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To see Stockholm in 3 days

When my parents visited me from Ireland recently, I was presented with the difficult task of showing them, who had never been to Sweden before, the whole of Stockholm in only three days… Day 1. Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan & Norrmalm The best place to stay is at Kungsholmen, I told them. A pretty part of … Continue reading “To see Stockholm in 3 days”

The Summer of 2020

Never in my wildest of dreams did I expect a summer like a summer 20″. The plans I made in February flipped, wobbled and turned around like a ride on the roller coaster. Although being a student at KTH and the lockdown policies of Sweden did make the season an eventful one and one that’s … Continue reading “The Summer of 2020”

A sunny day hike @ Lida Naturreservat

The sun is back in all its glory in Stockholm and so are the hiking boots. Last weekend we went on a 20km hiking trail through the Lida naturreservat. Lida is an urban forest meant for adventurous souls. The terrain is a treat to people interesting in the flora. Along the trail, we saw the … Continue reading “A sunny day hike @ Lida Naturreservat”