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Asking questions about DIY Urbanism

The first blog in this series looked at what DIY Urbanism is, the second at what’s going on in DIY Urbanism in Sweden, and the third on international trends in DIY Urbanism. This final blog post in the series reflects on the role of research in DIY Urbanism. It also explores some of the research … Continue reading “Asking questions about DIY Urbanism”

DIY Urbanism from a Global Perspective

The KTH Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment blog has been exploring a powerful urban force, DIY Urbanism, over the past few weeks. DIY Urbanism is about local people taking initiative towards and responsibility for the development of their own neighbourhoods. KTH’s Karin Bradley’s  gave an introduction to the topic in this post. A challenge to how we understand … Continue reading “DIY Urbanism from a Global Perspective”

The DIY Street and the Significance of the Ordinary

Researchers and practitioners in London have begun to reveal the processes and value of the “DIY street”. Should their insights change our approach to city centre planning? Over the past month the role of the street in making the city has been addressed by two worlds I feel part of. The approaches taken to the … Continue reading “The DIY Street and the Significance of the Ordinary”

DIY Urbanism: building up Swedish pedal power

In this second blog post from the KTH Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment we pick up the theme of DIY Urbanism recently kicked-off, this time looking at what’s happening in Sweden. Is DIY Urbanism taking root in Sweden? “Sweden” Karin Bradley KTH researcher reflects in her campus office, “hasn’t been an early adopter of DIY … Continue reading “DIY Urbanism: building up Swedish pedal power”

The Do-It-Yourself Urban Future

This week the Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment at KTH introduces a new blog theme – DIY Urbanism. Curious? Then follow the blog over the next four weeks as we explore the theme from different angles in the company of Karin Bradley, Associate Professor at KTH and engaging thinker on the future of the city. … Continue reading “The Do-It-Yourself Urban Future”