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Student project: Supporting international students in the context of the pandemic

Last semester I have been taking the course “Advanced Project Course” (DM2799/2584) that is a mandatory course in my programme. At the beginning of the course, we were able to choose from many different research projects and were then assigned to a group. Some of my fellow students chose the research project “Supporting International Students … Continue reading “Student project: Supporting international students in the context of the pandemic”

Socialising during Corona times

The corona virus has been in all of our lives for a year now. At the beginning, everyone was willing to sacrifice by staying home, not meeting people and reducing social contacts to make the virus disappear again. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be this easy. After months of trying to be safe and … Continue reading “Socialising during Corona times”

Travelling home for Christmas during Covid times

The last weeks were marked by a lot of thoughts, discussions and internet research. Thoughts about whether I should travel home for Christmas. Discussions with family and friends what needs to be taken care of. Research about what regulations are in place and what could change until today, my day of going home after one … Continue reading “Travelling home for Christmas during Covid times”

How to access health services in case of COVID

It is necessary in these times to know how to tackle health issues and Sweden has a reasonably good system in place to tackle COVID-related implications. There are resources available online on and most of them are in Swedish and some in English. In this blog, I talk about how to get yourself tested … Continue reading “How to access health services in case of COVID”

Get involved in a student assocation

Hi everyone! Covid-19 has turned all of our lives upside down multiple times now, hasn’t it? And probably, we have all heard enough about it by now. But today I want to give you an insight on how the life of the student associations on campus has changed since the start of the pandemic. KTH … Continue reading “Get involved in a student assocation”

Quarantine days. How’s that going?

The COVID 19 virus has turned the world upside down and every single country is trying to fight the pandemic. KTH being a technical institute organised a hackathon along with the Swedish government and other stakeholders to find creative solutions to help with this resistance. KTH has also shut down and turned towards online classes … Continue reading “Quarantine days. How’s that going?”