Water Matters

What covers 2/3 of Earth and accounts for 3/4 of the total mass in our bodies, yes, WATER! This weekend was amazing! I had the chance to be part of the Nobel Dialogue week, where I listened to incredible scientist, leaders, and Nobel Prize laureates at the Stockholm City Congress Hall. This was a full-day … Continue reading “Water Matters”

An evening with the Nobel Laureates – Student’s Nobel NightCap!

Hej all! I have been waiting to write this blog past couple of months and today is the day. It is quite a wide known fact that the Nobel prize is awarded in Stockholm every year on the 10th December which is the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. The award ceremony is held in the Stockholm … Continue reading “An evening with the Nobel Laureates – Student’s Nobel NightCap!”

Nobel Prize… for Sustainability?

Nobel Prize week has just kicked off and I presume that we all have heard about these prizes taking place here in Stockholm, Sweden. These priser date back to the 19th century when Alfred Nobel made a fortune for his invention of dynamite  in 1866. Before dying, he stated in his testament that his fortune (around $210 million … Continue reading “Nobel Prize… for Sustainability?”