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Application guide 1: Taking the first steps

So, the application round for master’s programmes at KTH for the year, 2018 is opened! This post is the beginning of many series to come so if you’re interested in applying to KTH, tag along;)

KTH offers over 60 masters programme organised into nine subject areas:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Engineering Physics and Mathematics
  • Industrial Management and Innovation
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Life Science Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

To me, this translates that you have a vast range of programmes to pick from which helps you to be very specific in what you actually want to do. Very cool right? So, STEP 1: FIND YOUR PREFERRED PROGRAMME


So, various programmes at KTH have different admission requirements and, so it’s good to find out the ones that apply to your preferred programme. This is easily found at the section for each programme at the KTH website.

Since the KTH application period spans over a long time-frame, if you’re an applicant, you would probably be between stages 1 and  2 right now. I would say this is the time to spend preparing and making sure you gather and prepare all required documents for your programme.

Applications for all programmes at KTH are done online. Most programmes are applied for through University Admissions in Sweden. Not to worry, your preferred programme would have a direct link that directs you to the site, once you click on “Apply Now” 😉

The deadline is January 15th. However, applications for some joint programmes are made through other portals and their application periods vary. The simple step is to follow the instruction given on the KTH website for the programmes that fall into this category.

Since, this stage is about getting all documents ready, the has a step-to-step instructional guide for Master’s applicants. Visit the link below:

Instructions for master’s applicants

Ensure you view step 2 in the above link as various countries have specific requirements and you can compare if the degree obtained in your country meets the basic entry requirements.

That’s it for this post. Follow the blog for subsequent posts in the application guide for a prospective future at KTH 😉



Never Refuse to Reuse!

Stockholmers, let’s talk about recycling! For me, as a foreign student coming from Mexico, I got pretty excited about going to IKEA (fyi we don’t have it in Mex) and buy a lot of new and amazing cheap stuff for my new place here in Sweden. Moreover, I thought about getting ready for the snow and buying a lot of brand new winter cloths; even, I thought about the equipment and cloths I’ll be needing for skiing and snowboarding (not a professional at all haha). But how to make this happen with my low-budget kind-of-profile (yes, let’s not forget I’m a student) and my commitment to reduce my negative footprint to the environment? Well, Stockholm and Sweden as a whole have a lot of things to offer us…

What about circular economy? Circular design? Adding value to our products while saving the planet? Well, let me tell you about the second-hand shops this beautiful country has to offer! The World Economic Forum recently talked about one store that open 1.30-ish hours away from Stockholm, in Ekilstuna! Good reason to travel a bit within Sweden, huh? Look the video published on WEF’s FB page down here…

Ok ok, you are tired, extreme low-budget, kinda lazy to go there… Stockholm has tonnes of second-hand shops to offer as well!

Fashionista much? You like Scandinavian Filippa K? Go to this “join  venture” between Filippa K and Judith’s Second Hand shop. Here you’ll find brand’s articles for a cheaper price due to recycling or they are from previous collections. More info? Click here.

Hipster much? Come find the best retro things for your daily or special outfit. You know, Halloween is coming? Come to Beyond Retro, British retro shop, where you’ll be able to find cool, well-organized and cheap stuff. More info? Click here.

More stores? Click here to find a cool article about the 10 best second hands in Sthlm!

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What a Week!

Hej Peeps! What a hectic week just passed by (I know… it’s already Wednesday haha). Sorry for being a little disconnected, but we just passed-ish tentavecka (tenta = exam; vecka = week) here at KTH! Still, I managed myself to attend KTH’s 100 years anniversary, with a 50 hours long seminars marathon. It was just amazing hearing and watching streaming live to all these researchers and their investigations, presented at the “Dome of Visions”.

One of the seminars that I liked the most and that talked about “new technologies being able to really solve climate change”, was presented by Professor Hans Lööf. He talked about our dependence on fossil fuels and how a radical change is needed for us to keep thriving without compromising our environment. Moreover, he made emphasis about a drastic change is needed to stop adding pressure to this system and that could lead us to really bad consequences that will jeopardize our development. What do you think? Do you think we will keep ourselves within the boundary and not increasing climate’s temperature more than 2º Celsius? Are we ever going to be fossil fuels independent? #FoodForThought #CommentAndGiveYourOpinion

Another amazing seminar that I was able to attend (and that was right after Lööf’s), was the one presented by the part-time teacher and researcher Mikael Karlsson. He talked about sustainable decision-making and public policy. Some interest point that he made during his seminar, was about how world leaders have been able to tackle one of many sustainable problems in our world, ozone depletion. After the Montreal Protocol came into action in 1989, agreement proving that chemicals such as CFCs contributed to the hole forming in our ozone layer, human kind (or better to say policy makers) haven’t been able to have a quick response to mitigate other environmental boundaries being trespassed (e.g. ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, water pollution, etc). Mikael here let us all clear that coordination towards sustainable decision-making is a key to environmental protection.

But well, the week and celebrations had to come to an end. Still, KTH will be soon posting all the video streamed live on its YouTube Channel! Be sure you have followed them for you to enjoy all the seminars no matter where you are!

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A Chat With Flavourz!

Hey Folks!!

Whenever I see an Indian walking past me, we exchange smiles. Before I even realize, My mind goes zingy, it just happens, especially in the Metros or at the supermarkets. I am from southern India and the other person might be from far north, might speak a different language, but still, when I see an Indian, I’d feel like I have met my family. It’s very strange. I never felt that way in India. but now it all feels so different. You really start to feel the unity in diversity and realize the love for your people. Well, its such a pleasure anyway. Do you feel that way too? or is it just me?

Last month, we had this awesome opportunity to meet the Indian community at KTH, not just the present students but also the Alumni. An evening filled with fun and food was organized by Flavourz, the Indian International Student Group of KTH. It was an open BBQ and mingling session, a welcome party by the Indians for the Indians. Well, not just Indians, I came across many students from other nationalities who were perhaps drawn by the Indian Josh 😀


It was a wonderful opportunity to meet all these amazing people who were so willing to guide us and talk to us during our initial days here. And, that’s when I got to know more about the Flavourz group at KTH. They had been organizing so many events to connect us with the Indian community. Be it celebrating an Indian festival or a national day or just some Bollywood music with dinner, these guys are making us feel at home here 🙂

So today, Let’s have a chat with the Flavours team

Who are you guys?

We are an International student organization at KTH, that promotes and celebrates Indian culture at an international level. We organize cultural shows and festival celebrations all around the academic year. We aim to connect students with the Indian community at KTH and we work towards global cultural integration.

When did this all start and how has it been since then?

It was started in January 2016. The first event was Holi. And since then, the organization and the celebrations have just been growing! It was started with the aim of spreading culture across borders. It’s always fun to learn new cultures and traditions, and share it with students from all over the world! Since then we’ve been actively organizing events, like India Day, barbecues, lunch lectures and so on. So it’s been an amazing journey so far!

Tell us about the organizing team? 

We are six of us in the main core team who are mostly in the second year of Masters and this year we have an amazing set of new recruits from the first years. So now we are over 20 students in the team!

What are your future plans?

We plan to have a membership system, where anyone can become an official member of Flavourz, be updated with events, and can be as involved in the events as they like. We also plan to expand into other events as well! We have exciting plans for the upcoming year and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

Do you have anything coming up shortly?

Indeed! Right now, we are in the middle of planning one of our biggest events- ‘India Day’. All the participants are in for an evening filled with a cultural bonanza! There is dance, music, food and more! Be ready to be flooded by everything Indian!

Do you invite participants from other nationalities as well?

Of course! we’ll be so glad to have people from other nationalities 🙂

So, how do we participate in these events?

Easy! just sign up here! 😀

And, here are some pictures from the past events…


Well, that was all about our chat with them. They are all Interesting bunch of people and the pictures sure look exciting. Besides, there is free food too 😛 Can’t wait for all that fun!

I have signed up for the India day and Diwali celebrations. Have you? Hurry up before they get booked! Click here!

Do you wanna know more about Flavourz?

Do visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thinking of joining the team?  email them at

See you again soon!


Proper preparation yields good results…

The saying that “proper preparation yields good result” is one that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. So, my supposed “first” exam at KTH was for Renewable Energy Technology (RET).  The day before the exam was spent reading (obviously).

I am someone who likes to spend fifty percent of my reading time alone and the other 50 percent, reading with people. In the sustainable energy engineering programme, we have a lot of work that requires being in groups. This has helped to grow the team spirit amongst us. So, it was no surprise that the day before the exam, most of us went into smaller groups to read.

For me, these two amazing girls – YIngrui  Hao and Lian Yi formed my small group for the preparation ahead. So, we went to Nymble to read because we wanted to have lunch there also at lunchtime. Funny thing was, I actually planned to go home for lunch but the menu at Nymble on that day made the better choice for me. So, we read at Nymble till it was time for lunch.

During lunch, spoke to Elaine’s (Lian Yi) mother. It was cool using the only Chinese word I know (Ni hao-hello). One of the wonderful things about this environment is you meet so many people from different international backgrounds and become friends in a very short time.

After that, we moved to the library. Am I the only one who likes to eat at least once when they read?

kannelbullar for the win!!

Did I enjoy the preparation? Absolutely! We shared our summary notes from the course; discussed various questions till we agreed on the same answer; helped each other when we got stuck; solved various past questions and then, called it a day! (More like, the library made that decision for us) .


We were the last to leave but we decided to take pictures of our first day before a supposed exam because memories matter and pictures preserve memories:)



Empty library- last set to leave!



Patacones with my Costa Rican Bestie!

Last evening, I had an amazing time with my friend from Costa Rica, Rebecca. She had invited Dhruv and me, for a dinner at her place to taste the most amazing Patacones.

I should probably now give a quick intro about Rebecca and Dhruv. Rebecca is one of the most energetic souls I have ever met. She is super-super cheerful and lively at all times, I wonder how?  and she has a marvelous sense of decorating room space, you will soon see what am talking about. Dhruv is a proud Gujju guy (Gujarati Indian), an amazing photographer, he was so kind to let me edit one of his photos for the cover picture of my blog. Yes, the glittery cover picture of our campus was originally taken by him and I edited it with all the twinkle to make it look like that. All of us study Electric Power Engineering and that’s how we know each other 🙂

Patacones is a very common dish in Costa Rica.  It is made with green plantains. The unripe or semi-ripe plantains are microwaved and pressed into sheets and then deep fried. Fried plantains are then seasoned with salt and served with layers of mashed beans with sauce (Frijoles molidos), guacamole, and salsa (Pico de gallo). We were very lucky to have gotten a chance to taste the authentic Patacones because Rebecca’s parents had parcelled her the bean paste and the sauce. Rebecca had even ordered the plantains online for us <3

So here are the pictures from yesterday…


Rebecca has an amazing ambiance at home. The twinky lights and aroma candles made the home feel super cozy and warm.

That’s Dhruv and Becca prepping the plantains for the oil bath 😛

We even shot a video!!! LOL!

[vsw id=”mlOXbl_Lfg0″ source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”444″ autoplay=”no”]

Apparently, we dint resume video shooting after the commercial break 😛 we were quite held-up with cooking. Anyway, here is the rest of the story …

She is a perfectionist!! Look at how the table was arranged for us!!

A happy family!! We wanted to give Becca a taste of Indian Cuisine, so we had cooked few Rotis and gravy for her. Do you see that on the table?

And, that’s how you relish a Patacones. A simple, delicious, Costa Rican delight!

So the day ended with fun, laughter, food, and love. She has an extremely beautiful home to leave it messy, so we left her place after cleaning all the mess we made.

When we live in a new land, few thousand miles away from home, we often times crave for that warmth and love. With such lovely people around, it’s definitely a home away from home. I can’t wait to have Rebecca come to my place for an Indian dinner. Also, she is gonna be the interior decorator of my room. The transformation to a cozy room is in the making!

Want to know how we celebrated our Diwali, the festival of lights? stay tuned!