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Admitted at KTH? June Updates :)

Happy New Month!!! At this point, most of you have made the final decisions about having a master’s degree from KTH and I am super excited for you! KTH Facebook group for admitted students I received a question recently asking if there is a group in which newly admitted students can start discussing certain things … Continue reading “Admitted at KTH? June Updates :)”

Swedish Summer starts in May?

Q: What happens when the sun is shinning down on Sweden? A: Everyone comes out to play Dear Summer, Is this you? Are you here to stay or should we expect a last-minute reminder that it should be spring and a bit cold? Oh well, everyone is happy! You can feel it in the air. … Continue reading “Swedish Summer starts in May?”

How cultural is Stockholm?

Hey peeps, some of my friends have asked me why I decided to move to Stockholm when this city has 5 % (literally) of the population that Mexico City has, and for them, this could mean that less things are taking place during my days. Well, that’s wrong! Stockholm is such a cultural city full … Continue reading “How cultural is Stockholm?”

Why should you choose a corridor room over a studio apartment?

I am so glad that I am staying in such an amazing corridor with so many people from different nationalities sharing the same living space together. It’s absolutely an amazing opportunity to know about different cultures, traditions, native food etc. I personally feel that I get more international experience in my corridor than at the … Continue reading “Why should you choose a corridor room over a studio apartment?”

Is it with everyone or am I boring?

Hello there! I am writing a post after an insanely long time! Honestly, I haven’t found anything to blog about. Things kinda seem to repeat now. The autumn is here, winter is coming, assignments, deadlines, exams ..Halloween and Armada are around the corner. It is so much like last year that makes me so out … Continue reading “Is it with everyone or am I boring?”