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City of Blinding Lights

Stockholmers, what a great spectacle we had last night! Incredible nature’s show right above us, green bright lights dancing over our heads thanks to solar’s winds disrupting Earth’s magnetosphere. This amazing spectacle that people seek mostly by traveling northern Sweden paying a significant amount of money just to see what we had here for free! Yesterday! HERE IN STOCKHOLM!… Oh wait, you didn’t see the northern lights? It was too bright in hype Södermalm? Well, then say thank you to what scientist call “Light Pollution” and enjoy these 2 pics from IG users living in Lappis, northern Stockholm.

As many of you, me and my roomies were unable to actually see the lights last night (we live in beautiful Älvsjö, southern Södermalm). The bright illumination surrounding us, whether it was from our own building or the street, didn’t let us see this incredible phenomena. So light pollution is the one to blame. As presented in the “Dark Sky Organization”, this type of pollution is the result of our industrialized civilization and is composed by:

  • Glare – excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort
  • Skyglow – brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas
  • Light trespass – light falling where it is not intended or needed
  • Clutter – bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources

Sometime inefficiently located, light instruments cause the reflection of natural dark night-light. Wasting energy, poorly targeted and sometimes extremely bright, this instruments block the amazing view of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

According to the 2016 groundbreaking “World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness,” 80 percent of the world’s population lives under skyglow. In the United States and Europe 99 percent of the public can’t experience a natural night!

Want to know more about how lamps block natural light? Click here. Remember that unnecessary lamps don’t only stop us to seeing amazing starry nights, but they consume energy 🙁

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Paranormal Activity in Stockholm!

Demons, ghosts, spooky witches, dead men, white walkers and of course clowns. Know what am talking about? No, Stockholm is not haunted, it’s the amazing Halloween!

Yesterday, we had the Stockholm’s annual Halloween parade at Kungsträdgården, organized by Very funnily, it was actually called “Shockholm – Scandinavia’s Largest Halloween Parade”, this event was indeed beyond all my expectations! The event started at around 3.30PM and went till 7, marching from the stage at Kungsträdgården to Gamla Stan, down Skeppsbron and back again to Kungsträdgården.

It’s November and days are getting darker every day. Fun gatherings like these definitely brighten up the mood. It wasn’t really surprising to see soo many Indians and people from every other nationality at the parade. It was amazing to meet new people in their scary costumes and to soak in some Stockholm-ness.

I met a lot of Indian ghosts too and this was what it was like…

“Hey, are you an Indian?”

“Oh yes! Are you an Indian white walker?”

“Haha, join the night king’s army!”

“Sorry, I support the king in the North”

HaHa, that was a super funny conversation we had. Sorry, if you’re not a GOT fan 😛

Here are some pictures from the event!

She is indeed Scary! That smile can give me nightmares!

Ghost Family!

The dead pirate is here!

Another spooky family!

These ladies can cast powerful spells!

PC : Mukund

They are dangerous!

OMG! That creepy balloon!

Aww, how so adorable! They were dressed for the Halloween too <3

Pure evil!

creepiness overloaded!

Don’t let their smiles deceive you. They are here to haunt!

Now, some aww so cute kids…

Gosh! they are too adorable… 🙂

PC : Mukund
PC : Mukund
PC : Mukund
PC : Mukund

There were several performances and prizes were awarded to the best-dressed people. With spookiness and fun in the air, events like these must definitely not be missed.

By the way, hold on! Know how I went to the parade? you probably came across in the pictures. Anyway, here is another! Happy nightmares!

PC : Mukund

See you!

Yes! Oslo part 2 is on its way 🙂


The magic of HOTPOT!

Sixuan and Richard brought China to Stockholm and I am excited! The excitement is on a very high level that I feel I would be unfair if I do not share my hotpot experience with you (haha!)

So, this week was Sixuan’s birthday(one of my flatmates) and you know how I gushed about the wonderful people I have as corridor mates. If you missed that post, it’s right here🙂 To further prove to the rest of the world that they are the best(haha), Sixuan and Richard decided to “take us to a Chinese restaurant located at DKV” and we experienced the magic of hotpot.

The cool thing is we were all clueless about what “hotpot” entailed. However, from the description we got before the D-day, I concluded that this meal is one that allows the chef or should I say, cook, to express his or her creativity and I was glad I was part of the cooking process.

I loved hotpot as a meal because it involved everyone. We needed all hands on deck to get it ready. It’s a perfect meal for bonding time:) Obviously, breakfast became brunch as we ate for hours! I loved how Sixuan and Richard also shared bits of the Chinese culture and tradition as we ate.

Can you spot Sixuan and Richard? Let me help you:) – The two from the right. the third person is Chandra; all hands on deck remember?
Sixuan on her birthday!

Thank you, Sixuan and Richard for bringing China to our apartment. This video just gives the perfect summary of our hotpot brunch. Experience the magic of hot pot vicariously through us:)


How Much Is Too Much?

Limits. We know about speed limits, spending money limits, and even our parents’ patience limits; but how many of you have heard about Earth’s Environmental Limits? I’m pretty sure that you have heard at least 1 of the 9 planetary limits (or better called planetary boundaries), Climate Change! But what about the other 8? As a matter of fact (maybe by my own ignorance or the fact that they are quite new), before coming to Sweden I had never heard before the term “Planetary Boundaries”.

Everything started with one TED talk from Johan Röckstrom, internationally recognized Swedish scientist, where he introduced for the first time the 9 planetary boundaries. As presented in the image below, you can find our limitations for environmental stability and well-being. Inside the blue circle we are operating within safety levels without jeopardizing our future; by adding pressure to any of the limits, we enter the red circle, or the “uncertainty area”. In this red area we start reaching a point of environmental instability (e.g. more extreme weather for climate change). Passing this circle we enter the DANGER ZONE!

Here are some examples presented by the Stockholm Resilience Center (2015) and the Global Issues paper (2014) of what crossing the red circle has done to our environment:

  • Decline in the shrimp catch in the Gulf’s of Mexico “dead zone” due to fertilizes reaching the water. -Nitrogen and Phosphorus flows boundary
  • Baltic Sea eutrophication. -Nitrogen and Phosphorus flows boundary
  • More than 40% of the global river discharge is now intercepted by large dams. -Biodiversity loss boundary
  • More than 1,500 amphibians, 1,200 birds, and 1,000 mammals among others, are threatened to be extinct. -Biodiversity loss boundary

It’s quite interesting to understand the complexity of these boundaries based on their interconnected relationship. For example, more carbon dioxide leads to global warming and ocean acidification, leading to higher temperatures and melting polar ice-sheets, acid and warmer oceans that destroy coral reefs, food and shelter for many fishes… and well, I could continue with the chain but you’ll be probably gone by then 😀

Found it interesting? Remember that everything we do has positive or negative consequences to the way we thrive.Want to know more about the limits and how they are quantified? Click here and don’t forget to leave your comments and questions!

Remember, climate change is not the only boundary we should be worry about!

A Day in Oslo!

Last month, my friend Nishita and I, decided to visit Oslo for a day. Yes, Just a day! Crazy, I know! So its one country ticked on the list and it didn’t even cost us much nor did it consume our time. How convenient it is to travel within Europe! 😀

While a road trip to Norway is something everybody talks about, we decided to take the Flixbus :P. It cost us just 200 SEK for travel. To be precise, 99 for one way ticket. Keeping an eye on the ticket prices and booking it well ahead is the trick!

With just a day in hand, we didn’t actually do much planning on what to do in Oslo. On reaching the bus terminal, we headed straight to the Oslo visitor centre which is basically an information centre for tourists.

Typically, one can choose between the two ways of going about with this whole tour thing, especially if you have got just one day like us 😛

  1. You note down all the places you’d like to visit, given the time you have and the time you’d spend in each place, plus the time to travel, and you can buy tickets for those places alone. ‘Course you need to buy your travel tickets.


2. Buy a one day Oslo pass- 315 Norwegian kroner including the student discount

We chose to go with the Oslo day pass. When we did the math, it made sense to buy a day pass because that cost us way lesser and it also includes the travel cost. It covers public transport for 24 hours and also includes free ferries to the museums. The pass covers the entry fee to most of the museums and many other tourist attractions, like the city hall, Akershus castle etc. Apart from these, the day pass covers many sightseeing tours, walking tours, and also gives you crazy discounts on shopping and dining.

So with a day pass and a map, we were all set to explore Oslo!!!

Boats, Ships, and Vikings would kinda summarise our trip to Oslo I guess. Oslo is flooded with rich Viking history that takes us back in time to a whole new interesting and intriguing Norwegian world.

Here are some pictures from Norsk Folkemuseum



The Kon-Tiki museum and the Viking Ship museum were my personal favorite.  The Kon – Tiki expedition was a journey by a raft made of Balsa tree trunk, across the Pacific ocean. The expedition was led by the Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl. The entire story of this expedition blows my mind, and I highly recommend you to at least read about it. The documentary film based on this voyage won the academy award in 1951 for the best documentary feature. So, you know what I mean.

I guess this post is getting longer, now. There is so much more we did in a day, stay tuned for the next post. Get ready to be mind-blown by the Vikings of Norway 😀


See you soon 🙂

Raining opportunities..

This illustration above is actually the summary of this post. There are so many things going on at campus daily that it basically feels like a rush of opportunities and interests all over our heads but as you can see in this image, the two people are looking up. So, it’s basically only if you are looking for them or with your eyes wide open and your ears fully on the ground (lol) would you be aware.

This line of thought came up from a discussion I had with a friend earlier today and the activities that were happening at KTH today, confirms this. Keep reading:)

So, after my 8:00 class, I was heading toward the subway and we met this group of people who told us about the media branchsdag! Basically, if you’re interested in working with media companies, you could just walk up to one of them and strike a good conversation :). This video illustrates what went on inside Nymble today.

There were also goody bags for everyone who attended the fair:)

Still on the various activities at KTH, there was an exhibition by the students taking the “physical interaction design and realization” course. There were different innovative tech-designs and you could see where these could be applied in the real world already. The pictures below show some of the designs I spent more time with 🙂

You see that knob on the table? You could choose a day in Stockholm between the present day and the next three days and then by pressing one of the buttons in a place you would like to visit, you would see all the events that are taking place there..very cool for tourists right? I thought so too:)


So, when you shake that hand, it lets you know how good your handshake was and then an alarm goes off if your grip is too tight or you come too close. Haha!
So, this is light sensitive and it moves to any direction where it perceives a direct light source. You see those two leaves at the bottom? It reacts in an interesting way when you touch them also;)

Also, today was consulting day organised by KTH Finance Society. It was held at KTH Entré from 13:00 -15:00.  An opportunity to network with some of the most attractive employers in the consulting services industry. Some students had mock interviews with some of these consulting companies.

Three different activities in one day; all opening doors of opportunities to students. I am sure we have other activity-filled days coming soon. KTH opens the door for various opportunities, you never know what you might find:)

Opportunities falling like rain;

that my eyes may see;

that my ears may hear;

what such great foundation and stepping stone I was given -KTH