” on top of the eyes, a true eye mask with experience of absolute darkness without any interruption by light peeking in from the corners. My invention helped me to cope with the Swedish midnight sun. Over the past months, it has become a consumer product with a great market potential. People are using it currently when travelling, meditating, coping with a migraine or after a surgery when their eyes are very light sensitive.

KTH Innovation has supported my idea with advice and facilitating useful contacts for me. While the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship gave me a Fellowship that included office facilities and an interesting Mentorship Program. Furthermore, the StartupStockholm initiative helped me to get a free grant for prototyping purposes from Almi. Besides all this, I worked as a volunteer and co-organizer for several entrepreneurial events: Such as the famous Sthlm TechFest, StartupWeekend, and IOT week. While being involved in all this, I found wonderful friends who share my passion for innovation and futuristic technologies. So overall, I feel that the city of Stockholm has a perfect ecosystem to for realizing your entrepreneurial skills, especially when your own school is a part of that ecosystem.”

Andrea comes from Münster in Germany; she studied the master’s programme in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management. She also studied the Master in Economics of Innovation & Growth at KTH and worked as an innovation advisor along with her studies.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Oscar | KTH Faces

“Although I was born in Spain, I feel I am a citizen of the world. I have lived in seven different countries, six of them in Europe. Recently, I decided to make Stockholm my home and KTH my workplace. Stockholm is a wonderful city to live in and KTH offers exceptional opportunities to develop your education.

I am the Director of the Master programme in Electrophysics at KTH. Electrophysics has a substantial number of international students, which contributes to the great cultural diversity of our programme. Our international students have an easy time integrating at KTH both socially and academically since KTH is a very welcoming environment and all the courses are offered in English. 

Having the opportunity to follow the evolution of all these international students is a gratifying experience. I am proud that I get to monitor the trajectory of their education at KTH, especially since their studies often lead to an incredibly successful professional career.”

Oscar Quevedo-Teruel works as an Assistant Professor in the Electromagnetic Engineering Department at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH. Also, he is Programme director of the master’s programme in Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Lovisa | KTH Faces

“I have always been surrounded by different creating processes. From seeing the process of building a car to designing my own furniture, my creative childhood and all the opportunities I was given developed a passion for creating professionally. I graduated from the technology programme and KTH was an obvious choice for me; on top of the academic reputation, who can resist this beautiful Hogwarts look-a-like school? I still find myself staring at the view with my morning coffee. I started with the Materials science programme with a pretty vague idea of where I’ll end up, but now halfway through my Bachelor’s, I can see things falling into place.

Apart from my studies, I am currently working as a Photo Team Coordinator in THS Armada, the largest student-driven project in Scandinavia. Some might ask, why all these projects besides full-time studies? I feel projects give us so much more than any course in school can give. For me, it’s about personal development, overcoming fears, teambuilding, meeting new amazing people whom one can exchange mental high-fives with. These projects complete the education and really prepare us for life after school.

I have moved a lot in my life and eventually landed in this sparkling capital city. After living here for two years now, I can really call it my home. I recently got a new job where I will be working with Scandinavian design and it’s like a dream coming true, to get to combine passion with work. It’s all about what makes our heart beat faster.”

Lovisa comes from Falun in Sweden; She studies the bachelor’s programme in Materials Science.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Sunay | KTH Faces

“A few years ago, I undertook a journey covering approximately 8,000 km in India to understand challenges faced by communities living in remote areas. The journey acquainted me with the plight of flood-affected and power deprived communities which instilled a need of tackling problems with simple yet sustainable solutions. Post that, I decided to leave my consultancy job and pursue postgraduate studies in renewable energy to design decentralized energy solutions. This has become my passion now. 

I joined KIC InnoEnergy RENE program at KTH as it’s a great mix of technological and management education. It offered me the opportunity to study dual masters from KTH as well as École Polytechnique (Paris). After a year in Stockholm, I can’t stop collecting all the beautiful memories while studying at KTH which includes my friends, corridor parties, international dinners, swimming in the lakes, experiencing 24 hours daylight and watching the northern lights. Today, I have fallen in love with the city as it strives to achieve perfection in everything. It offers a unique blend of city and nature which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Not to forget, I respect the fact that people in Stockholm try to make things extremely easy and smooth for a newcomer. A warm welcome, unlike the weather  😉

One thing that I always cherish from my experience in Stockholm is Windiglobe, a cleantech startup which I started with alumni from KTH who are my amazing friends now. It’s not always that you find partners who put so much trust and faith in you and so do I in them. Moreover, we are constantly looking for enthusiastic students from KTH to solve our challenging problems, do contact us if you’re intrigued.”

Sunay comes from Indore in India, he studied the first year of his master’s at KTH and then attended École Polytechnique in Paris for the second half of his programme.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Elma | KTH Faces

“They say you learn something new every day; pondering over my life since I joined KTH, I can completely relate to it. The person I was on my first day at KTH has evolved into a totally different person, through all the days, weeks, months and years I’ve spent here so far, I’ve grown up, both in terms of knowledge and personality. KTH is one of my life’s greatest investments and I don’t regret a second of it. The question remains, however – why did I choose KTH?

To be very honest, During my time in high school, my future plans were a bit blurry, and I had qualms about starting to study at KTH. I had questions on my mind like – How would I be able to fit in at a university ranked as one of the best in Sweden and in the world, where you probably need to know the math and science on an advanced level? After a lot of thinking and research, I finally realized in the end that KTH was the right university for me because it had everything I was looking for – A good reputation, good student life. And the best part is being located at the centre of Stockholm, close to many companies and it had the program I wanted to study – Chemical Engineering.

My affinity towards Chemical engineering dates back to the initial days of my school, I always wanted to come up with a solution to all the environmental problems that the world is struggling with today. But the more time I spent at KTH, the more I realized how wide the chemical profession is, and it didn’t take long until I became fascinated with the pharmaceutical industry. Even though I’m still not sure what I want to do in life, I am confident of heading in the right direction. For sure, I know that I love challenges and that chemistry, KTH, and the capital of Sweden have one and another challenge to offer me daily.”

Elma comes from Nynäshamn, a small town outside Stockholm, she studies Chemical Engineering at KTH. 

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Nicolò | KTH faces

“When completing my bachelor’s in engineering physics in Italy, I was often thinking about a completely new experience abroad. Machine Learning is a relatively recent field of study mixing maths and computer science and I found out that KTH was one of the few European universities offering complete masters on this subject. 

Furthermore, Stockholm is considered as a Unicorn Factory: the most important European startups are born and grew here! Also, it is right at the centre of Baltic Sea, which makes easier to plan trips and explore other northern countries. 

So, when I got accepted I had no hesitation in accepting the offer. My first year in Sweden went really fast: from the first days and the welcome activities at the end of last summer to the last exams at the beginning of this summer, everything was really intense. I had the chance to make a lot of new friends from all over the world, make trips to nearby capital cities like Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Tallinn, survive the cold Swedish winter and enjoy the warm Swedish summer and its never-ending days. Indeed, I eventually decided to spend the summer here as well doing an internship. I could test on my skin the Swedish balance between job and spare time: while working, I also went kayaking, camping on the archipelago and had the opportunity to celebrate the traditional Midsummer with a Swedish family! 

The best part of this year has certainly been to meet people with different backgrounds and cultures and see how well we all integrated into the Swedish culture. Despite looking a bit cold and reserved in the beginning, Swedish people are really kind and helpful once you get in touch! 

I’m now finally coming back home after 7 months, I never stayed away from home so long and definitely need some Italian pizza and pasta before coming back for my second year in Sweden!”

Nicolò comes from Italy; he studied Machine Learning at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Francesco | KTH Faces

“Since I was a child, I have always been intrigued by other cultures, countries, and costumes. A few months back, despite having moved to Switzerland from my native country, Italy, I still felt that it wasn’t enough and I wanted to further deepen my knowledge of the World. I felt the need to go someplace where I could live a really different lifestyle. 

I wanted to trade the Sun, shining on the beaches of Sicily with the Aurora in the snowy steppes of Lapland ; the noisy streets of Naples with the stark facades of the buildings in Stockholm, the afternoons spent sitting outside in the refreshing sea breeze with the cosy evenings, looking at the snow gently falling behind the window. 

My expectations have not been deluded, for the first time in my life, I really felt like a stranger. I’ve come to look at everything, from food to language, with completely different eyes and it has been incredibly enriching. One of the things that left me perplexed in the beginning, but I’ve come to appreciate the most, is the Swedish relaxed and genuinely down to earth attitude to study, work, personal relationships and life in general.

Apart from my trips during the Summer, I also had the opportunity to do an internship at the Smart Mobility Lab at KTH. It has been an outstanding opportunity for me, by carrying on the integration of autonomously driven vehicles in a simulated traffic environment, I’ve had the opportunity to apply the knowledge I acquired the previous years to an actual, real-life challenge.”

Francesco comes from Italy, he was an exchange student at KTH and has now moved to ETH Zurich for the rest of his studies.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Rohit | KTH Faces

“I got to know about KTH during my bachelor’s and I was instantly drawn towards its charm for the rich heritage it has and the values that it inculcates. Europe has always been a place that mesmerizes me for its cultural diversity, pluralism of ideas and innovativeness in science and technology. I have a habit of researching a lot about the things and places that interest me; in the case of Sweden, the perceived essence of social wellbeing, strong education infusion and undying love for music made me crave to belong here. I reached KTH with a vision to learn how to live while making up for a living.

Every morning, Sipping from a mug of Coffee, I enjoy the view out of my room’s window, gyrating clouds parting the sun and green meadows and trees down the horizon, all allure me for abstract beauty in nature, this yields all buoyancy that is needed for an action packed day ahead keeping the focus on my ‘to-do list’ . 

My passion for electronics was very well complemented at KTH with the state of art infrastructural adequacy and anchorage on cutting-edge developments in the scientific community. I remember the day when I first saw the ‘Clean Room’ here and was totally wonderstruck with what KTH has in store for us. I am currently enrolled in the majors for ‘Embedded System’ and love to learn the behavioural aspects at micro-technological level. The pedagogy followed here abhors the concept of mugging up the texts and reproducing them in the assessments and the whole focus in on practical application of the theories. The entire course is engrossing because of its spellbinding structure spread across multiple avenues of learning.

I must say, I met some of the brightest and nicest people here. Coming to KTH has finally inculcated in me a habit to perfectly balance work and life. With my pack, I love to go out in the woods with my bike nearly every day. I really cherish my ‘Euro trip’ with my friends, when visited 6 countries across the two coasts. With a motto to live each day as supposed to be the last, I make sure to sleep after adding a value to my existence.”

Rohit comes from India; he studied the master’s programme in Embedded Systems at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Gregorius | KTH Faces

“I was in my third year of bachelor study in my home country, Indonesia, when I started to think what I would like to do after I finish my bachelor’s. Looking for a job in my field, telecommunication, was, of course, one of the most logical plans. Telecommunication in my country is rapidly expanding so there is always a good potential to find work. However, I wanted to do something beyond that, it’s a practice to work on off the shelf communication devices there and we don’t have many R&D facilities. My vision is to be a part of the developing community rather than the user community. This interest brought me to KTH, as it’s a well-known technical university in the field of communication technology

KTH itself is a great place to study. I won’t say that the learning method is totally perfect for everyone, but I like the “hands-on” way of learning things. These things are different from education in my previous university. The courses had more practical assignments that really made me learn the subjects. We also had several interesting guest lectures from renown people in industry or academia. It’s surprising that on one hand, some exams are 4-5 hours long and some courses don’t have any exam at all.

Living in Stockholm is undoubtedly fun! I had my first sub-zero winter in Stockholm. It was a cold and dark season with long nights, but it was really fun and beautiful. Everything was white, covered with snow and all the lakes around Stockholm were frozen, which led to some good time with friends skating on them. The northern lights (aurora borealis) are also visible in the city on a lot of occasions. For me, this is one of the best parts of living in Stockholm, as I don’t have to go further north to do casual aurora hunting. This is one of the cities that I will miss a lot!”

Gregorius (Ian) comes from Indonesia and studied the master’s programme in Communication Systems at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Neda | KTH Faces

“Perhaps I wasn’t a typical student at KTH. First, because it was my third Master’s programme, and second, because I was almost a double age comparing to the majority of students at KTH. Until then, I have been working for many national and international organisations as a sustainable development professional in several countries. I took the programme in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at KTH believing that sustainability without innovation is just a short-term add-on. The knowledge I have gained led to new ideas and development of my own consultancy for sustainability innovations. Trust me – it is never too late to study, again.

KTH is a great school if one is willing to utilise all the possibilities it opens. All depends on self-interest and activity. The most I have enjoyed was the interaction with the startup community as facilitated by the SUP46 and the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, the partner of the programme. It was also energising to be in the middle of a vibrant community of young, smart and active people who willingly shared ideas and helped each other. The studies were tough, but it was totally worth it. I would advise anyone to take a longer study or university course every 10-15 years. To stay updated. To stay active. To stay young!”

Neda comes from Lithuania, She completed her master’s at KTH and is the founder of Nord Inno, a consultancy company.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Sarah | KTH Faces

“I always knew that Sweden has one of the best educational systems and the high rankings of the Electrical Department (#17) made it obvious to choose KTH as my destination for pursuing masters. Moreover, I have been quite curious about the concept of “triple-helix” which leads Sweden to be an innovative country, by its good cooperation between academics, industry and government.

So far, I have enjoyed most of the courses I’ve studied, majorly because there is nothing monotonous and the learning experience for each course was unique. Plenty of lectures, exercises, papers, laboratory activities were quite surprising for me in the beginning. The five hour long exams were also something new, and tough as well when I compared to the educational system back in Indonesia, but hey, I have already finished my first year and everything is going pretty well!

Stockholm is a fantastic place to spend the leisure time, I often go out exploring places, taking pictures. Sometimes I go to a park or forest, walk around and just get lost. Some other time, I would just go to the old town, buy an ice cream and just sit by the water. Moreover, the cleanliness, low crowd and a flawless public transport system make strolling around even more enjoyable, be it exploring nature or the city. The most unforgettable thing that I experienced here was when I went to Montelliusvägen in the middle of the night and successfully captured Aurora Borealis with a perfect background of Stockholm’s cityscape, saved me a trip to the north of Sweden!

Lastly, being so far away from Indonesia sometimes makes me longing for Indonesian food. However, me and my friends here often cook dishes together or do some potlucks. 

Although I travelled to several cities around Europe, I haven’t found any city as homey as Stockholm. Stockholm will always be my second home.”

Sarah comes from Jakarta in Indonesia, she studied the master’s programme in Wireless Systems (now Information and Network Engineering)  at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Pranav | KTH Faces

“They say that it is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and hard work and it will definitely pave your path to happiness; and indeed, it does. Though I did my bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, instead of following the common trend towards Petroleum Engineering, I decided to follow my passion for Sustainability. When I started looking up for programmes in this field at different universities, I was amazed at the number of sustainability-related programmes being offered in Sweden. That left a great impression on me, and I started working towards my plan of pursuing higher studies in this region and fortunately enough, I was accepted into the Nordic master’s program at KTH, which I think is one of the best moments of my life till now. 

Everything about KTH and Stockholm was entirely different compared to back home. Moreover, this was my very first time going away from home, as scared I was, It turned out to be way better than I expected. KTH changed the way I think, I process situations and handle problems. The major focus of imparting knowledge and implementing it hands on was something I loved about studying in KTH. Everything, ranging from making new friends, working with colleagues, interacting with the professors, has been a delight, to say the least. The best part about the whole experience has been meeting new people and to learn about their cultures. 

Another good thing about living in a place like Stockholm is, there is a lot of exposure, which led me to land a part-time job at World Bioenergy Association and now I will be continuing my work as a Project Assistant during the summer. Apart from that, this place is a photographer’s paradise. I have captured some of my best photographs here, many memorable moments, including the famous Aurora Borealis and cherry blossoms. I will now be going to Aalto University in Finland for the second year of my degree and it goes without saying that I am going to miss this place like anything. It was a home away from home. “

Pranav comes from Delhi in India, He studied the Nordic Master’s programme in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH, and moved to Finland for the second year of his Master’s.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Dev | KTH Faces

“Around a year back from now, I was working in the R&D division of India’s largest automobile company. With any job, there is some complacency that creeps in after a while, and it was to break free of this complacency that I decided to look for opportunities outside my then field of expertise. I was interested in sustainable development and renewable energies, but it was difficult to find a program which would accept me with my mechanical and automobile background. I came across the KIC Innoenergy programmes and applied to the Masters in Energy for Smart Cities, as I felt it was a very relevant course for our future, and especially India’s. I had picked KTH as my first year University and was very excited to be coming to Sweden after I got admitted with a scholarship.

I have been here for over ten months now and I’d say Sweden is different, but it is a ‘very good’ different. Coming from India, there is a lot more order to things, and less chaos, and a wonderful way of living, aspects of which should definitely be adopted in other parts of the world. And in just ten months, I have gotten used to it so much that when I return to Stockholm from travelling around Europe, it feels like coming back home. With its unique blend of nature and city, Stockholm has been a great place to live and study, apart from the fact that it is quite expensive.

Talking about studying, it’s been a great enriching experience at KTH. The learning here is very participatory and that has helped me gain a lot of knowledge in this past year. Today, as I look back over the past year, on my last day here at KTH, I feel a sense of fulfilment and everything around me has had a role to play in getting there – the KTH way of studying, my friends here, and the beautiful city of Stockholm. This is me signing off from Stockholm, hoping to be here again soon.”

Dev comes from India, he studied the first year of KIC Innoenergy Energy for Smart Cities programme at KTH and has moved to Barcelona for his second year.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Farah | KTH Faces

“I believe that travelling is the best way to learn about life and explore your inner self. I’m sure that twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. And studying abroad is probably the best way to explore any place in its true sense. That’s why I encourage everyone to take the chance when it comes to you to travel, learn as much as you can, surround yourself with positive people and live the life that you want to live.

I come from Tunisia, I am doing my bachelor’s in Switzerland and now I am in Sweden for an exchange program. It’s already the end of the academic year and the end of my incredible stay in Stockholm. I remember, one year ago when I got to know that I was going to Sweden for my exchange program. I was very thrilled to know that finally, I’ll be going to one of the Nordic countries, and will have a chance to check off “Watching Aurora” from my bucket list. Stockholm is a beautiful and very vibrant city. Throughout the year, I travelled to as many places as I could, I met amazing people from all over the world and they quickly became my family here! I will go back home full of wonderful memories.”

Farah comes from Tunisia; she was an exchange student in mathematics from Switzerland.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Hassan | KTH Faces

“I didn’t know that I would enjoy taking a master’s program this much when I was applying at KTH, especially since I opted for it right after a four-year electrical engineering bachelor’s program. At that time, I thought that I had had enough for a while and it would be a good idea to let off some steam. However, I was really interested in working with smart devices and robots and there was this big debate about whether one should go to the industry first or get a master’s degree to build a good career. After much pondering and asking around and, finally, flipping a coin, I decided I would go with the academia. And I am glad that I did because once I got here, I found myself actually being pulled in by the easy-going yet challenging pace of the studies. And today after almost a year, it showed me that I could get a better understanding of the field and, once the fog is cleared, help me choose a path in the industry. I believe it helped me realize my interest.

Apart from the education, Stockholm is a great place to live in. You get to see a lot of beautiful scenery. The people are very welcoming. Also, it has a become a big cultural hub; you see people from all around the world. And this is definitely the place for the people who dread the blistering heat of their home countries. The downside is that that’s all you get; lots and lots of cold (I, for one, don’t mind that  😀). I believe that this is the ideal place for me.

The best part is that even though I did choose to pursue higher education, I did not have to give up my passion for sports. I am a sportsaholic. Even with the full-time study periods, I still get to go to the gym and play cricket. I could not wish for a better package.”

Hassan comes from Pakistan, he was born and lived in Norway initially. He studied the master’s programme in Embedded Systems at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Alessandro | KTH Faces

“Time flies quite fast, and sometimes it’s too late before people realizing that they’re wasting the best years of their life doing nothing! Some people say that you cannot do anything about that, but actually, you can and I would say you must. You must fill your life with experiences that make you feel the “now”, moments that you can live forever.

Travelling and being in contact with other cultures is, in my opinion, is one of the best way to do it. Life can change in one moment and I got one when I saw in my mailbox the possibility of being part of a Double Degree project. I choose KTH because of my greatest academical passion that is fluid mechanics. Here I found a great and extremely stimulating environment, full of people with lots of ideas and cool projects, where there is always a place for yours because Sweden is the country of hope and possibilities. 

I got a big opportunity by being the part of the KTH Formula student aerodynamic team and I will never forget the day when I heard: “Congratulations, you are in!”. In one shot I could couple two major dreams: ‘Studying fluid dynamics in a great University and being part of a racing team’. I have moved my first steps in the real engineering world, making the experience and designing things that are soon to become a real piece of work. I feel part of a great team where I built strong friendships that will always let me remember with joy my stay here.

Okay, I might seem the classical nerdy engineer (and maybe I am a little bit) but I also discovered Stockholm with my new friends from all across the world, always ready to remind me that there is time for having fun, and we had a lot of great moments together. Stockholm and KTH are leaving a deep impact on my life, building up the person that I am and will be in the future. I hope to make treasure of this experience and to share it with my beautiful, lovely, strong girlfriend that is waiting for her nerdy engineer to realize himself. “

Alessandro comes from Italy, he studied the master’s programme in Aerospace engineering.

Abdulrahman | KTH Faces

“Since childhood, I admired leadership. I was amazed by the idea of one person can influence and change the well-being of people lives, and since then I decided to be one of those inspiring leaders.

I started my career working at Ericsson which to some extent influenced my choice to come to Sweden. Nevertheless, I realized that to be an excellent Business Driver, I have to be an excellent engineer, to begin with. Therefore, I was looking for a master program that satisfies my career plan, a combination of practical experience of advanced cutting-edge technologies and business modules.

With high aspirations comes high expectation on education, and that is why I chose to study at KTH. KTH provides a fabulous ecosystem in which we could enhance leadership skills. I was part of KTH student union THS career fair – Armada. Besides, participating in several Hackathons and social activities.

In addition to that, the multicultural setting in Stockholm sharpens my attitude and mindset which comes from the exposure to Europe’s cultural, historical, political and linguistic diversity along with working in an international environment with people who have different perspectives.

As I look back to my study period at KTH, I can honestly say that it has been a spectacular experience.”

Abdulrahman Nasereldin Bilal comes from Sudan; he studied the EIT double-degree master’s programme – ICT Innovation, with a major in Internet Technology and Architecture and a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Anna | KTH Faces

“I have had a life driven by my interests so far. Having grown up in Stockholm, by the time I completed my high school, I felt passion for doing something for the society and to know more about politics. This led me to join a course in political science to figure out what could I do. In my one and a half year at Stockholm University, I managed to set up a local chapter of the UN in the university, to a bachelor in political science and to learn more about myself.

I started studying a year early, so I had one extra year to experiment with my career choices, which gave me a sort of freedom to try and then decide things. Afterwards, to get a better international experience, I went to Paris for a year to study French. Which was one of the life-defining experiences for me, by the end of that year I realised that no matter what be the field, it’s IT that’s driving everything these days. That led me into joining predatory semester at KTH, I joined that course as a way to get an insight into engineering. I found it interesting, so I opted for a bachelor’s in IT here, and that’s what I’m studying these days, but I’ve not let go of my passion for the social cause, and I’m working to be a part of the peace corporations in Stockholm. That’s the best part of being in such a place with plenty of options open in front of us to shape our career.”

Anna comes from Stockholm, and she studied Information Technology at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Pericles | KTH Faces

“The desire to study in a multinational environment along with the close ties between KTH and industry led me to apply for a master here. Especially in Aerospace, Sweden has a long tradition of pioneering research in Europe. The spaceport is located near the Arctic Circle, which makes it literally the icing on the top!

Living in Stockholm has been great for me so far, it is one of Europe’s most texture-rich capitals, combining the “darlingness” of other European Capitals with an urbanity that adds precious character. Living here has been a pleasure from the start, and the winter with its vastly different temperatures and day-night cycle compared to what I was used to in Greece came as a challenging but refreshing experience.

Since my arrival here, I have been fortunate enough to become a member of the KTH academic orchestra. We regularly give concerts, which means that constant practising and rehearsing is demanded. It is great when a technical university pays homage to the arts and especially to music which is a “scientific” art. It means that it cares to shape wholesome citizens apart from great scientists.”

Pericles comes from Greece; he studied the master’s programme in Aerospace Engineering.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Tony | KTH Faces

“Before arriving here, I imagined Stockholm as a land covered snow all the time; however, my experience in this city so far has amazed me. Besides its great architecture, Stockholm also has a group of open and friendly people. No matter what your background is, you will always find people who share interests. Another word I can relate to in Stockholm is “Innovation”, there are so much of start-ups and people working on creative things, you could always find people coming up with new ideas and acting upon them. It is a wonderful chance to learn something new and learn how to put them into actions. 

I have been moving around through my education, Sweden is the fourth country I have travelled to for my education, Born and raised in China, I had the typical Chinese education before college. When I was eighteen, I went to England to study Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Then one year ago, I finished my undergraduate research in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. With all those experiences, KTH is definitely the most memorable experience. I chose KTH as my exchange programme destination due to its ‘getting hands dirty’ opportunities. Here, the school often collaborates companies and other partner schools. Not only I could work with international colleagues, but I could associate what I learn with the practices. The student-teacher relationship here is more casual. Every professor is approachable and they often welcome any discussion sometimes even outside the academia. 

In Sweden, I also got the chance to expand my hobbies. I got my first ever ice-skates last winter in Stockholm. Here most of the ice-rinks are free and open to the public as long as it is frozen, where I got a long practice. When I am free, I always find the time to travel or to hike. Stockholm and local communities often organise trips to adjacent areas. The ferry trips to Baltic countries are really affordable and the scenes (also parties) are simply spectacular. Watching the northern light is an experience I cherished the most. Surprisingly, you could even see it in Stockholm if you are lucky enough. Kiruna, where I went to see the aurora is simply an hour flight away. I am loving exploring places for sure.”

Tony comes from Qingdao in China; he studied the Erasmus programme in Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Robert | KTH Faces

“Having a few years of work experience greatly helped me when deciding on a masters program, and on what I wanted to do after my studies. I decided to continue my education with the goal of increasing my international experience, building technical expertise, and gaining knowledge in entrepreneurship and business. 

KTH was my first choice when applying to programs, motivated by its international reputation, location in Sweden’s tech hub, and by the Product Innovation Management program. I am impressed by how KTH teaches students to think in ‘the big picture’, by considering the long-term effects of sustainability, environmental impact, and how our decisions may affect individuals or society. 

Having lived in Sweden for one and a half years, I am becoming more and more aware of societal differences and cultural subtleties when compared to the USA. I have noticed these differences mostly in the educational systems, where each focuses on different aspects. Resulting in different values being instilled in students, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to experience both.

In my free time, I greatly enjoy travelling, either backpacking, or visiting friends in foreign countries, or via Couchsurfing. I have also had the pleasure of finding a vibrant and engaged triathlon community in Stockholm, which taught me how to continue training throughout the cold Swedish winter.”

Robert comes from California in the USA; he studied the Master’s program in Integrated Product Design at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar 

Kyriaki | KTH Faces

“After I graduated from high school I was sure of just one thing, that I wanted to continue my studies. I had no idea in what area I wanted to study in or what school and did not even consider KTH at first because of my bad experience with physics, which I have my high school to blame. Amid the search of catalogues, I glanced at KTH’s catalogue and thought for myself that the front page was quite nice, which made me open it. At last, I stumbled upon the Media Technology program, and from that moment I felt like it was the only choice for me. To be able to use my creative side combined with technology felt like the right combination, although I had absolutely no idea where it would take me. And here I am, four years later, halfway through my masters in Human-Computer Interaction.

Moving into the city of Stockholm from Haninge is not much of distance, but living in the city is different in many ways, and I do miss the closeness to the forest, though my interest in photography and my passion for handball still takes me back to Haninge very often.

Now I’m also working as art director for the upcoming career fair – Armada, and it is quite exciting when you know that you’re part of the core team of the largest student-driven project at KTH. What I like the most about here is that one gets ample chances of doing what one loves, and that is exactly what I am doing.”

Kyriaki comes from Haninge near Stockholm, she studied the master’s program in Media Technology (Now Interactive Media Technology) at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Oscar | KTH Faces

“Moving to Stockholm from the deep woods of southern Sweden was an early step in pursuing my dream. My dream of being a part of the next great leap in space exploration. With high aspirations comes high expectation on education, and that is why I chose to study at KTH. KTH and engineering physics provides me with challenges and opportunities to evolve and develop my skills. I decided on studying engineering physics because I love math and physics, a phrase stated by one former student especially intrigued me: ‘An engineering physicist doesn’t know everything but can learn it until next Monday’. 

I like living in the capital city. There is so much going on if you put in some effort to discover it all. Every weekend there is some neat event, either student related or public. I have visited Stockholm many times during my childhood but now I can call it home.”

Oscar comes from Växjö in Sweden; he studied Engineering Physics

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Denise | KTH Faces

“In the final year of my bachelors, I realized that I was not ready to stop studying and that the program I attended did not leave me with all the tools I wanted before starting a career. I had learned a lot of practical skills and theoretical methods but after completing an internship I found myself having studied for a field that didn’t feel entirely right to me. I started looking for complementary masters programs and when I found Media Management at KTH, I knew that this was where I wanted to be. For me, finding an international education was crucial and a contributing reason to why Media Management was so interesting. Through KTH, I have met so many people from different countries and cultures. Apart from finding amazing friends, education has also been enriched by the different perspectives added to the lectures and seminars.

A major benefit of studying in Stockholm is the vicinity to so many creative outlets and not just those available through KTH. In my experience, it’s incredibly important to take breaks once in a while and do something fun in order to gather renewed energy and focus. In my case, I do this with dance at the Stockholm Academy of Ballet where I take classes in Modern Jazz. While being a fun way to exercise, starting my week with dancing also helps me let go of the pressure and stress accompanied with University studies.

Studying for a master’s degree at KTH has been more challenging than I ever could have imagined, but also infinitely more rewarding. Even when the workload is insane, when I feel overwhelmed and stretched to my limit, I try to remember to take in the experience. I remind myself of how much I have grown in this past year and how much I have yet to gain from the year I have left. So even though the pushed boundaries, the exhaustion, and the intense workload, I genuinely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Denise is a native of Stockholm; However, she spent part of her childhood in the USA. She studied the master’s programme in Media Management at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Simon | KTH Faces

“It was about three years ago when I first visited Stockholm on a CouchSurfing trip through Denmark and Sweden. I was amazed by the beautiful city, the KTH campus and the number of international students studying here. That was the moment when I decided that I would like to study here sometimes too. However, I first had to finish my Bachelor’s in Germany. After that, I had the chance to work for Airbus Space Systems before I finally came to Sweden to study in the Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering at KTH last autumn. This time not only with my backpack but also with a bigger suitcase, because I knew I would probably need some warmer clothes for the Swedish winter.

Since then I have enjoyed every day I have been here. The possibilities that are given to students at KTH are amazing and I like the combination of theoretical knowledge and its practical application. For example, I currently work in a team of 18 students as team leader for the Miniature Student satellite project at KTH Space Center, where we are designing a small satellite. It is set to be launched in the next one to two years and will then perform different scientific and technological experiments while orbiting around the Earth and will send the collected data back to earth – directly to KTH.

I feel, once you leave your comfort zone, the experience of getting to know another country and people from all over the world is just awesome and the opportunities KTH offers to its students are great. For example, next fall I will be able to go on an exchange semester to the USA.

Since I arrived in Sweden, KTH gave a lot to me and I did never regret my decision to come here. So, if you are still in doubt whether KTH and Sweden are the right choices for you, I can only recommend to pack your bag and come here for a few days, enjoy Stockholm and the beautiful surrounding nature and visit KTH. Afterwards, you will probably know that it is the right decision. 

Simon comes from Germany, he studied the master’s programme in Aerospace Engineering at KTH.

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Alan | KTH Faces

“I remember just over two years ago, I was reading other students’ stories on KTH website and being thrilled by their journey with the hope that I may have the same. Well, today I have just nearly two months left before I graduate from KTH and you are reading my story! 

As I look back to my two year study period at KTH, I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful experience. The real journey began when all the excitement of being in a new place faded and reality sunk in. Then taking one day at a time to adapt to a new country, culture, language, and climate was the best way to go forward. Being so far away from home for this long is something that needed patience and persistence. I am glad that I finally found that balance. However, through all this, KTH provided the best learning experience I have ever had. 

Now as my studies end, I look to stay here a bit longer for work, maybe a few more winters before I return home. And to those who are expectant to join KTH soon, all I can say is that change is never easy but when you realize the little things that keep you going, you are sure to have the awesome journey here that you dream of.”

Alan comes from Uganda and studied the Master’s program in Real Estate and Construction Management at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Timi | KTH Faces

“Being a citizen of the world is something that I have always wanted to be since my mother brought me on a trip to Egypt when I was 13. Discovering the amazing things that were waiting for me outside Spain made me become an addict to travelling. That is why I was anxiously waiting for my opportunity to apply for an Erasmus exchange at the last year of my Bachelor´s degree. That was going to be my great opportunity to take-off and get into a foreign country’s culture for real by living it for a while. This first step was accomplished when I got accepted as Erasmus student in France in 2013. Since then I have never been back for long in my beloved hometown! Thanks to the studies and a couple of enriching professional experiences as an engineer and as a manager I was able to live in France and Germany before finally coming to Sweden.

One may think that after more than a year working, it would be difficult to get back to the studies. Well, at least here at KTH, not at all! I think it was one of the best decisions that I have ever taken. The international atmosphere is all around, facilities are very modern and staff is very helpful and friendly. The courses that I take are very interesting and I really feel that I am learning something useful while working on the projects. These projects are very open and innovative, so they strongly push motivation and creativity. Moreover, the student union and the chapters are always organizing interesting activities and events. I personally took part in Armada and Moment as career fair host and event host respectively. These were incredible experiences in which I learnt and enjoyed a lot. They were also a good chance to meet many Swedish people who welcomed me warmly and showed me their country.

Although maybe a bit expensive, life in Stockholm is being even better than I expected. I recommend to all internationals out there to try to learn from the Swedish culture, especially the idea of combining working hard, with having fun and a healthy life at the same time.

Sweden is a stop on my way, as I plan to continue moving from country to country after my Master’s degree. However, after two years it will be a part of my mind, my culture and my heart.”

Timi comes from Spain; he studied the Lightweight Structures track of the master’s programme in Aerospace Engineering.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Johanna | KTH Faces

“They say that you should discover three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you creative and one to keep you in shape. It’s funny that coming to Stockholm made me discover all three of them. 

You could say that I am a freak among geeks  😉 I am a non-engineer at an engineering school, And I love it. It’s fascinating to see how my friends would develop a complete app within a month or 3D-print a phone case. Sometimes I’m almost jealous that I can’t do all those things. And then, other times I’m completely lost when listening to their conversations. I myself studied Journalism and Communication before I enrolled in the Media Management master’s program. So, what is it that I’m studying? It’s a lot about digitalisation, and how media companies can adapt to that. A friend once explained it in quite a funny way, he said, ‘You will be the one telling all the computer engineers in media companies what to do’. I’ve really liked this program so you could see this as my first hobby.

I’ve been blogging for KTH for over a year, and I’ve loved it. It’s thrilling to be one of the student voices of such an awesome university. It has happened more than once that somebody told me that they found this post funny or that other post really helpful. This is wonderfully rewarding! I can well say that this has evolved as one of my creative hobbies.

Now comes the best hobby: It was here at KTH, where I started to dance Salsa. I used to think that engineers were never interested in this, turns out it was just a stupid prejudice. Since I started it, dancing has lit up even the dark and cold Swedish winter for me. I discovered that Stockholm has a marvellous dancing scene, something I had never expected here. And the cherry on top, this is how I met some of my best friends. For me, this combination of good music, exercise, and friends is the perfect endorphin-booster. I might come back home after every night on the dancing floor with hurting feet, but surely a big smile on my face. This absolutely qualifies as my favourite thing.”

Johanna comes from Austria, she studied the master’s programme in Media Management at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Isabella | KTH Faces

“I think it’s funny how life works sometimes. We all have our ways to figure things out. I used to be the type of person that planned everything in a meticulous way; I had my goals set and a plan how to get there. But of course, you cannot plan everything. 

During studying my Bachelor degree in Germany, I wanted to do an Erasmus exchange in Umeå. I was very excited about it and lots of my friends also planned to go abroad. But unfortunately, it didn’t pan out. But what can you do? Mope around? Not an option. Instead, I looked for an internship and I found one at an IT start-up. For a while, I thought about taking my master’s degree in Strategic PR. But after having worked within the start-up for some time I realized, that there’s so much more out there, that I wanted to learn. So instead of applying for a PR master, I started looking for a technical media degree. 

In total, I worked for 1 ½ year in the company and learned new things every day. I have grown so much during my time there and I can truly say, that this was one of the best decisions so far. But it was undeniably all coincidence.

If I hadn’t got turned down for the Erasmus semester, I wouldn’t have applied for a job and subsequently, I had never gotten the idea to apply to KTH. 

So what have the last years taught me? I still have my goals, but I stopped planning too much in detail. Life will figure the details out eventually and everything will fall into place. Failing at one thing led me to a different path and that’s fine. I’m happy how it turned out. If I could give my 21-year old self one piece of advice it would be not to worry so much!”

Isabella is half Swedish, half Hungarian. She studied the master’s programme in Media Management.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Animesh | KTH Faces

“It’s been two years since I moved to Stockholm, and in this span of time, I feel that Stockholm and KTH have become a big part of who I am today. Apart from all the fun and learning activities at KTH, I’ve enjoyed working with the multicultural diverse set of people here and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world. It’s quite astonishing, discovering how people from different corners of the world have resemblances in one or other way despite growing up in totally distinct places.

Being a travel enthusiast, I’ve taken full advantage of being in Europe and have travelled more than 25 cities so far, but if anyone asks me which city is best in terms of living conditions and quality of life, I’d say it’s Stockholm without any qualms. I’ve felt that we have the best public transport system here and also there is a sense of security.

Initially, one might have an impression that Swedes are introverts, but once you get to know them, the impression completely changes. I’ve found Swedes to be the politest people I’ve met so far. I’ve some really good Swedish friends as well.”

Animesh comes from Bangladesh and he studied the master’s programme in Wireless Systems.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Emelie | KTH Faces

“I have a romantic relationship with mathematics. I think math is amazing in all its ways. I can go to any place in the world and we’ll understand the same equations because the math works like a universal language. It can explain everything we feel and see around us, it’s truly amazing. This is the main reason I started here at KTH. 

I am studying something called “basår”; it’s a preparation year for the students who didn’t study natural science during high school. I chose to study social science with a focus on human behaviour. I chose this back in high school because one of my biggest passions in life is humans. I love to study how we act, think and talk. 

For me we’re like mathematics, humans are logical. But not all of the time, time to time people do and say things that knock me blind. And when that happens, which is quite often, I get amazed. Here at KTH, what has spellbound me, is the amazing bunch of people I’ve met here. There’re so many things to engage in and so many opportunities to meet new people with new stories and thoughts. So even if I’m a psychology thinking math geek, I still get all the things that I love at the same place- KTH. 

During my free time (that has more or less disappeared since I started here haha) I like eating and spending time with my friends. When I get some time I also love to take my bike and ride to the forest nearby my house. I really enjoy spending time in nature. I got that mainly from my father. He’s the one that got me to love hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. He’s from Svappavaara, a town near Kiruna. So every year we visited my relatives there. No words can describe how beautiful it is, the hiking at the tundra during the summer and the northern light over deep forests during the winter. If you haven’t been, go, you will love as much as I do.”

Emelie studied basår the foundation year programme at KTH, and she comes from Stockholm itself.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Frederico | KTH Faces

“It’s hard to understand the value of what we’re given. 

The day I went to the KTH welcome ceremony. I didn’t know what to expect, but with nothing better to do and a fair bit of excitement, I thought it would be a good chance to get to know some future mates. New country, a new bunch of quiet people, a different coffee… all things I wasn’t really used to. The President of the university started his address by saying ‘I will tell you why coming at KTH is one of the best choices you’ve ever made in your life’. At that point, I was still adapting to the changed lifestyle, so the only thing came to my mind was – why is this gentleman saying these kinds of cheesy things!!

Since I started my master’s I gradually started to understand the meaning of those words. It’s not just about KTH, it’s the whole experience in Stockholm. Colourful canal ward buildings, the narrow alleys of Gamla Stan, white and deserted in the cold days of winter and nature all around this place.

During my first semester at KTH, I’ve followed lectures, played with now-better-known devices in the labs, written countless reports, and crossing fingers passed the exams as well. Thanks to KIC, me and my classmates were bombarded with a plethora of tasks which in the end burned out my very last calorie. It has been intense, full of novelty, tough at times but well repaid.

But yeah, now I’m in a state where If I ever had to welcome a new KTH student, I’d start by saying ‘I will tell you why coming at KTH is one of the best choices you’ve ever made in your life'”

Federico comes from Trento in Italy. He studied the master’s programme in SENSE KIC InnoEnergy.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Josefine | KTH Faces

“After high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted some form of higher education. I always had a childish and creative mind. I read about the Structural Engineering program at KTH, not quite what I had in mind but that was something that appealed to me, and suddenly I just sat there in class, lost, not knowing what I was getting myself into. 

I grew into loving the program and its mixture of creativity and technology while spending my classes with all those passionate people who built the most amazing things and helped in solving big transportation or housing shortage problems. I embraced KTH and its nice students and have been a member of everything between photography, singing, and uniform equality groups. 

What I grew to learn is what you choose early in life doesn’t define the rest of your life, it’s all about making your own path and customize it, however, you want your life to be.”

Josefine comes from Stockholm. She studies Structural engineering at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Daniel | KTH Faces

“Right up to the time I joined the university, I was never really sure what I wanted to do in terms of a career. I had a trillion things I was interested in yet I couldn’t do or become all of them at once. So I often tell people that I didn’t choose engineering but engineering chose me! I realised however that civil engineering was one thing I could do and delve into a wide range of interesting things at the same time over my career.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree at Makerere University in Uganda, one of my professors invited me to work with him for a year on a couple of sanitation research projects. During the next year, not only did I develop a deep interest in the water and environmental sector but I also realized that my life might, after all, be cut out for academia. While looking for opportunities to further my education, Sweden came as a natural choice because of its reputation as one of the world’s “greenest” countries. I was fortunate to be accepted at KTH in the programme of my first choice.

In my time here, I have learnt just as much in the classroom as outdoors in Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden. I have gained skills within my field, expanded my network through contacts at KTH and in several Swedish organizations, visited a number of places in the country and in Europe and also experienced the whole gamut of Swedish traditions, especially the pastries! I serve as an international student blogger and also support the Crosstalks TV team. This has given me valuable communication skills. I look back and see that I have really grown in all aspects.

I think that everyone who comes to KTH has this tremendous opportunity to study at a world-class university while also thriving wholesomely in a great city. To me, the combination of KTH and Stockholm is an endless world of possibilities and if I had the chance to go all over again, I would still choose KTH!”

Daniel comes from the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and he studied the master’s programme in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Frida | KTH Faces

“I was always driven by an urge to pursue a career related to media technology, so when it came to choosing a university for my studies, KTH was an obvious choice given its reputation. For me, media technology has a wide meaning. It’s an interesting mixture of technology, sociology and humanities, basically, it’s about creating tools and easier ways for people to communicate. Now these swiftly changing trends make it even more interesting. I’ll have to admit this as well, that one thing that attracted me to KTH was its cool library, I fell in love with that place the moment I went there for the first time.

The past year I’ve been a part of THS Armada’s project group and where we were responsible for Scandinavia’s largest Career Fair. When I applied for the position as Copywriter, last February, I didn’t have much experience in the field and was kind of nervous for what was to come, but coming out of my comfort zone ended up being an incredible learning experience – not only as a “Copywriter” but also about myself and others. These real-life projects are so much more developing than school courses and it’s really nice how THS gives us the opportunity to do these things during our studies at KTH.

I’m now about halfway through my 5-year education, but my life is not all about media technology, I work in a small eye-wear store specialising in optics for sports. The irony is that neither I use glasses nor I’m really good at any sports still I guide the sports enthusiasts through the world of sports glasses – a world MUCH bigger than you think. I finished my exams before Christmas so I spent most of the snowy season working there while watching the streets of central Stockholm getting covered with snow every day.”

Frida studies the 5-year programme in Media Technology at KTH, she comes from Örebro, Sweden.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Sherry | KTH Faces

“I was hesitant between finding a job in China after my internship or looking for an international education for a master. I found the brochure of KTH in my university and applied to my current program and got accepted. Now that I am here, I do not regret my choice at all…

Here in Sweden, I enjoy the differences in everyday life, the way of living as a student. For example, I needed time to get used to being more alone with my thoughts. Indeed, back in China, every student lives in dorms with several other people in each room. Here most people have a student room for themselves and their own kitchen. I actually had to learn how to cook for myself at the beginning when I came here.

I found myself comfortable living among the trendy and modern Swedish people and couldn’t enjoy more the equality between gender for which they stand. I was so surprised to see so many men pushing a baby stroller in the streets.

Living in Sweden is also a very good opportunity to travel in Europe, for example, I am going to spend new years eve in Prague and some days in Germany for the Christmas holiday break. And I can’t wait to discover more Sweden and other Scandinavian countries”

蔡语丝 or Sherry Cai comes from the city Hangzhou in China. Sherry studied the master’s programme in Medical Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Quentin Thomas

Nishita | KTH Faces

“Having my father employed in a peripatetic job has led me to live in a lot of places throughout my life. And in such a diverse country India, it was almost equivalent to moving to a new country with a totally different language and culture. Every time we moved, I learnt a new language, picked up traces of a new culture and on top of it many friends and memories, which made me who I am today. 

It was exciting every time, dad use to tell us ‘let’s pack up we are shifting to this new amazing place’. My brother and I use to look up about the new place, read about it and start packing anticipating the new adventure ahead, which was really exciting and so much fun. And the journeys were the best part, we loved them, we could never wait to see our new home and paint our rooms. 

I felt it would be same when I got to know I was moving to Stockholm to study at KTH. Me and my brother googled about Sweden, its culture, places to see. But there was a catch this time, I was going alone, without my family. My brother was not saying ‘We can go to a road trip to the Atlantic Ocean Road’, rather he was saying ‘You can go there’. There was not same excitement, the Journey till Stockholm didn’t turn out to be that exciting as well.

But luckily, once I reached here, I found my ‘home away from home’, and friends who are actually like a family to me, and suddenly everything again became exciting like every time. KTH is an amazing place, Stockholm is even more beautiful than I imagined, you can possibly never get tired of it. And yes, I did go on a road trip to the Atlantic Ocean Road, and that was unforgettable. Although I do miss exploring places with my brother and plan to show him all the places I’ve discovered when he comes to see me in Summer.” 

Nishita comes from Chennai in India and studied the master’s programme in Aerospace Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Shabai | KTH Faces

“Six years ago, while I was studying at University of Gävle, I visited Stockholm for the first time, as I explored the city with my friends, I hoped the day would never end. That was it, I had fallen in love with this place. As I travelled back, sights of city hall and old town at night kept rolling out in front of me. Later, I got a job in Göteborg, which is on the other side of Sweden (west coast), but that peaceful picture of Stockholm was stored in my memory, and finally drove me to come here for my Masters.

In my perspective of view, KTH offers not only academic environment to explore science but it also provides a wide range of opportunities to get in contact and work in the industry through seminars, conferences and other events. The classes have been also quite interactive, Not knowing the right answer is ok, but not knowing the right question is a problem! 

Loving to travel made me interested in learning new languages, right now I can speak four languages. Driving through whole Europe was one of the coolest thing I did. The moment I crossed Øresund Bridge to reach Denmark, I knew the trip was going to be exciting. After visiting the town Champagne in east France which has hundreds of years of history, I fell in love with the Champagne stored in the dark coloured glass bottles. The west coast of Spain is the best place to drive along since you can enjoy the beautiful view of sea and stop by any local restaurant and eat fresh seafood at the same time. I can go on talking about my trip, but then it will become a long story. All in all, for all these European countries I have been to, Sweden is one of the most beautiful places.”

Shabai comes from Wuhan in China, she studied the master’s programme in Embedded Systems.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Abudarda | KTH Faces

“The best part about moving to halfway across the world is that you get a chance to start it all over again. It’s like a blank page to write upon, you get to redefine ourselves and emerge as a better version of yourself. Past few months in Stockholm have been a roller coaster ride for me and I find myself lucky to have found a company of such good people from different parts of the world. We celebrated this Diwali with our Swedish and Italian friends, the people I hadn’t imagined to have met a year ago. Not to sound too cheesy, but taking up studies at KTH has been one of the best decisions I ever made!

A good thing here is that I am enjoying the studies as well (something I never did before). Projects and Labs are quite engaging, meeting up with friends for discussing a project in a conference room sure seems fancy!

But apart from studies, Stockholm has allowed me to explore my carefree fun-loving side as well. Exploring Stockholm at Friday nights has always turned out to be an adventure for me, wandering in the city with no one around and often winding up in weird places! Once we took the wrong bus and ended up on the other side of Stockholm at 4 in the morning – that was a disaster. To sum it up Stockholm is a crazy place to be but it has made me fall in love with itself.”

Abudarda studies the master’s programme in Embedded Systems. He comes from Delhi in India.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Oliver| KTH Faces

“Enjoying mild climate especially in cities dominated by green and blue areas, choosing to live in Stockholm would always be quite a no-brainer for me. Luckily, one of Europe’s most renowned universities for ICT and EE happens to be at the same place!

My days currently start with getting up early for Swedish class at Folkuniversitetet every morning. I already took a language course in Swedish during the first year of my undergrad studies several years ago, not really knowing I would profit from that during my master’s now.

Until my first week at KTH, I was convinced the “academic quarter” was a fairytale – never had I experienced it at any of the universities I studied at. The English Wiki page even refers to KTH as an example, so it definitely exists here and is urgently needed when having classes in Kista.

But actually, most of my activities in the Electrum do not really have a fixed starting point in this term. My classmates and I mostly meet up for projects in the Makerspace where only two rules apply: First, ‘Share your knowledge’ and second, ‘Don’t hurt yourself’  🙂 “

Oliver was a second-year master’s student in Embedded Systems at KTH and is half Austrian, half German. 

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

KTH Faces | Satu

“My weekends are quite fun in Stockholm, I really like exploring the place. I’ll either just walk into any forest and be close to nature, or just hop on to any random metro train and explore a part of the city I find intriguing. I kind of miss my food from back home in Indonesia, However, being at KTH brings a lot of good things to my life, I really like the cultural diversity here and I’m learning a lot from the international experience I get here. 

My love for photography, videography and writing has helped me to be part of two diverse blogging communities where I get to do what I love, Sharing my experiences and happiness. As my favourite phrase says ‘Happiness is only real when shared’.”

Satu comes from Jakarta, Indonesia and studies the master’s programme in Computer Science at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Sara | KTH Faces

“The first thing that comes in my mind when I think of Stockholm is the way it’s a big part of who I am. I’ve spent most years of my life in this lovely city, I’ve travelled to other places as well and always come back with the conclusion that there is nothing like Stockholm. The city has a near perfect size, not too large to get lost, not too small to get bored. And the cherry on top, lots of water around that adds a sense of calmness to the ambience. 

Coming to KTH has been one of the best things that happened to me here. Apart from all the fun and learning things I do, I can use one phrase to summarize my feelings – ‘I feel important at KTH’ 

Currently, I’m working in THS Armada as a team leader, which is something that has been something really challenging and led me to learn a lot of new things, moulding me into a better person. Over the past few months, the project group supported me really nicely to learn and execute things. And it even got better once I had my team, that had international students as well. Working with them has been really fun, and it comes with a bonus of mouth-watering Indian and Italian food that they treat us with. 

One of the things I’m really proud of is looking forward to working with an organisation ‘Help to Help’ (I just got this job ). We help underprivileged students from Tanzania to get resources to study via crowdfunding. Now, I can proudly say that I’m contributing my bit to society.”

Sara studied Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

Maria | KTH Faces

“Being used to the Mediterranean climate, initially I didn’t get used to the cold breezy weather. But the serene landscape of Stockholm makes up for it, a short walk around the park just freshens me up.

I really like the cosmopolitan and diverse set of people I get to interact and work with. It’s surprising to see that how much things people have in common despite being from different cultures. KTH has organised all the things quite nicely here, aptly justifying why it’s one of the ‘best’ universities in Europe.”

Maria comes from Greece and studied the master’s programme in Medical Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar

KTH Faces | Filippo

“I am sure that almost everybody of ‘my generation’, when they turned 11, hoped to be admitted to the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry of Hogwarts, but never got there. However, to be close to flying stuff, I moved to Milan to study Aeronautical Engineering.

Years later, I had the possibility to choose another place to deepen my studies. I happened to see a photo of KTH Royal Institute of Technology (also, the name impresses you right?). There were these red brick buildings with grass and forest surrounding it. That was it! I FINALLY FOUND MY HOGWARTS!

And here I am. In this hub of ideas and possibilities, where not everything is perfect, but everything is constantly changing towards high standards in many aspects of life. That’s what I enjoy about this university; everyone’s ideas are always taken into account, and everyone is free to express their thoughts.

Whatever are your interests, ask around, and you will find groups that share the same passions. So in the two months that I spent here, I got to work at THS Armada as a photographer, participated in a run with a KTH group, attend events where people from an unbelievable number of different countries were present and enjoyed weekly photo walks with the photography club.”

Filippo comes from Italy and is a master’s student in Aerospace Engineering at KTH.

Photo: Abhineet Tomar