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Lappis Screams and Treasures

Staying in student accommodation is an experience on its own. Impromptu movies nights, intercontinental dinner, friends from corners of the world, Lappis is a world of a kind. If I need to sell Lappis to you as one of the best student accommodation, I would just say it has its own small beach adjacent to … Continue reading “Lappis Screams and Treasures”

A student dorm- less is more!

Hej Hej! Are you new to Stockholm? Did you just arrive or are you yet to arrive? In any case, setting up a new home away from home is really important. It is important to make you feel comfortable, cozy and moreover for a home-like feel. But, you need some pro-tips before you start adding … Continue reading “A student dorm- less is more!”

City of Blinding Lights

Stockholmers, what a great spectacle we had last night! Incredible nature’s show right above us, green bright lights dancing over our heads thanks to solar’s winds disrupting Earth’s magnetosphere. This amazing spectacle that people seek mostly by traveling northern Sweden paying a significant amount of money just to see what we had here for free! … Continue reading “City of Blinding Lights”