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How would you feel about watching a movie… at KTH’s library! Well peeps, it is possible thanks to the support of our Sustainability Office with the collaboration of the Environmental Humanities Laboratory at KTH and Arena Idé. The movie called Disobedience (2016), presenting on October 25th

…talks about the story of a new phase of the climate movement: courageous action that is being taken on the front lines of the climate crisis on every continent, led by regular people fed up with the power and pollution of the fossil fuel industry.

As the second part of the Stories and Seeds film-forum, I would like to invite you Stockholmers to register here and enjoy this amazing movie, where you not only going to share your thoughts about it, but also you are going to receive a refreshment :D. Motivated much?! See you there! 

Click here to know more about our Environment Humanities Lab!

Click here to know more about our Environment and Sustainability Goals at KTH!

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Take me back to the Fireworks Orchestra…

In the spirit of KTH 100 years celebrations starting this week, as I look forward to the unfolding events of the new week, I would love to share one of my unforgettable nights at KTH!

So, KTH’s motto is “Vetenskap och Konst” which means Science and Art; KTH has treated the whole of Stockholm since 2005 to the same good music enjoyed by Handel’s audience in 1749.

The fireworks concert was well publicised round KTH that it was hard not to remember that something big was taking place on the 6th of September. In my programme, some of us were writing a report due on the same day at 23:59 pm. I recall myself and a couple of others ensuring we did all things possible to finish before the concert time just to ensure we were present * whew* Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I grew up listening to good classical music at least twice a year(lol). So, the love of a good orchestra is etched in my veins somewhere. It was shocking to see everywhere was full; it felt like the whole of Stockholm came to watch- young and old included. I got there at 7:30, (a little late because of the said report) and the first set of songs I listened to was a Coldplay medley from a youthful band. I said to myself, “you are in the right place!”

Five bands merged into one for the Fireworks Orchestra 2017; consisting of wind musicians, percussionists and double bass players from:

  • Immanuel Brass
  • Nacka Symphonic Band
  • Stockholms Musikkår Tre Kronor
  • Upplands-Brosextetten
  • Kongliga Teknologkören

It was super cold! Did it stop us from enjoying good music? Absolutely not! I look forward to going next year and if you’re in Stockholm too, you should ensure you have it checked on your list of things to experience. When the fireworks finally started, it was very nice to see that the fireworks were in synchronisation to the music played. One might choose to describe it as lights playing to the tune of the orchestra and it was beautiful!!

While KTH celebrates 100 years this week, let us go back to September for a while in pictures to remember this beautiful event!

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung
Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung


Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung
Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung


Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung
Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung


For me, these were the best pictures I saw after the fireworks and they were taken by a friend, who is also very good photographer named Jarturun Sukthoung (a KTH student studying Sustainable Energy Engineering).

Thanks, Ja!

We hit a century, and counting!

This year marks the 100th anniversary of KTH campus and yes, it’s celebrations time at the university! You would have probably read and heard a lot about the events in many other social forums, here is a little more!!

Do you know that the roots of KTH date back to the times as early as 1697? You’re right, its almost 320 years!

Anyway, Long story short…a timeline makes it easy you see. And, also, we have a pretty long history, it’s important that we know it and take pride in it 🙂 So here we go….

1697 –  Christopher Polhem, who is considered to be the father of mechanics in Sweden had a collection of mechanical models for teaching mechanics which was then called – Laboratorium mechanicum.

1798 – The School of Mechanics (Mekaniska skolan) was founded, which marks the beginning of teaching technology in Sweden. This later became a part of KTH.

1827 – “Teknologiska Institutet” was founded. The focus was set on offering education in applied technology to meet the growing demand for engineers during the period of industrial revolution.

1840‘s – The institute trained students in Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical engineering and Chemical engineering. During this period, an entrance test and a minimum age of 16 for students were also introduced.

1851 – Courses were extended from 2 years to 3 years!

1869 – The School of mining was merged with the institute.

1871 –  Civil Engineering course was added.

1877 – The name was changed from Institute (institut) to University (högskola), Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. Some courses were extended from 3 years to 4. Building architecture was also added to the curriculum.

1901 – Electrical Engineering was added to the subject areas

1912 –  Naval Architecture was added to the subject areas

1917 – The first buildings of KTH’s new campus were erected on Valhallavägen which constitute the core of our main campus. 

1927– The final academic recognition of KTH as an establishment of higher education arrived when its right to confer the degree of Doctor of Technology was promulgated.

Today, KTH has about 20,000 active students with campuses spread across Stockholm comprising a land area of about 250,000 square meters in all!



The events are broadly grouped into three categories- Exhibitions, Hikes, and Lectures. Find the link below to all the events 🙂




Seminar Marathon – 100 speakers for 50 hours

Open lecture – KTH Campus – 100 years of development

Library anniversary lectures




I am personally looking forward to the guided tours, Light show at the courtyard and of course the seminar marathon!

Guided tours are the best way to know about the campus and our history. Besides, I also read that over the 100 years, one or more buildings were built every decade and they stand today to represent the architecture of that time period.

Also, there are a ton of sculptures and statues on the campus. To go on an art quest on campus does sound like an interesting idea isn’t it?

Where you at the fireworks show on campus a month ago? Did all that dazzle enchant you as well? I definitely stood spellbound. I can’t wait to see the lighting installation at the campus courtyard by our master’s students. It is going to be magical!

Now coming to the best part!!! THE SEMINAR MARATHON!!!! 100 speakers are gonna flood us with knowledge and fill us with awe for 50 continuous hours, yes round the clock at the Dome of Visions! The night session about space with astrophysicist Mark Pearce is going to be epic! The night sky and space talks from such amazing speakers at the Dome of Visions is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. So pack some food, do good planning and make sure to attend the seminars that would interest you. Go open the event calendar right now!!!!!! 😀

Other interesting reads…

Guys, don’t miss any of this from 16th to 20th of October. The whole of next week is gonna be fun-filled and let’s celebrate our university! Hope to see you all at the campus, next week. Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Centenary anniversary!


Thinking Pasta and Pesto?


So, sometimes we all come back home after a long day and food is pretty much the next thing on our minds! (lol). The weather temperature just went some degrees lower so, the option to head out to buy something to eat is not so appealing either. In the end, the option to cook in our tired state wins!

Obviously, we would like dinner on those days to be as quick as possible; So, thinking pasta and pesto as a very fast meal? Keep reading!


  • 500g of your chosen pasta (Here, we used Fusilli)
  • 6 heaped teaspoonfuls of pesto
  • One and a half big-sized onions
  • 5 mushrooms
  • Bacon Bits (half a pack)

(All items used can be bought at Lidl)


  • Stir fry the bacon

  • Add your onions and stir, till they become translucent.

  • Add the mushrooms, then cook over low heat. You can add salt, pepper and any choice of herbs. However, we chose not to add salt in ours because we felt the salt in the pesto was adequate.

  • Add the pesto, to the mixture.

For the pasta, which is something we recommend you start with first as the process listed above can be done in the ten-minute time frame that it would take to have the pasta ready.

  • For the pasta, add oil and salt to boiling water and cook for ten minutes.


  • Final step! Mix your prepared sauce with the pasta using low heat.

  • Tada! Food is ready!

So, this takes exactly 15 minutes including preparation time!

This meal was prepared by one of my friends, Andres Amezcua (a KTH student studying integrated product design) who is magnanimous enough to share his recipe with the rest of us! (Haha!)

Thank you, Andres!

So, what do you think guys? Fast meal but still balanced right?

If you want to see more recipes that can be cooked in a short period,  let me know  I would be willing to share.


KTH Formula Student Team – The Coolest Engineering Project at KTH!

Hej again!!!!

Getting to be a part of the KTH Formula Student team is undeniably the most amazing thing that happened to me at KTH! I want to do my master’s in Electric Power Engineering with a special focus on Electric vehicles and this is the best team to start the journey with! 😀

Who are we?

KTH Formula Student team is a project run entirely by students, where we build our own race car to compete in the Formula Student competitions. The team was founded in the year 2003 by Dr. Fredrik Westin, a former PhD student at KTH. Since then, years have passed, many versions of our car have been made and the project has witnessed many student teams every year, one thing that remained within us and has grown on us is the spirit to make the best and the Most Amazing Car! We are The KTH Formula Student Team- the coolest Engineering project team on the campus! Ever!!

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is one of the most renowned motorsport competition in Europe that is entirely meant for engineering students. Student teams across the globe design and build a one-seat race car to compete with each other in several events- static and dynamic as we call it. The static events include judging the design, cost report and design presentation of the teams whereas the dynamic events include tests in acceleration, endurance, energy efficiency etc. We can talk more about the events in the later posts 🙂

The competition is based on the assumption that the car is manufactured for production and so it is important for us to design and manufacture the car in that perspective- an awesome car at an economical price! Formula Student is partnered by many acclaimed industry giants to encourage students to be innovative and to inspire them to take up a career in engineering.

What is so special about the team??!

Well, to begin with, we are a bunch of 80 students, from different academic backgrounds and of course different countries, and, we all work together to manufacture the most amazing super cool car ever! I’m not even exaggerating that! We design, manufacture and test every component of the car ourselves!  Most of the components are manufactured in-house at our garage on the campus.

That’s not all. The experience one can gain from being in the team is immense! We are much like a proper automotive company. We have multiple subgroups within the project that handle tasks related to Powertrain, Electronics, Vehicle Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Composites, etc. We even have a management team to handle human resources. We also follow standard industry practices not only in the making of our car but also in how we operate within the team. Considering, this is a project that was founded in 2003 and we make a new car every year, we maintain all the information and documents specific to each year’s car in our data repository for version control. We use standard communication tools and have web-based project management workspaces. Since I have two years of industry experience, I can tell you that this team and the practices within the team mirrors a typical industry work environment and this is exactly why it is such a great opportunity to be a part of KTH Formula Student Team!

The learning is immeasurable, not only do we gain the knowledge about practical applications in our own track but also end up learning about the car as a whole ’cause of the fact that we collaborate with all the other sub-groups within the project. Such a holistic learning experience is beyond comparison, indeed!

Also, we are not only backed by different labs at KTH but also by our awesome industry partners. Apart from providing us with monetary, hardware and software support, our partners also give us their valuable professional and academic guidance that has always been the shaping factor of the team and has made us who we are today. Also, the students in the team have the opportunity to do their thesis within the project, or also in collaboration with our industry partners and the team.

So, now, do you agree with me that it’s indeed a dream project for KTH students?  Definitely! 🙂

How did I make it into the team?

Everything in Sweden, in general, is driven by well-defined procedures, and KTH Formula Student Team is no different! We had a very comprehensive interview process to recruit this year’s new student members.

There was an application process that tested our knowledge through quizzes. We even had specific tasks assigned to applicants to gauge our knowledge and interest in our chosen track. For example, one of the tasks I had to do was to model a controller for the motor using Simulink. This was followed by a one-to-one interview process with the project leaders. And, cracking which, led me to be a part of the team 🙂

So, now I am working as part of the powertrain group in the project. Oh! wait! I am still in the probation period right now. We’ll be confirmed in a months time. Anyway, I am quite hopeful about it. Haha, I told you that we mirror industry standards. Believe me now?

Well, Let me not get the post too long, So stay tuned to hear more about the car, the project and our plans for this year. We are planning something amazing….wait till next week to know about it 🙂

Btw, don’t forget to visit our webpage – KTH Formula Student Team

And, do follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

See you soon!



Following the Leaders

You might be a future student, a soon-to-be graduated alumni from KTH, or just someone who crossed along with this blog. No matter who you are, you will be part sooner or later of the workforce that thrives our economy; but how much do you know about the environmental commitment that companies have nowadays?

It’s well known that some companies invest large amounts of money when it comes to their participation in political activities. These policy makers based their goals on bringing value to their stakeholders; but how does this affect our environment?

As you may know, Stockholm is a hub for innovation and environmental protection start-ups and based on Bloomberg’s information, is the home country for a company that leads pro-climate policies. Which företag am I talking about? A hint, it has the colors of the Swedish flag in its logo…

Ikea is not only a “green” policy maker, is a company that aims to work with 100% renewable energy by 2020. Some of Ikea’s accomplished commitments are:

  • Implementations of new standards for fewer and safer chemicals.
  • Phased out incandescent bulbs from their stores.
  • Waste into resources. Less than 15% from Ikea’s trash goes to landfills.
  • Supply chain. Sourcing raw materials to protect the environment.

Do you know these other companies? I think is no surprise that the petrochemical industry kind of fights against miljöskydd and stronger rules for less GHG emissions. As a matter of fact, the AP7 (Sweden’s largest pension fund), has sold in June 2017 its investments in 6 companies including giant petrochemical ExxonMobil because “they had fought against introducing climate legislation in the US”; this goes against the Paris agreement signed by all nations except Syria, Nicaragua and the U.S.

What do you think? Would you like to work for a pro environmental protection company? I would totally do! 😀

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